Sunday, 1 August 2010

The man and the handbag

I forgot to tell you about the man in the garden centre yesterday.

Holly and I were wandering around the gift shop, minding our own business when this guy, who was walking past me, stopped to admire my handbag. I kid you not! He said that his wife also loved small, cute and colourful handbags and he shouted "darling" to no one in particular and started looking around him for said wife, still holding onto my handbag which was dangling from my arm.

Eventually, this older lady turned and looked in our direction, at which point he pointed out my handbag and quite frankly she looked agog with disinterest! I wasn't sure whether to be offended or not as I can tell you that my handbag is very very cute and trendy and I have had loads of admirers, all women up til, now I hasten to add!

He then noticed my unicorn keyring hanging off the bag and he showed me his wife's set of keys with a teddy keyring and said he hadn't come across anyone who liked cute things as much as his wife. Then he showed me his set of keys and offered me the keyring from it! It was a silver oval keyring with pink insert. He showed me how you could push it out and said it was perfect for fiddling with when it was in his pocket! OMG I nearly laughed then cos, he is kidding me right? So that's what men are fiddling with when their hands are in their pockets. I am at last enlightened!

Meanwhile, Holly is now breathing down my neck and I can't look at her cos I will surely crack up then so I accept the keyring and start trying to extract myself from the conversation which I at last manage to do.

Later in the cafe, we had a good chuckle about it and Holly reckons my invisible neon light was definitely on today, shining brightly for all the weird and the wonderful to be drawn to!

As for the keyring, it is now attached to my house keys and I will have a wee chuckle every time I see it and a great story to tell.

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