Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day.

Jack was going into respite so I was up at 7am packing his bag. I don't normally pack it at that time of day but as I had a course to go on at 9.30am, I wouldn't have time to do it later that morning.

After I finished packing his bag, I then got him washed, dressed and ready for school. This takes me about an hour as it is very physical. I am flat out trying to get him ready in time for the bus arriving while the cool dude himself, carries on sleeping!

After I'd put him on the bus at 8.45am I rushed upstairs and literally threw myself into the shower. I was back downstairs 15 mins later, seeing to the dogs, dragging Jack's suitcase and meds into the car, then running around switching things off and throwing things into my bag. I arrived windswept and interesting at the course which was packed full and I struggled to find a seat cos I was 5 mins late....eek!


The course was about protecting vulnerable adults from harm who are being cared for in homes, respite units, residential units etc. This is all part of the course I told you about a while back whereby the local council are trying out a pilot scheme to give unpaid carers a qualification for the work they do. We (myself and the other Lynn) are nearly finished the course and hope to be given our certificates at a graduation ceremony in October.

I really enjoyed the course but it was quite scary how easily abused these people are and it does strike fear in my heart at the thought of Jack being subjected to that but sadly most vulnerable people are actually abused by family members according to statistics. Quite shocking really.

I left the course and went straight up to Jack's respite unit to drop of his stuff and get his medicine checked in.  Everything has to be properly labelled, all pills have to be counted out and just enough given with a few spares, all doses of meds have to match the medication sheet which you fill in.  Unfortunately mine didn't because Jack's medication has been upped and the respite unit can't just take my word for it, they have to get written confirmation from Jack's consultant.

I thought I was covered because this particular medication was reduced just last year but alas no. It was only covered for reducing the medication not upping it. So I spent the next hour phoning doctors and waiting for them to call back til finally an hour and a half later the secretary called to say that she would fax a copy to the unit. YIPEE!!! If I hadn't managed to get anyone, I would have had to come up and administer the meds myself.


The first thing the secretary said to me was "I called your home number first and couldn't stop laughing.  It is your answer machine that answers and says "Thank you for calling Dial-a-Shrink"?" I laughed too and confirmed that "yes, since we are all a bit mad in our house, it was only right that we should have a hilarious answer machine message".  Apparently she was so taken with it that she hung up, called her colleagues over and rung it again just so they could listen and she thanked me for giving them such a good laugh!


This then got the girls in the respite unit calling my home number for a good giggle!  I finally arrived home at 3pm only for my Dad to appear asking me to book another part of his holiday for him. So far, I've booked the Eurostar, the Caledonian Sleeper and his hotel in Paris. My sister has had the pleasure of booking the travel insurance!  Dial-a-Shrink and Travel Agent, who knew I was this talented!

Today is slightly less hectic. Holly and I are off to a concert in Glasgow. We are going to see a group called Take That so we are heading off at 1.30pm. It takes about 4 hours to get there and we are driving back straight after. My friend Emma is driving and her boyfriend is going to drive on the way back so I can get a wee sleep in the back of the car as we won't be home til about 3am.

I can't wait. Tell you all about it later, I promise. Have a great day my little gigglers.


  1. you got somewhere to stay tonight?? Always welcome here!! Lou ans Paul off to BOn Jovi, no not when they will be home, so 1st come, 1st served with the beds!!!! When you going back up - we could meet tomorrow for coffee, cake or any manner of things!
    Damn, if i'd known you were going to be here in Glasgow, we could have arranged it better!!


  2. Julie - we are not staying over as my friend has to work the next day. Concert doors open at 5pm I think so we will be going straight in and am not sure what time it finishes but we are heading straight off at the end.

    It's crazy I know but luckily I am not doing the driving cos if I was I would have to stay over!

  3. You do lead a busy life! Have lots of fun at the concert.

  4. I get tired just reading about all the stuff you have to do girl. You can't keep the motor reved up non stop so take a breather when you can. I know you and Holly will have a blast so enjoy then get some rest. You can fill us in later.

  5. It boggels the mind to think folks would actually harm a defenseless person, but that kind of crap happens all the time. Glad you are up on how to recognize it.

    Halarious that everyone was calling your number! Did anyone try to set up an appointment? or leave any messages?

    Have fun at the concert!

  6. Bless your heart. Where do you get this energy? I'd give anything if I had one tenth of it. Enjoy your concert. Relax!

  7. Belle - yes it can be a bit crazy sometimes!
    Odie - I know, I really should slow it down a bit but it just seems crazy some days/weeks. I promise I will rest the next few days :)
    Kellie - yeah it really is terrible. My friend called and she talked about her paranoia and how needy she was....hilarious!
    Bouncin' Barb - sometimes I don't really have the energy but I just keep going anyway lol

  8. Loads of my facebook friends went to see Take That and they thought it was just the best thing ever - it sounded pretty good from my attic too! (I live less than 1/2 mile away from the stadium where they were playing). So enjoy, I'd say you'll both have a wonderful time x

  9. Looking for Blue Sky - they were awesome!!!

  10. I'll agree - what a BUSY day!!

    I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

  11. Dirty Butter - it was, I am still recovering! thanks for following me :)


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