Monday, 29 November 2010

Let It Snow

Elgin is covered in a blanket of the fluffy stuff.  For something that looks totally beautiful, it's causing complete chaos.

The schools are closed, roads are treacherous and I didn't dare risk Jack going into respite tonight!  It's not that I wouldn't have gotten him there but getting him back would be a huge problem cos the paths which my lovely dad already cleared, would be knee deep again by morning.  So literally Jack is trapped in the house until the snow shifts or it at least flattens enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

January this year, we were housebound for 3 weeks, as the snow was that bad!  People were saying, just clear your path and it will be fine.  That's all well and good but then what about the pavements?  For those of you that have had the pleasure of  pushing a child's buggy in the snow, then you know how hard that is, well a wheelchair is a whole new ball game.  You can push it from now til doomsday and the bloody thing just won't move!  It just aint happening people. :-)

Luckily for me, I have a carer (Marion) coming in twice a week for 3 and a half hours and that's when I can escape with Holly and fill up on supplies without having to put Jack through the trauma of being pushed and shoved on pavements that are impassible.

But I do so love the snow, especially the soft fluffy kind. So even though it causes me hassle I can't help but feel that it is a wee bit magical and transports me back to my childhood.  I think I am still very much in touch with my inner child cos last year, over Christmas, while we were walking our dog Shiloh, Holly asked me if I would like to make snow angels.

Well, hello? I was on my back in the snow in seconds, flapping my arms like a mad thing and she couldn't stop laughing cos none of her mates were willing to do it and here was her mum making a total arse of herself without any kind of persuasion!

Two seconds later and she'd whipped out her phone and was taking a photo of me.....bitch!!! lol  Then she was on her back on the snow joining me and the dog was looking at us like we had gone nuts.  If she could speak I am sure she would have said "what the fuck?"

After about 10 minutes and much giggling, we were caked in snow and the cold had set in but it was so much fun that to be honest we didn't really care.  When we stood up, the two of us looked like abominable snowmen, a rare sight at the best of times but never before seen in Elgin.  Thank god it was dark and luckily for me, the photo that Holly Dolz took was too dark so no photographic evidence!

Never mind though I did manage to nip out and take some photos yesterday so you'll get the drift!

So my lovely back garden takes on a whole new persona when covered in snow and the new patio looks unrecognisable.

And walking the dogs is now a barrel of laughs cos the puppy, Loki hasn't had a lot of experience of snow, so she keeps sticking her face in it and then sneezing.  She really is a numpty.  Mind you, they both are.  Holly took them both for a walk yesterday. They were running about like mad chasing the snowballs that Holly was throwing for them and they both jumped for it at the same time.  They met head on, in mid air and then there was an almighty crack and blood everywhere.  Shiloh, the blonde one (numpty 1) had broke a tooth on Loki's head (numpty 2) and it had snapped in half.

Holly was panic stricken and poor Shiloh was feeling very sorry for herself so Holly took them home pronto.  She was quite upset when telling me the story and all I could think was "oh fuck, it's gonna cost a fortune at the vet if it needs to come out!"  God I am so sympathetic.............NOT!!! Quick call to vet and OMG it was like phoning NHS 24! I was put through to this call centre and was asked 20 questions and told I would be called by an on call vet in the next 10 mins.

Ten mins later, I was chatting to said vet who told me as it was her top middle tooth, it was nothing to worry about and to just give her paracetamol if she was in pain.  Well you can imagine Shiloh aka Numpty 1, milked it for all she was worth and Holly, who was feeling very guilty, fawned all over her as per the photo below.

She may be a numpty, but she has got Holly well sussed!

And twenty four hours later, as Holly wasn't around to fawn, she had forgotten all about it.  I have the evidence!  She isn't fooling me!

But then Holly came home and she is doing her dying duck routine again!  If you are a reader of this blog, you will know who she learnt that from.....chancer!


  1. funny, I think I know who you are talking about, reminds me of a conversation...."It hurts when I do this, so I should stop doing it, right?????" errr, YES! lol. But then there is Jack who feigns sleep when the GP goes anywhere near him, eyes closed, peeping through those beautiful long lashes "Has she gone yet???" now that was really funny lol

  2. Oh the joys of the white stuff!!!
    Louise is meant to be going to Aberdeen for an interview this afternoon. Mmmm - she's being sent off with supplies "just in case"!! I have a sneaky feeling if they make it outta the bus station they'll be lucky!!

  3. Emma - yeah they are cut from the same cloth my two kids! I wonder who they get that from??? I used to fake it sometimes to get off school cos I hated it so much!!!

    Julie - it's highly unlikely that Louise will get to Aberdeen me thinks. This white stuff is only use for one thing and that's making snowmen, snow angels and chucking snowballs. Fun fun fun!

  4. Lindy Lou, a comment you posted on my friend Mynx’s Dribble blog led me here where I see that you have a child who requires your help always 24/7/365 days of the year.

    I just want to tell you that you are a wonderful mom to attend to your child’s needs the way you do.

    Is that child perhaps a Down syndrome child like my younger brother was?

  5. Hi Don,
    Thanks for coming to my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

    No Jack has a different chromosome abnormality and it presents in a totally different way from Down Syndrome. He has never been able to speak more than one or two words and now doesn't talk at all.

    I take it by the way you wrote "was" that he is no longer with you? Children like Jack and your brother bring so much love and cuddles and they teach us so much and these things definitely make it easier to get through the day to day stuff plus he is mine, it doesn't occur to me to not look afte him :-)

  6. lyndylou, you're correct in assuming that my younger brother, Byron, has passed away. At the time he died from complications following surgery for a broken hip he was thought to be the oldest Down syndrome American who had no signs of dimentia, at the age of 70. That tells you that I'm an ancient bugger, doesn't it?

    I may have snow on my roof, but I still have a blazing fire down below.....if you get what I mean. :-)

    Byron brought joy to everyone who knew him. I hope your Jack does the same.

  7. Don,

    If Byron was anything like you then he must have been a lovely guy :-) I am very glad that he lived a long happy life which is rare for someone with a disability.

    Hey you're not ancient! Age is a state of mind. My dad is in his 70's and he definitely does not behave like an old man, still whizzing around on his bike, chatting up the ladies etc.

    I love this blogging lark, you get to meet so many interesting people,
    it's opened up a whole new world for me!

    Take care, Lynne

  8. Lynne, I would enjoy corresponding with you by email to become better acquainted and discuss matters of common interest, but I don’t see any “contact me” information on your blog. If you feel the same way you can go to my blogger profile by clicking on my name and there you will find my email address you can use to contact me by email and then I will be able to reply to you by email.

    Like your Dad, I also enjoy “chatting up the ladies” and flirting with those who allow it. :-)

    At some point we might even chat in real time with one another on Yahoo Messenger if you have that program.

    Take care, and best wishes.


  9. Don, I have put my email details on my profile now. Look forward to chatting with you :-)


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