Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Weekend fun

Jack was in respite this weekend so I spent Sunday in bed reading. How decadent is that? Holly and her boyfriend David made me brunch in bed too, so spoiled wasn't the word.

A couple of hours later Holly came up with David, holding a pair of tweezers asking if I would pluck his eyebrows for him! "Are you sure?" I asked him "cos it will be painful!".  "Yeah, it's fine" he said.

Half an hour later (and some pain for David) I was finished and he looked so much better. Even he thought so as he admired himself in the mirror!

I was quite chuffed that he was willing to be at my mercy but apparently Holly had told him of my skills with the tweezers. I never realised I was good at shaping eyebrows until people started commenting and asking where I got them done.  I think I have passed my skill onto Holly cos she is pretty nifty with the tweezers too.

David and Holly  (before I attacked him with the tweezers!)

After David went home, Holly's bezzie mate Diz arrived with her bags as she was staying a couple of nights. She wasn't in the house 5 minutes and we were already giggling.  We watched a couple of movies, one of them was the Disney movie Tangled which I had bought the day before.

OMG that horse is so so funny! When it got to the part where Eugene dies, Diz starts shouting at the screen saying "No he can't die! I bet she just sings and brings him back to life" and both Holly and I say "no it's not that easy". So Diz starts coming up with ways to bring him back to life and I am rolling about on the sofa, crying with laughter at Holly's face cos she went through this exact same scenario with me the night before when we were watching it!

Finally when Diz runs out of ways to bring him back to life, Holly states "it's a Disney movie Diz, of course he is not gonna frigging die!" and we all fall about laughing again as Diz looks so relieved.

Who knew you could have so much fun watching a Disney movie!

Later on, we were watching the comedy movie Killers and we were winding Holly up about people jumping out on her. Then she needed the toilet and wouldn't go by herself so Diz and the dogs went through with her. All was quiet for about 5 mins and then I just heard screaming and Holly came flying into the living room, screeching like a banshee, as if she was being chased by some demon.

Holly and Diz - big kids at the park

Over the top of that, you could hear Diz, who had jumped out on her as she came through the hall, howling with laughter. Diz couldn't speak she was laughing so hard and then we were all rolling about in hysterics. I laughed so hard I cried, my stomach hurt and I couldn't get breath. After what seemed like forever we managed to control ourselves and Diz said through her laughter "God, I've missed you guys".

And we had missed her too cos she really makes us laugh.


  1. sounds like a good weekend!

  2. omg - it actually posted!!!

  3. Sounds like a deliciously fun girl fest!

  4. I would really love to meet Diz the way you describe her. I was smiling through this whole post girl and happy that you and the girls had so much fun together. It is 7:30 AM and we will be leaving shortly for the hospital. Have to be there at 9 AM so this is the day. Time will tell how it will all turn out. Have a great one my sweet friends.

  5. What a hoot and a heck of a lot of fun Lyndy. Thanks for starting our week with big smiles and giggles. :D

    Love you guys!

  6. I'm so happy to hear you had a good cry of laughter!!! That's the best type of crying. I love laughing...so thanks! : )

  7. you guys sounded like you had a blast, yay!

  8. Yes, I was smiling all the way through this post as well. I remembered Diz from the fun that you had before when she was staying with you! She sounds like a really good friend to have, and I am so pleased that you had such a fun weekend.

  9. Sounds like a fabby weekend and I wish I had a friend like you living nearby who would do my eyebrows :)

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by today, chiming in, and for your kind words in honor of my 1st blogoversary. ...It sounds like you had a very lovely day. Do you have any after photos of your man brow tweezing work? It sort of looks like he would have benefited from your talent ; )

    The Ranter's Box

  11. Was out blog hopping this evening and came across your blog. Delightfull! I'm your newest follower!

  12. wow! sounds like you had a really good weekend full of fun and laughter :D

  13. Julie - I know, blogger has definitely been playing up.
    Sush - it was great fun
    Odie - She is such a scream. Hope today goes well and she makes a speedy recovery.
    SkippyMom - glad I gave you a laugh
    Elle - I totally agree!
    Lizbeth - it really was so much fun
    Thisisme - she is such a star and when Diz and Holly get together they are like a comedy act
    Looking for Blue Sky - I love doing people's eyebrows!
    The Empress - lol I should have taken an after photo but I forgot! I will try and accost him the next time he is round.
    Ninny - welcome to my blog, nice to meet you
    Somnia - it was, hope your weekend was fun too

  14. My granddaughter waxed her eyebrows yesterday. They don't match and she was obsessing about it. Anyway, they turned out great.
    Sounds like lots of fun watching those movies!

  15. I haven't seen Tangled yet so I'm glad you didn't tell us the whole story! I know Netflix must think I have kids because I watch all of those movies. I love Disney, what can I say? I'm glad you got pampered and had some fun. You should have taken an after pic though!

  16. You guys have soo much fun! How fortunate you are to have such a relationship with your daughter and friend :)

  17. Belle - glad it turned out ok
    Krissy - I love Disney too and I highly recommend Tangled. I know, bad girl for forgetting the after pic!
    Kellie - I think it's helps that I am such a big kid myself :)

  18. I need to have one of those with my best girl friends. Haven't seen them in a while. :(


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