Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogaversary prize giveaway

Oh my god, what a crazy few days I have had, hence zero posts on this blog!

More on that later though as I am excited to let you know about my Blogaversary Giveaway.  I am giving away the prize of a box of Scottish goodies. I haven't decided what form it will take yet but I've already seen some things that I am going to include, like the wee guy below.

a wee highland cow - cute eh?  (source)

On top of that, my lovely daughter Holly has donated a unique pair of girls shoes that she has customised.  They are Diesel (US Size 13/UK size 11.5) as per the converter I consulted! They are so damn cute and they are up for grabs too.

If you want to be in with a chance to win either of these two prizes all you have to do is leave me a comment saying you want to be included in the prize draw, email me at or leave a comment on Facebook.

That's it, easy peasy and I will do the draw at the end of the month. Good luck my little gigglers.


  1. Hi LyndyLou - we've missed you! Wow! That's a very generous giveaway you're having there. Please may I be included, as I know that my eldest granddaughter would adore those customized shoes by Holly! Hope you're all okay and see you soon.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary (again if I have already said it) and pretty please can I be considered a potential adoptive mum to that cute little cow. See you aren't including your sexy actor neighbor as a prize *sigh.

  3. Happy Blogaversary!
    I would love to be included in the draw!!

  4. Happy Blogversary :) And of course I would love to be entered in the drawing. If Wallene sees those wonderful shoes I can guarantee you she will be grabbing all the Sharpies and her white tennies to decorate. They are brilliant. :)

    Good to see you. Miss you when you are away girlie.

  5. Soooo, Shut the Front Door! Your daughter made those shoes, as in deocrated??? Too Cute for Words! Count me in, I know just the Cinderella who would love to own them! Congrats on your Anniversary, this Blogging thing is a real doorway to the world, right?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for all things Scottish and adorable!

  6. Those are about the most adorable shoes I have ever seen. I would love to be included in your giveaway!! Welcome back and congrats on your blogiversary!!

  7. Congratulations & count me in of course. Don't forget to check out my current blog, it is awesome.

  8. Holly did a fabulous job on those shoes, and if anyone in my house could wear them, I'd ask to be in on the drawing! :) She's quite talented. I hope she's able to pursue something for a career that nurtures that creativity!

    And the cow? Absolutely adorable!! I'd be happy to give it a place to graze! :)

    And Happy Blogiversary!

  9. Your cow is very cute. I love the sneakers too. Holly is so talented :D

    Happy Blogiversary!! Have a fantastical weekend :D

  10. Oh, I have to be in on the Highland Cow! Wife would love that to go with all of her other stuffed animals.

    but that is not why I am here....

    It appears that when you stopped by the site a little while back you left something and you must hurry back and pick it up........ I left it in today's post so you could find it easier.

    Anything at Anytime

  11. Thisisme -aww thank you:) and yes of course you can be included
    Mynx - The highland cow is so very cute isn't he and as for sexy actor....if I could, I would but really I think I would keep him to myself!!!
    Stacy - no problem
    SkippyMom - Tell Wallene that it is quite easy to do and she is good at art so she should have no problems :)
    Sush - yes she is a very talented girl. Yes blogging opens up a whole new world, I love it
    Colenic - thank you and I will definitely include you :)
    Odie - I popped over before you had posted this comment. That lullaby is so so beautiful and her voice...lovely.
    Confessions of a Closet Hoarder - although she loves her art, that's not what she wants to do so I have been encouraging her to do it as a sideline, a money maker as such. I will definitely put you in the draw for the highland cow :)
    Somnia - I know it really is a cutie
    DanWins - definitely. I will put you in the draw for that. I checked out your blog and wow you've given me an award that you've made up. I love the dragon by the way :)
    Eve - I will! :)

  12. Wow, I'd love to be entered. I am new to your blog, and just found you on Best Posts of the Week. So happy I did. Where is the stuffed animal from? I couldn't get the source link to work. -Lola at

  13. I don't usually get into the giveaways much because I never win anything but I will enter for an authentic box of Scotch Shortbreads. OMG those are the absolute best in the world and hard to find the real thing here.

  14. Yes! Please do enter me into your draw! I love highland cooos :)


  15. lola - it's from a place called Brodie Country Fayre. Not far from where I live and I will definitely enter you in
    Bouncin' Barb - no probs :)
    myjoyproject - no problem, will do


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