Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Very Exhausted Child

I fell into bed last night and slept like a baby so much so that I never noticed that my glasses (for reading only, I hasten to add) had somehow gotten into the bed.  Must have been when I started blogging at 5.30am after being woken up by Jack's many seizures.  I became aware of something digging into my butt cheek at about 5 am this morning. I was still dreaming while fumbling about for the offending item but it was only when I managed to put my hands on it that I woke up properly!

I was like wtf??!  I think it is safe to say they are probably wrecked, oops! Thankfully, I have a spare pair so I just shoved them onto the bedside table, rolled over and went back to sleep, chuckling away to myself.

After I took Holly to school, I went straight up to the hospital.  Jack had had 9 short seizures through the night even after all the meds he'd been given and then a further 5, the last one being at 10.45am. The nurses gave him a wash and changed him and he seemed a lot more settled and he has been sleeping peacefully since.

He even looked a better colour as he'd seemed so pale when I first came in.  Sitting there, watching him, the tears finally came.  I didn't cry for long, just long enough to kinda "let the water pressure ease a bit" and then it was over.  I did feel better for it but the real tears wont come until I get him home.

My dad popped up and sat with Jack for a while so that I could go to the hospital coffee shop to meet my friend who I had originally arranged to meet in a posh cafĂ© in town but needs must and therefore we made the best of a bad situation. 

After my dad left the hospital I started reading the paper he had left behind.  Just goes to show you how desperate I was for reading material as I never read newspapers these days as they are just too depressing!  He only left a small section which included the advertisements.  I spotted a couple for German Shepherd pups so I thought I would wind my friend up a bit by taking some pics of the adverts on my mobile and sending them to her.  She is under pressure at the moment from her kids and husband to get a puppy, particularly a German Shepherd.  I didn't have to wait long for her reply which was "you can go off someone very quickly!".

I was having a good chuckle at that cos I know just how much she is resisting them at the moment.  Thinking about it, I should have sent the same texts to her husband as well, then she would not only have gone off me but she would have wished some dreadful lurgy on me too!!

Meanwhile Jack slept blissfully on, unaware that his mum was trying desperately to cheer herself up using any means necessary.

It is such a long day sitting in the hospital.  The chairs are really not comfy, it is so warm that you feel really sluggish and now that the health and safety department have gone fanatical, the place is so bland.  The magazines that used to be left out for parents are long gone, toys are now fewer than ever, there is very little decor and all because these are all means of spreading germs.  Personally I think they have gone a little overboard but hey I am no expert.

Around 3.45pm, Granny Mac appeared to take over and she was going to be doing the next shift til 10pm so that I could go home to Holly.  She is a god send.

I picked Holly up, a few minutes from our house and then I just collapsed on the sofa. I didn't have any housework to do because being Wednesday, Nancy had been in and worked her magic.  Another god send. I did nothing for about 2 hours and then I made dinner and collapsed again for another hour then I headed out to collect a single bed with my friends Emma and Mark.  I have a wheelchair accessible car so it comes in handy for collecting large items.

So now I am back home. Holly is drawing for her art portfolio, the dogs are lying at my feet and I am slowly starting to chill a bit.  I've just called the hospital and although Jack is quite peaceful, his stats are low so he has been put on oxygen again,  Oh and he has had a seizure but only a short one so I will see what tomorrow brings.

It had better be good that's all I will say lol. :)


  1. Lyndy this was a very good post and I enjoyed your writing very much. I am new but will be following. You are welcome at my blog any time.

  2. So happy you finally got a chance to breathe. The fact that you can chuckle over a pair of mangled glasses is one of the reasons I love your blog. It helps me look for the bright side in every situation

    Ps Your guest is up over at my place

  3. It's good to hear that you have family helping you out. And I agree with what Mynx said.

  4. Odie - thank you for your lovely comments and I will drop by your blog soon :)

    Mynx - I always had a warped sense of humour! I didn't realise until I dropped in that I was your guest. Great surprise.

    JM - thank god for friends and family otherwise I would be losing it sooner rather than later lol


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