Monday, 30 August 2010

Jack's Little Gift

With Jack home from hospital and Kathy staying over, it was back to "training" for Kathy.

Jack had already had one change of clothes after flooding his nappy and within a short space of time had filled it again, this time with a no 2, much to Kathy's delight....NOT!

All was going well, she had more or less cleaned up his bottom when he decided that he might like to go again. Unfortunately for Kathy, she hadn't gotten as far as getting the new nappy on so it went all over the carpet! The first I knew that something was up was when Kathy let out a bit of a screech and I looked up to see her frantically trying to contain the onslaught! Jack meanwhile was lying there innocently looking at her as if to say "you have a problem with this?"

I of course, being the totally supportive friend that I am, fell about laughing and once I started, just couldn't stop. She on the other hand is giving it "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" and frantically looking about for wipes wondering how the hell she was gonna sort this one out.

Eventually I regained control of my hysteria, helped her mop up, fetched more wipes and nappies and we tried to clean up as best we could. Throughout this whole spectacle Jack lay there quite the thing and even had the cheek to laugh..........wee monkey. Mind you I was still laughing myself, mostly I have to say, at the look on Kathy's face when she realised she had major fallout going on and that if she moved a a mere inch she would also be covered in it.

Did I mention that Jack likes to share!!!

After we had gotten Jack sorted and the carpet cleaned, I was half expecting Kathy to say "I QUIT!" but no she is still willing to soldier on and for that, I will try and take a break from laughing and show how grateful I am! Tee hee hee.

Who knew that training someone to look after your child could be SO entertaining? All I can say is that I really can't wait til it is Emma's turn.

Welcome to my world, shit happens here :-) lol


  1. I am not sure I totally got across how funny this was, hope I did!

  2. you, are just scare mongering and I'm not scared, shit scared-yes, but scared-NO lol xxx

  3. Ha ha ha you are so funny! You may be anonymous BUT I know who you are!!! :-) X


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