Monday, 6 June 2011

Weekend Fun

Today is the official start to the school new year. So for the last month of school Holly is now in 6th year (last year of school - sad face) and Jack is now in 2nd year.

Holly though, has once again been employed by the Out of Darkness Theatre Company to act in a show about drugs, alcohol and bullying. Last year she did The Shop and I was a very proud mummy, more so because this was her first paid job. This year, the play is slightly different as it focuses on just 3 actors, from Holly's school.

So this week, instead of going into 6th year, she gets to rehearse for this play. She is so excited and I already have been given a sneaky peak of the script. I think the play gets shown next Monday and if that is the case, then I will get to see it.


On Saturday, Holly and I spent a lovely time at a Paint Your Own Ceramics place in Forres.  We used to go to one in Elgin before it shut down and we spent many an hour in there and it was so much fun. I discovered this one a few weeks ago and finally we managed to get there this weekend. We were in there for over 3 hours. It is one of the most relaxing things in the world to do because you are so busy concentrating on your painting that you think of nothing! Holly drew and painted on a heart shaped plate and I painted a cup cake cookie jar.  We will get them back in about a weeks time, one they are fired. So pics to follow.

Then Saturday night, we went out for a meal with my dad, my sister and her family to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday. Guess who forgot her camera....again! But in my defence, I have so much to remember just with getting Jack ready that it is the last thing on my mind. My sis did take photos but she hasn't uploaded them to Facebook yet so I can't pinch them.  My dad enjoyed his meal and it was a fine birthday treat for him. We didn't get home til 11.30pm and poor Jack was already nodding off and was asleep before we got him into bed.

this is my dad and Holly, 2 years ago at a wedding

Then yesterday, Sunday, Jack was in respite and Holly and I chilled and watched movies. My favourite was The Princess and the Frog. Disney movies are just the best. Very funny but I cried at one part and Holly laughed at me. Bloody cheek! The other movie we watched was Balto, a flashback to when Holly was little and it was really good. She spoiled it when she made me endure Balto 2 us Scots say....nae impressed!

Hope your weekend was as good as mine.


  1. Congratulations to Holly - that is so wonderful Lyndy!

    And your Dad is quite the cutie [if you don't mind me saying] please wish him a happiest of birthdays from across the pond!

    My favorite Disney movie is Beauty & the Beast, then Aladdin and then Lady & the Tramp...and then....giggle - we could watch them all day long. And have.

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend. :D

    Have a great week. Hugs

  2. What a lovely weekend and congratulations Holly, how much fun that will be! I am a sucker for a gentleman in a kilt so your Dad has won my heart! And the movie you watched was based on my hometown...I fell in love with this posting from beginning to end!
    Have a lovely week..

  3. Your dad looks like he would be so much fun to be around. It always makes me so happy to know you and your fantastic teens have had a great weekend. Makes up for some of the ones that just don't cut it. Hugs from across the pond.

  4. glad you had a good weekend!
    Wish Paul got paid for all those concerts he's done - will just need to get him out busking!!!

  5. sounds like a really fun and productive weekend. Love all the old Disney animation

  6. Holly obviously has more talent than I thought. That is marvelous. No wonder you are a proud Mom. My ex-son-in-law has family in Scotland and they came over for their wedding years ago. They hired a bag pipe player who followed him around the room (tradition I guess?) and seeing your Dad in his kilt reminded me of that. He certainly looks like a fun guy!! No wonder where you get your sense of humor. So glad you and Holly get to spend alone time like this. Sending Hugs to you all!!!

  7. Hi LyndyLou! Well done Holly! She really is a very talented young lady, and it was lovely that you were able to spend some mum and daughter time together. That ceramic painting sounds really fun! Doesn't your dad look super in his kilt. Certainly doesn't look his age! All in all, it was a good weekend for you, and I'm glad it all went so well. Take care.

  8. Yay for Holly!! We have a paint your own ceramic shop close to my house, too and every time I try to go there are so many people there that you can't even get in!

  9. So happy Holly got another acting gig!! The play sounds interesting. Happy Birthday to your dad, the picture of him and Holly is just precious.

  10. I love the photo of your dad! How exciting about Holly too. My favorite Disney movie is Little Mermaid although she was a disobedient little thing.

  11. Lynne,

    When I saw the pic of your Dad all I could think of was "For he's a jolly good fellow".

    And congratulations to your lovely (just like her Mum) daughter.

  12. SkippyMom - I will pass on your congrats and my dad will be soooooooooooo chuffed that you said he was a cutie!
    Sush - I think my dad will be immensely pleased! I just loved loved loved The Princess and the Frog and the music was so good.
    Odie - He is such a laugh and I don't think he has ever really grown up! Don't tell him I said that!!!
    Julie - I know you'd think they would give him something for all the hard work and time he has put in.
    Mynx - me too, you can't beat a Disney movie.
    Bouncin' Barb - normally the piper, pipes the wedding couple to the top table and often there is a piper outside the church too. My dad is such a laugh.
    Thisisme - no he doesn't and he loves it! He rocks the kilt!
    Jumble Mash - I love those places, best time is first thing or the last couple of hours :)
    Somnia - I love that photo, it was taken at my cousin's wedding in Leeds, England.
    Belle - I love The Little Mermaid too, in fact, most Disney movies.
    Don - lol he certainly is!


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