Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It's Life Jim...

First week of the new school term and once again, chaos reigns supreme! My boy, in true Jack Mckenzie style, had a 16 minute seizure barely two hours into his first day at High School, requiring rescue meds. The first I knew about it was when he came home and it was written in his diary. Wasn't sure how to feel about that, because I was used to quite a few phone calls in primary school but decided to just go with the flow.

He continued to have his normal range of seizures the rest of the week and finished the week nicely with a 9 minute one on the Friday. He then scared the crap out of his granny by having a really awful one on Saturday morning while she was looking after him. Poor Granny Mac, when she was describing it to me, I couldn't even picture it cos it was so totally different to anything he has had before and he stopped breathing!

Sunday, when I dropped him off at respite, he had only had 3 that day so far and only had another one during the rest of the day so kinda thought that would be the worst over!

Not so, my boy had other ideas. He had 6 seizures through the night and then had another 16 and a half minute seizure at school around about 1pm. This time I got a call!

This was a shock cos he had hardly had any the day before so I was straight onto the Epilepsy Nurse to leave a message on her answering machine.

In May we reduced Jack's Keppra and so far there had been no major problems with the reduction but as it takes a while to come out of his system, this is probably it showing now. Hopefully the Epilepsy Nurse can tweak Jack's Vagus Nerve Stimulator to compensate for this new development.

My poor wee man is exhausted after a busy week at a new school and fitting more is seriously not helping! On the plus side, he isn't lulling the school in gently so therefore they are having to learn pretty fast and are quickly getting to know the Jack we all know and love.

Despite the seizures, Jack has been pretty bright in between times and has even been smiling and laughing at me. Cheeky monkey! Mind you, I would laugh at me too if I were him.

School for Holly continues to be full on and the homework and work load is already causing stress. God I am so glad I am not a teenager! Apart from in my head of course lol Thought I would say it before anyone else does :-p

Oh and to add to the fun, Father of the Year is home. After 5 days he made contact and wanted to see Holz and so we arranged that. No mention of seeing Jack or even asking after him. So what's new?

So there it is, it's life Jim.............just not as we know it!

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