Sunday, 15 August 2010


I have always known that I had great friends but they have pushed the boat out for me lately.

It all started with my friend Emma saying one day, that she had been thinking about me while she was away on holiday. She had wondered if I would appreciate a holiday with just Holly and I before the craziness of life takes over from around Halloween til after Christmas. Did I??? Your kidding right? My answer woz a resounding yes but it all seemed like pie in the sky until Emma suggested that I train her up and she look after Jack for a week in the October school holidays. She said, just think about it, you don't have to decide now, it's just an idea!

Well, that idea has grown and after telling my friend in Aberdeen, Kathy about it, she said, "well if you are going for it, then count me in!".

So I booked it. Holly and I are off to Santa Ponsa, Majorca.

Now the training begins.

Poor Kathy had the first bout of training. The first night, she just watched what I did and once that was over, I told her that tomorrow, I would let her do it but that I would be there to guide her.

It wasn't until I stood back and let her do all the work that I realised just how much work was involved in just getting Jack outta bed!

The first morning, she had to draw up all the medication and then put it through his peg. Easy when you know how but very very scary when you don't. That damn Omiprazole once again caused problems and poor Kathy ended up blocking the peg! So I had to try and unblock it but to no avail so I just had to take it out and put in a new one. Kathy was a bit stressed and upset but I reassured her that it happens quite a lot, especially in respite and that I had done it once or twice too!

I even texted Emma to let her know so that she had a idea of what she was in for!

I found myself laughing quite a lot that day. Not because Kathy was doing all the work but because I had never had to stand back and think about what I do in a day as it is pretty much part of my normal day but she was forcing me to think and boy was it an eye opener! No wonder I am exhausted!

At one point, Kathy, with sweat poring off of her said, "god, I should lose about a stone in October! You must have some muscles on ya girl!". I thought this was hilarious cos skinny I am definitely not........I wish! If only it worked that way eh?

By the end of the day, Kathy looked poop done but said she didn't feel like it, whereas I felt exhausted and had done nothing but watch and teach! I did say half way through the day, that if after this she felt that it was too much, it was ok to say so and she could back out but she said no, she'd felt invigorated by her day but that ditto, if I felt that she couldn't do it then I should just say too. In my opinion, she did an ace job.

Also she has the added bonus of having her kids, James and Erin to help when I am away too. James often helped with the hoisting that day and was keen to bring Jack's chair through whereas Erin did offer when she managed to tear herself away from happy tv....aka Disney Channel! lol

Kids, don't you love them!

The next day, Kathy, who had obviously been dreaming about the Omiprazole, had come up with her own solution to getting it through the peg without blocking it, so she put it into practise and wow she had it sussed! Kathy, you rock!

Who knew I had such clever mates? :-)

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