Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Contrary to popular belief I don't DO drama!

On Monday, Jack had a 22 minute seizure at school. He was sleeping when I went in to see him but he only required one dose of rescue meds.

It's the last week of school and I did say to them that Jack started school with a bang so therefore he was maybe gonna finish the year with a bang!

Tuesday, after being out with my Dad, I got a phone call from the school at 1.52pm saying that Jack had just had 3 quite big seizures, one after the other and they were about to give him a 2nd dose of rescue meds but that it didn't look like it was going to stop. Knowing that they were going to call an ambulance, I told them that I would meet them at the hospital.

He was lying on his side when he came out of the ambulance on the stretcher, on oxygen and and pretty much out of it.  They whisked him into a room then all hell broke loose. People came running from all directions and into the room which totally freaked me out! It was explained to me that as he wasn't breathing too well it is policy to call for the emergency team to be on hand. It was a bit scary sitting outside seeing everyone coming and going but they managed to stabilise him. He had had another seizure too so they gave him more diazepam.

Dr Gray's Hospital (source)
The problem with giving him all this drugs is that it suppresses his breathing and can lower his blood pressure, which it did and then they had to put him on IV fluids to keep him hydrated.

Up on the ward, they were still struggling to keep his blood pressure up so they took some more bloods, an ECG and put a catheter in to monitor his fluid output.

My head was banging by this time and Holly had arrived so she nipped down to the hospital shop and got us both a drink and a sandwich. I managed to beg some headache pills from one of the nurses just as my Dad appeared with Jack's medicine box and his feed pump and then the carer came in, so after making sure that it was safe to go, I took Holly home for her tea and to let my poor dogs out.

When I arrived back Jack was awake and quite restless but then he was sleepy again. I held his hand and sang to him and then after a while I stopped, sat back in my seat cos I was getting tired but then I noticed his little hand come up and he grabbed mine and I laughed cos this was his way of telling me that he was liking the hand holding and singing so I carried on, til he fell asleep.


I left bout 9.30pm, went for take-away, fed myself and Holly then fell into bed.

Lets see what today brings.


  1. much as i hope you don't end up in Aberdeen, we'll be in the medical ward with Sue and Sophie till about tea time. You've got my number if you need to get me

  2. Oh Ly*dy - I hope he will 8e home with you soo*- How sc@ry for you @ll. Sweet dre@ms girlie.

  3. I know it must be scary but then you probably could also say, been there, done that so many times over the years. Jack has his problems but he is also one of the most blessed young men I know have such an awesome mom that loves him like you do Lynne. You Rock Girl.

  4. That sounds scary and exhausting :( Hope you all have a better day today x

  5. sending you postive thoughts and hugs.
    Hope he is well enough to come home soon.
    Look after yourself sweet lady

  6. Hi LyndyLou. I'm with Mynx on this one, and would like to send you lots of positive vibes and a big hug. It really must be such a worry for you my friend. I love how your gorgeous Jack reached up and touched your hand, so that you would carry on singing to him. I do hope that things have calmed down a little bit by the time you read this.

  7. sending you positive energy... for you, your family and for Jack ox

  8. Lyndy...Hope all is OK and that he's home in no time. It's pretty scary what meds can do. Fix one thing but mess up something else. Hope it all stablizes. You are an amazing woman! If I had a dime for every time I had to rush to the ER with Rich I could retire! It's so stressful and draining.

  9. Oh Gawd, I feel for you! I can't imagine the feeling of seeing all the staff coming and going and knowing something was going on...hugs to you and yours and I hope a good sleep does wonders. ((hugs))

  10. I'm sorry to hear about this hard time Jack and you have gone through. My prayers are with you.

  11. That's bloody awful, so sorry for all of you going through this. Stay stronge, wish i could give you a big cuddlexxx

  12. Julie - glad we didn't end up in Aberdeen. Hope you enjoyed your day there :)
    SkippyMom - thanks :)
    Odie - thanks, You Rock too
    Looking for Blue Sky - I hope so too
    Mynx - thanks, I think they positive thoughts worked
    Thisisme - it's the little things that make me smile
    Myjoyproject - thank you :)
    Bouncin' Barb - tell me about it!
    Lizbeth - thank you
    Belle - keep sending them :)
    JanieXx - I know, it sucks!


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