Tuesday, 17 August 2010

First Day

Well it is finally here, the day I have been kinda dreading if I am honest. Today is Jack's first day at High School.

I have dreaded it but not for the reasons you were probably expecting. I know that Jack has such complex needs and requires total care, takes seizures every day and requires help with feeding and personal care. The school are used to children like Jack.

No I have been dreading it because, this is when the years start to rush by! Primary school years went by so very slowly and I was content with that but when Holly started the High School, the months just started to fly by and whoosh we were into second year!

Today she started 5th year. WTF??? How did I get here, was I snoozing or something and missed it?

She is such a young lady now and we have passed from the early teenage years where she walked like 'early man' and said "ugh" every time I spoke to her! Oh I so enjoyed that year......NOT! We have blasted through the Goth years where black was the new eh black but complete with chains and scary make up and the never ending sound of heavy rock blasting in both our ears, where there was more yelling than singing. I used to say that if I just recorded myself yelling at her to get moving every morning and put it to rock music, I would make a fortune!

Now she has progressed into grundge girl meets preppy. What the hell is that you ask? Well to be honest I don't really know but Holly definitely mixes it up and manages to look effortlessly cool. Gone are the chains and the make up is much more arty. Her taste in music has changed too. She still loves her rock music but now it is slightly more pleasant to the ears, has a good beat and the words are rocking. Ah now this is where she takes after her mum.

Despite these changes she has still emerged as the Holly we all know and love, just a bit older and taller, much taller. Not much wiser I have to add but that will come with age.

So with that in mind, I want to grab hold of Jack and not let go cos he is gonna start really changing and I am not sure I am ready. Stop the world, I wanna get off! Just for a moment, to take a breath.

Though being disabled he isn't going to be doing any 'early man' impressions but I am definitely sure that between his sister and I he will become a trendy style setter but I can't promise that there wont be any chains!!!

We've already been updating his wardrobe for going to the High School and gone are the younger kind of clothes cos he would SO not look cool according to Holly and we can't have that.

In the end, I can't stop the years from charging on but I promise that I will drink in every moment no matter how small and celebrate each new achievement in my usual loud and crazy way cos one of us has to stay the same don't you think?


  1. So what does everyone else think?

  2. Lynne - the years DO pass so quickly. Remember that song from Mamma Mia - Slipping through my fingers?? Well, sometimes i feel that way. You wonder what's happened and if you've been travelling in a parallel universe for a while!!!
    Jack will love school - Holly will enjoy picking his clothes (but i'm sure Jack will give her a look of disgust if she picks somthing naff to wear!!!!)
    Life thunders by - but we can sometimes get off the train/bus/whatever and just enjoy!

  3. Too true Julie, I love that Abba song! Thank you for commenting on my blog, am dead chuffed :-)

  4. speechless, Lynne, speechless. The High school years, flying by and being in the dark -lots of surprises that most people take for granted. Parental rights don't exist but the childs rights do!!!! You know what I mean. Keep laughing, smiling and gigglefesting. love and hugs xxxxx

  5. Hey babes, I do know what you mean...it totally sucks!!! Glad your liking the blogs, love n hugs to you too E XXX


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