Friday, 10 June 2011

Clown Doctors

Yesterday afternoon, Jack had a visit from the Clown Doctors.

We have met some of them before, usually in the hospital when they pop in to cheer up the kids. This time we were offered a home visit, arranged by the Children's Hospice Association Scotland.  Clown Doctors in the Community it''s called and they are keen to develop it. I have to give feedback too so that they can see if it is working or not.

I wasn't sure what to expect because during previous times, Jack has been unwell and although took an interest, he didn't have much energy to show his enthusiasm.

Dr Cheese called before hand to check that Jack was well and to ask how they would know if he was enjoying himself and how he would communicate with them. I recognised her voice (she is a Canadian) and I was sure that she was one of the Clown Doctors Jack and I had met before. She explained that they would arrive already made up in their costumes.

They arrived at our house at the same time as Jack and they were so excited. Dr Sprout and Dr Cheese introduced themselves to the three of us. You should have seen Holly's face! She'd not had the pleasure of the Clown Doctors before as she was usually in school when they visited him in hospital.

Dr Sprout after she'd fallen over

Dr Cheese wonder what she's doing!

Holly's reaction

Having a wee sing song

Jack's taking a good look at Dr Sprout

The Doctors getting a special hug from Jack

Dr Sprout having a nap whilst getting her cuddle
Never mind double trouble, I think it's triple trouble!

Dr Sprout on the swively chair

Dr Sprout stealing my shoe that Holly had decorated! 
At the end of the visit, Dr Cheese, Dr Jackyboy and Dr Sprout
There are videos too but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload them but I will keep trying!

All I will say is, that this was the most fun I have had in an hour in a very long time. It was so much fun and they were such a scream! I just know that Jack enjoyed it because at times his eyes were big and wide, taking it all in and the times he raised his eyebrows at their antics, was priceless.


  1. Oh the clown doctors!! Sent to make the kids happay and drive the nurses mad!!
    No seriously, Lou thinks it's great when the clown docs come to town - they usually help the kids. But man - there is only SOOOOOO much a nurse can take of the whackiness half way thru a 12 hour shift!!!!

  2. Oh Lyndy, that looked so much fun, and your face in there behind Jack says it all :)
    Jack looks like he was enjoying it all too.
    Was he tired after ,from all the attention?

  3. how brilliant they came you your home. What a lot of lovely fun and good to see they got to ride in the swirly chair

  4. What an amazing idea! It looks like everyone had fun. What a great group and the smiles are priceless!

  5. Walking Saints! I tell you they are all around. That pic with you in the background smiling a mile wide is priceless. What a wonderful thing for Jack.

  6. Fantastic! How much fun for all of you!!

    I had not heard of the clown doctors before, but it sure is a great idea!

  7. This is wonderful! I'm so glad Jack enjoyed it all.

  8. Clown Doctors...glad to know they were official clowns and not Dr's acting like clowns! I love the happiness on your face, glad you could share some fun with everyone.

  9. That's awesome!!!! Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun! It's great that they do that, coming into peoples homes. Hope you have been well, my friend! : )

  10. Julie - too true! We used to see them at Edinburgh Sick Kids too but Jack was usually not interested!
    IWBY - He was very tired :(
    Mynx - I think they thought we were mad when we started swirly them around!
    Lizbeth - so much fun!
    Bouncin' Barb - yes I really admire people who do this type of thing especially when the child gets so much out of it
    Kellie - we just love them!
    Belle - it sure is and he was well impressed
    Sush - lol yeah believe me I've met quite a few Dr's acting like clowns in my time
    Elle - you're right, awesome is definitely how I would describe it. Yes I have been well, hope you have too :)

  11. This must have been a very funny day. Those clows actually look like they belong in a 90s television show that my sister was obsessed with called "The Big comfy Couch." Have a great week :D

  12. Jack! Hello Jack! Dr Cheese here. Dr Sprout and I really loved coming to your house to see you. That was the most fun WE have had in a long time too! I especially liked getting spun around in your family's famous swirly chair, getting a cuddle from you, and bossing Dr Sprout around.


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