Thursday, 2 June 2011

How to embarrass your children

On Monday, after picking Holly and Diz up at lunchtime from school, they wanted to go to McDonalds.

So off we went to the drive in, gave them our order then drove to the next window to pay.

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As I handed my card over to the young guy at the window, Diz said dreamily from the back seat "that guy's got lovely eyes".  Holly and I both took a good look at him and then Holly agreed saying "mmmmmmmmmm".

As the guy handed my card back to me, I said " oh by the way, these girls think that you have lovely eyes". I heard a sharp intake of breath from both Holly and Diz and the young guy said "sorry, I didn't catch that". So I repeated it again and I could literary feel the girls slink down into their seats! He heard me the second time cos he rewarded me with this huge grin and Oh My God he had the most gorgeous eyes when he smiled!!!


I turned to look at Holly who had turned her head away and she had her hand across her face, hiding and then Diz who had slid so far down in her seat, I could barely see her. I drove to the next window with Holly and Diz spluttering their indignation at me and all I could do was chortle and snigger cos it was so so funny.

Our order wasn't ready so we drove round to get a parking space and waited for them to bring it out to the car.  Holly and Diz were still muttering about me "totally embarrassing them". I laughed and said "hey, at least we know he isn't bringing out the orders cos that other guy is", pointing to the guy in question.

That seemed to appease them for a while but they were starting to see the funny side by this time and were still going on about how hot he was and what a cute smile he had. I took this opportunity to point out that "they wouldn't have even seen his smile if it weren't for me!"

We were still talking about him when suddenly he appeared round the building, looked around and started walking towards us with two bags. There was a sharp intake of breath from both Holly and Diz and I started to wind down the window....on Holly's side!  By the time he got to the window, Holly was lying face down across two seats, trying to hide as he handed me the bags through the window. Diz had all but disappeared in the back seat, she'd slunk so low! He was really having a good chuckle at this point and I truly thought Holly and Diz were gonna pass out.

hide me, hide me, mortification!

I laughed so hard the tears were running down my face and I could hardly see to drive out of the car park.

I laughed about it all the way home. Holly and Diz were actually quite impressed by the fact that he came out to give us our order but not so impressed when we realised we'd been given the wrong order! Diz's eyes lit up when she said "we'll have to go back" and both Holly and I shouted "NO WAY".

So the joke was on me in the end cos I ended up with a burger that I would not normally order while Holly and Diz made off with the other stuff.

It tasted ok though and it was sooooooooooo worth it!


  1. Another post which really gave me a good laugh this morning, LyndyLou! Those two girls are just so funny. I wonder if he actually gave you the wrong order on purpose?! Probably not! Isn't it lovely when you can embarrass teenagers like that?! Hee Hee!

  2. oh the joys of being a parent!! Revenge is sweet!!

  3. Laughing still...! Aren't teens just the easiest to embarrass and it is soooo much fun! Good job!

  4. You are such an awesome Mum and I would certainly do the same given half the chance. Thanks for the giggle

  5. You are "GOOD" Lynne and I really wish Jack could have seen all that going on. You made my morning for sure.

  6. Pooldad does this to the girls all the time. Squirrel [18 yo] is the easiest to do it to, but Wallene not so much. :)

    Still it is a heck of a lot of fun. I think you might need another fix of McDonald's soon. :wink:

  7. Priceless, that was priceless and soooo worth the wrong food order!

  8. So funny, but how do you have the nerve? I would be afraid that my teen would so not be impressed x

  9. Laughing out loud does not even begin to describe how funny I thought that was!

    Even better was that gave you the wrong order!

  10. neat blog mmmm

  11. oh, you are so devilish!! At least you embarrassed them with a chuckle, my mom wouldn't have said that to him but if we got the wrong order she would have turned around and yelled at the poor guy. Her screaming at people doing their jobs wrong always embarrassed me, I felt so bad for the person. You at least have the decency to embarrass them in a fun way :D

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  13. You know, I think you made that young man's day! It's fun to do stuff like that with your kids.

  14. Thisisme - I think he probably did, thinking we'd have to come back! lol
    Julie - I know, I love it!
    Sush - it has been the highlight of my week
    Mynx - not sure they thought I was awesome lol
    Odie - Jack would have chuckled away if he'd been there
    SkippyMom - I think they were going to be brave and go back for a visit themselves!
    Lizbeth - tee hee hee oh yes, for sure
    Looking for Blue Sky - I am quite cheeky by nature and so is my daughter. I knew that once she got over the initial "what did you just say" that she would laugh about it.
    Kellie - I know, I laugh every time I think about it. You should have seen the look on Diz's face, priceless!
    Zertuzzi - thanks :)
    Somnia - even if I had gone back with the order, I wouldn't have shouted at him cos it's just not the way to get things done. Belittling people is no fun.
    Belle - I think I did too :)

  15. that is the joy of parenting right there!

    thanks for the morning giggle LyndyLou!

  16. Bruce - yep, sooooooo much fun! You're welcome, glad I made you giggle :)

  17. Hot guy and McDonald's! I think Holly and Diz made out pretty good! What's a little embarrassment! haha! Hilarious though, I love the visual of those girls plastered to the floor of the vehicle!

  18. Haha! That's fantastic... and teenagers are so easy...

    Stopping in from the LBS tea party. :-)

  19. Isn't it great how easy they are to embarrass!!

  20. Kinda sounds like the waiter guy in San Diego.


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