Friday, 1 July 2011

Thank god it's Friday!

It's been a stressful few days. On top of the fact that Jack was in hospital, I have still managed to fit in a trip to David's (Holly's boyfriend) school with my niece to shave off his hair for charity, go on another short course, see the rep re Jack's new bed and have a run in with Father of the Year!

Holly arriving at David's school
David with long hair wearing Holly's hat
after - holding up the hair he is donating for wigs for children with cancer

Jack got out of hospital yesterday (Thursday) at 2.45pm.

Just before he left, he had a 6 and a half minute seizure, then one in the lift at the hospital and I was kinda we go again!

He settled down though and we had a fairly enjoyable afternoon til he had a seizure about 6pm and was very sick but luckily he didn't aspirate it.

No time to worry about it though, because I had to get him changed and ready for going out to Holly's Prize Giving.  My lovely girl got the prize for best in Art and Design and best in Business Management.  It was a bit of a rush but at least this year, I didn't have to be in two places at once!

Jack unfortunately, missed his Prize Giving because he had decided that he would rather flirt with the nurses at the hospital than go to something like that.

As per the last 5 years, I did my duty and whooped and hollered for all I was worth when she got her prize and I also did the same for all her friends. I have to say that I am the noisiest parent there and I take great pride in that as all other parents behave impeccably, apart from the ones sitting with me! They just have to join in!

Holly was on a high last night afterwards and I was so very proud of her.

Today is the last day of school and then it's 6 weeks of holidays. Holly is off tonight for a week with Diz and her mum Jemma.  Jemma has the same sense of humour as me and she has already started winding Holly up, so much so that she said yesterday "I am so looking forward to the next week, it will be such a laugh with these two". I am gonna miss her but I am sure she will have a blast.

Now today, I am totally stressing out cos it's my sister Kay's 50th Birthday tomorrow and she is having the party in my garden. She wanted a bouncy castle and a BBQ! The weather has been horrible here so I have been frantically running around trying to tidy my house that has been neglected the last few days so that if it's raining tomorrow, I wont be mortified when people have to come into the house. Pray for sun people!

I will also have a house full of visitors tonight who are coming for the party so I have to get their rooms sorted but they will pretty much have to take me as they find me, which they will, cos they are good like that!

Roll on Sunday, when I can collapse in a heap and not move! But before I go, I will leave you with a pick of Jack at his prom last year.

a true Scotsman


  1. Lyndylou, you are an amazing Mom and sister! Hope you have the sunshine you deserve and enjoy the birthday festivities. Jack looked so dashing in his kilt!

  2. oh, party at your house!!! If it wasn't so damn expensive to fill the car with petrol, i'd be there!!!

  3. Lovely picture of Holly and I like David much better after the hair cut. Jack looked awesome in his prom picture. Good luck with the crowd as you make your way to sunday.

  4. Gorgeous photos of your family and I will keep my fingers crossed for sun. Hopefully Scotland wont live up to it's reputation for rain during the party.

  5. Please let the sun come out. Please let the sun come out.

    There, did that help? ;)

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  6. Here's to sending a lot of heat and sun your way!!! WE are hot as hell! 97* and HIGH humidity!

    Congrats to Holly and her awards! Good for you for being loud and cheering them on! Me, I whistle - long, loud and a lot! Very imbarrasing for the kiddies, or so they tell me!

  7. I'd be hooting and hollering too for Holly. You should be proud of her. You've been busy, busy as usual. Enjoy the time with her on holiday by resting a bit if you can. I joke...!! Love the pic of Jack too. Really cute.

  8. Congrats to Holly for her awards! I think it is great you cheer her and her friends. It will be nice when you can finally relax, if that is possible when you have two children!

  9. Congrats to Holly for her awards! I think it is great you cheer her and her friends. It will be nice when you can finally relax, if that is possible when you have two children!

  10. How do you do it I wouldn't be able to cope if I was in your shoes I think you are truely amazing. Hope your sisters party goes off ok I was really annoyed that I didn't make as big as deal out of Tim's 50th as I would have liked to but I can not go back and redo it.....although for Tim birthdays are not a big deal

  11. Judging from the photo of her in this post, your lovely girl Holly deserves a prize for being the loveliest young lady her age of all time. I've been observing people for over 3/4 of a century so I should know.

    She must have gotten her beauty from her Mum's genes, right, Lynn?

  12. OOPS, pardon me for mis-spelling your name, Lynne. :-)

  13. I feel exhausted after reading all that. What a wonderful family! I hope the weather behaved itself and that now you are enjoying a hard earned rest.

    I visit your blog when I’m on ExposeYourBlog!

  14. You've got a talented daughter there! Jack looks fab in his kilt :)

  15. Oh I do hope that the sun shone for you!! By the time you receive this, you are probably collapsed in a little heap somewhere! Anyway, hopefully everyone had a great time. Lovely photo of Holly and I thought the photo of Jack in his kilt was wonderful. Take care my friend, and I hope that this week will be a bit more restful for you.

  16. Ooh hope it went well and that you had a lovely restful day today :)

  17. Only me again! I have only just noticed your blog button, so I have put it on my sidebar and linked it directly to your blog page.

  18. Sush - Thank you. Yes he looks so handsome in his kilt
    Julie - oh I wish you could have been here, you would have had a total blast
    Odie - yes, I think that's what everyone else thought too :)
    Mynx - Scotland shone beautifully and still is
    Lizbeth - it sure did!
    Kellie - embarrassing the kids is the highlight of my week!
    Bouncin' Barb - it's the only chance I get to really let the world know what a proud mum I really really am :)
    Bellie - her friends really love it and they ask her before hand if I am coming so that they can be included
    Jo-Anne Rambling - I know what you mean but it depends on the person. My sis hates getting older so really it was then important to make a huge fuss.
    Don - awww I will pass that on to her. As for the genes, yep, I tell her that all the good bits come from me! lol Let you off with the mis-spelling!
    Anji - Thanks for visting my blog and the weather turned out to be superb!
    Seth's Mum - awww thanks
    Thisisme - it was the most gorgeous day we've had in a very long time!
    Looking for Blue Sky - it was brilliant
    Thisisme - oh thank you, what a lovely thing to do :)


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