Monday, 27 June 2011

Sleep deprivation is no fun

It has taken me a few days to recover from my lack of sleep.  On Friday by 5pm I couldn't even speak properly! So much so that when Jack's carer, Marion, asked me what I had been booking on the computer, I told her that I'd just booked Lublin for Holly's birthday.

I think both Holly and Marion thought I'd lost the plot and Holly wasted no time in taking the piss out of her Mum so much so that I threatened to cancel her trip to Dublin!  It didn't get much better either cos later on we went to the drive in at Burger King and I couldn't get the words out to place our order. I felt a right numpty and all Holly could do was laugh her head off.

Kids don't you just love them!

Jack has been a very sleepy boy this weekend. I think it's the increase in medication but I will keep an eye on him. He was so sleepy on Sunday that he slept through me washing and dressing him, getting him into the car and driving to Rothes to pick up Holly. Then we took the dogs for a walk and he slept through that too!

It's the last week of school and things are a bit manic this week. You would think that things would be slowing down but no. I have two Prize Giving Ceremonies this week, one for the Special Needs base and the other for Holly, on top of appointments, homework and taking my niece to Speyside High School on Wednesday to shave off Holly's boyfriends hair to raise money for his trip to Bangladesh. I will definitely have to get photos of that for you.

I took part in a True Colours Blog Swap which Jessica @ Duck Duck Cow was running. I had great fun shopping for this but I kinda forgot about the colours as such and just sent things that were Scottish instead! Thankfully Jessica was quite happy with this, phew.

This is what she sent me:

unopened box of goodies

my lovely goodies
This was so much fun. I had to take the pictures out in the garden because the colour wasn't showing up properly. Now that I have done it once and have a better idea of what to do, I definitely would take part in this again and I promise that I would stick to the colour this time, honest, definitely....emmm ok, I will try!

So today, as it is about the only quiet day I have this week, I am sitting still in my pj's doing very little. I am meeting a friend for lunch and I will take a trip up to my Mum's grave as it is 5 years today that she died.  I feel kinda weird, that spaced out way that you get and I miss her so much. She was one of my best friends, knew all there was to know about me, was a great Mum and her legacy lives on in us, her children.

This is for her.

Have a great day my little gigglers.


  1. What a lovely treat after a busy week. The photo frame looks beautiful

  2. Lovely song choice for your dear mum there, LyndyLou. I don't think we ever get over losing our mums. Gosh, Jack certainly was a sleepy boy. As you say, you'll have to keep your eye on that. That sounds like a lovely treat for Holly's birthday, a trip to Lublin!! Take care my friend.

  3. I love the choice of music for your Mom. & the gifts @re lovely too. Hope you get some sleep soo*

  4. Sorry but I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of you incapable of giving the order at Burger King and Holly laughing at the whole thing. You just have to take better care of yourself girl. We never get over missing our moms. It will be 9 years Aug. 7th for me. Loved the song. Take care and hugs to Holly & Jack

  5. for me it's my Dad - i miss him and so do the kids. But that's another story!!
    Have a restful day - and school is well and truly out in Glasgow!!

  6. Who wouldn't love a package of Scottish goodies? :) I'm so glad you liked your box. It was incredibly fun to put together. And I love that song...I think I will be humming it all day.

  7. LyndyLou....what a time you've had there! Lots of fun but sleep deprivation is not a good part of fun. I have been exhausted to the point of not making sense too. I wonder how often that happens at fast food places? When I'm tired that is where I tend to dine and often have a hard time ordering sensibly! Hope Jack's meds are leveling off for him so he's not quite so sleepy. Hmm, sleep seems to be an operative word this week for way or another!
    Love the musical choice for your Mother. I wish I lived close enough to my Mom's grave to visit. I'm sending thought of flowers and love to you in remembrance of your Mom.

  8. Mynx - it sure was and I LOVE the frame :)
    Thisisme - yes I can't wait for Lublin! LOL
    SkippyMom - it was her choice really, it was played at her funeral
    Odie - it was pretty funny, even I was laughing and so was the girl at the drive-in
    Julie - I know, it's hard :(
    Jessica G - I love that song too
    Sush - oh I am so glad it's not just me! Thanks for the lovely thoughts

  9. Love the photo frame and the colour is just great I love the colour purple it is one of my favorites. I am feeling really sleepy this morning but think it is because I am coughing so much and have a headache as well...
    so stay clear of me or you might catch

    Are you feeling better? I hope so.....

  10. Kids sure keep moms busy, don't they? My daughters are always running around town for their kids. Your mom sounds very special. God bless.

  11. It sounds like you're having an emotional few days: I miss my Mum too especially on her anniversary. Hopefully that lovely parcel and lunch helped xx


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