Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Laugh til it hurts

With Holly being in the show, The Dark Cabaret she missed the first two weeks of 6th year.

One of the classes she is taking is Higher Psychology and she was worried because she had already missed over 4 classes.

Last Tuesday she came home stressed to the eyeballs muttering, saying "why on earth did I take this course, what was I thinking?". Thinking it was maybe too difficult for her I asked what was up. And out it all came.


She told me that the lecturer was telling them all about the different conditions that can affect a person's brain such as Syphilis, Schizophrenia etc. She was frantically scribbling in her jotter for all she was worth, trying to jot it all down for future reference, all the while getting more and more hyped up! My hypochondriac, paranoid daughter was imagining all sorts of things happening to her and practically having a nervous breakdown.

I, on the other hand, was bent double, nearly peeing myself laughing as her eyes were getting bigger and bigger especially when she was going on about Syphilis.  Jack's O.T., Sue, was in the house at the time and she was in hysterics too.  I commented that, "really Syphilis is something she is unlikely to get" to which she breathed a huge sigh of relief until Sue said "yeah but you don't see the effects of Syphilis for at least 20 years and by then it's too late!". Well you should have heard Holly. "That's it!" she said, "David is not getting anywhere near me ever again, not ever, not even for so much as a kiss!"

By this time, I am crying, I am laughing so hard especially when she then goes on to mention that she has to look up and learn all about the different phobias a person can have and all the illnesses that can affect the brain and how it works. "Is this a wise thing to do?" I say through my tears "knowing what a hypochondriac you are?"


"You're asking me? I'll have had a nervous breakdown by the time this course is finished!" She then went on to describe how the rest of the class were sitting back, calmly, taking it all in, while she was scribbling so fast and getting so agitated that her pal Lewie started laughing at her, cos he knows what she is like.

Later on that night, she was on the computer and was very quiet. Eventually she started telling me names of some of the phobias and what they were a fear of.  Laughingly she said that she reckoned that she had at least 10 of them so far!


I peered over her shoulder and couldn't stop laughing because she was still only on the phobias beginning with A! I laughed so hard, I cried, poor Jack was looking on wondering if I had finally lost it! By this time Holly is also laughing and we were holding onto each other in hysterics, laughing so hard that it truly hurt! Finally I managed to get breath enough to say that "I am really looking forward to this course, it's going to give me such a laugh". Spluttering her indignation she muttered "awww gee thanks for being so supportive!"

I do so love our Mother/Daughter time.


  1. as a worry wart control freak of a mother who has 2 boys away from home just now - i can't really comment!!!

  2. The word "hypochondriac" makes me recall a girl in our high school who fit the definition. She always imagined having some illness or unhealthy condition. One day she started telling me about her latest one and I blurted out a malapropism or perhaps a Freudian slip or a combination of the two. I said, "Why don't you admit that you're just a nymphomaniac?"

    The truth of the matter is that she was.

  3. I look at it as payback for the other day when she was laughing at you when you couldn't get the order out at Burger King. It is great to see how close you two are.

  4. I love the fact that your home is always filled with laughter no matter what happens. Always brings a smile to my face :)

  5. LOL - too silly! giggle
    Poor Holly, tho' - wish her luck for me pls....she'll do perfect I'm sure. :)

  6. I had a good laugh there myself picturing you both doubled over!

    A good laugh always makes me feel better. Thanks for that, I needed it :)

  7. You would have such a laugh at us, we're all hypochondriacs here :)

  8. I've heard that most medical students end up thinking they have all kinds of diseases. That is very funny about your daughter!

  9. Damn you daughter is funny reading this made me think about what my mum was telling me this morning about my sister Sue, Sue had sent mum like 6 sms in 15 minutes complaining about her health mum wanted to tell her she was a hypochondriac but she didn't know how to spell it as was out shopping and had no dictionary at hand to look it up...........I think a lot of families have at least on hypochondriac in them.........

  10. Julie - lol
    Don - lol oh dear!
    Odie - it definitely was!
    Mynx - you just have to laugh, better than crying!
    SkipppyMom - I will do
    Kellie - it was pretty funny, glad I gave you a laugh
    Looking for Blue Sky - lol I so would!
    Belle - thank god she doesn't want to be a doctor or a nurse then
    Jo-Anne Rambling - tee hee hee your sister sounds very much like Holly and you are so right


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