Saturday, 25 June 2011

A crazy 24 hours

I am so so tired just now.  Burning the candle at both ends is really not good, this is when I realise that I am getting old!

The Take That concert was superb. It was that good that Holly reckoned it was the best concert she'd been to yet and I have taken her to a lot of really good concerts. It was held in Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow.  We arrived at around 7.30pm, had a quick bite to eat then spent well over half an hour trying to find the right entrance for our ticket number. We missed the support band The Pet Shop Boys (one of my fav 80's groups) but we could hear them well enough from outside.

Hampden Park

Finally we got into the stadium but by then the heavens had really opened up and as we were in the standing part of the arena we were gonna get soaked. I didn't buy one of those plastic mac things, cos really, I have a street cred to protect and there was no way I was being seen dead in one of those! I'd much rather be wet!! And oh boy was I soaking by the end but it didn't dampen our spirits at all because Take That were equally wet once they came on and at one point the stage was running with water.

The concert about to start

The set lasted about 2 hours and we bopped and boogied away, screaming blue murder for Gary, Robbie etc like the groupies we are. All that leaping about wasn't good for me and at one point I had to hold onto my boobs otherwise I was gonna knock myself out! Oh the perils of big boobs.

Donna, Emma, Holly and Moi - soaking wet but having fun

The first song they played is my all time favourite and it's from the movie Stardust which we took Jack to see. I sing this song to him quite a lot and it's called Rule the World. I had a wee lump in my throat then thinking of my lovely boy back in Elgin. Then later, when Robbie Williams came on himself he said " if there is anyone out there who has someone who is no longer with you, or someone who is ill and needs a prayer, this one is for them" and he sang Angels. I nearly came undone at that point.

The concert finished at 10.45pm and it took us about 15mins just to get out of the staduim, a further 2 and a half hours just to get out of Glasgow as the traffic was almost at gridlock stage and it was 5.40am before we got home. We'd very little sleep on the journey home as there were 3 of us squished in the back of the car. Holly did manage to dose off leaning on me a couple of times so she wasn't as tired as me but still really tired.

We fell into bed straight away and was up again at 8am. I took Holly (after filling her with energy drinks)  to school as she had things on that day that she didn't want to miss and I came and fell back into bed only to be woken again less than an hour later by the school phoning asking me to come in and look at Jack as he had been sick and they weren't happy. I spent 2 hours there reassuring them that it was just a touch of reflux, came home, printed out my homework essay then headed up to the respite unit to collect Jack's stuff then from there went off to a meeting with my tutor.

I left there, went to the supermarket, then home, waited for Jack to get off the bus, put him straight into my car and went to the school to pick up Holly's friend Diz, then to the college to pick up Holly. Then straight home in time for Holly to change before Father of the Year came to pick them up to take them to Aberdeen where they were meeting Diz's Mum and Dad and going to the theatre to see We Will Rock You.

You'd think that by now I would have been ready to collapse but no I finally fell into bed at 11pm. I was zonked within minutes and slept like a baby!



  1. I loved the picture of the 4 of you and even wet you all looked great and happy. There was a time I could have done that but not now. Hope you are more rested by the time you read this. Take care of yourself and say "HEY" to Holly & Jack for me.

  2. wow,looks so much fun even if you were soaked! I'm the same as odie, couldn't do it now.
    Robbie Williams dedication was lovely and I've no wonder you almost lost it.
    now, hope you get to bed earlier tonight!!!

  3. I sent you an email...mine is the one with no subject ...doh me LOL

  4. H@ve to @gree with Odie - the pic' is so gre@t!
    Worth the tired, I suspect. :) Hope you get lots of sleep to*ight.
    Hugs & love girlie.

  5. Going to a concert and getting soaked would seem fun when I was younger but I am far to old for that now......yes I am admitting I am getting older don't do that very often.........

  6. Sounds exhausting but amazing! Hope you're well rested now x

  7. I am SO envious of you going to the Take That Concert. It's supposed to be their best concert ever. (And I love the Pet Shop Boys) . Pity about the rain, but I'm sure it didn't dampen your enthusiasm!! How lovely that Robbie dedicated the song Angels like that. Oh, I think I would have cried myself at that point!! Glad you had such a great time and managed to get a good night's sleep. Hugs to you all up there in Elgin.

  8. Odie - I am well rested now thanks. Hope Linda is doing fine :)
    IWBY - it was brilliant fun and I've had some very early nights since
    SkippyMom - I know, I loved this pic so much I've got it as the background on my laptop lol
    Jo-Anne Rambling - believe me I didn't feel old at the time but after....uggg!!! Took way too long to recover!
    Looking for Blue Sky - it was both of those and yes I am fine now
    Thisisme - I know, I wasn't expecting it and that's why it took me so much by surprise. I forgive him though!

  9. What a fun concert and in the rain too!!

    We may not do it often (thankfully)but we definately can pull an all nighter when needed!

  10. Concerts are the best! There is nothing like them. I'm so glad you had a good time.


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