Thursday, 26 August 2010


Jack has certainly been giving the school a "baptism of fire".

Monday started with a 16 minute seizure which required rescue meds and he was fairly out of it the rest of the afternoon and evening. That wasn't including the usual amount of seizures that he has!

Tuesday he had a 14 minute seizure, then a cluster of them 2 hours later, the 3rd one lasting just over 9 minutes.

The school called when he was in the middle of the last one and I just got into my car and drove there as it is only a 5 minute journey. He had come out of the seizure but he looked pretty zonked so I just phoned the hospital cos I have open access to the children's ward and told them that I was bringing him in.

I was also concerned as he was really quite hot and flushed and thought maybe there was some sort of infection brewing.

They admitted him straight away and they took his temperature which was a little high and all his other observations and then we gave him more Midazolam. He should have been totally out cold by now but he was still awake by 9pm until he had another seizure and that was him asleep.

My poor wee man was so damn exhausted and looked so fragile lying cuddled up on the bed that I could feel the tears welling up.

I got home and Holly was already there after being out with her dad. She said she had gotten home at about 8.15 and once again I was infuriated that he hadn't come up to see his son, not even for 2 mins to check that he was all right. He didn't have the excuse that he wasn't in the same country this time! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

When she told me that, I just burst into tears cos his attitude totally sucks. That little boy deserves a better father than that. Jack is such a precious little boy and if he carries on the way he is, he probably wont live a long long life and his dad should be spending as much time as is physically possible with him and of course Holly but he just doesn't get it!

I have tried telling him. Holly has tried telling him and he usually says he will try harder. Then he starts off with great intentions and then it just fades into nothing. In Allan's world, you have to spoon feed him in how to be a dad and I am fed up doing it and so is Holly!

Granny Mac came up to the hospital though, as soon as Allan had found out from Holly. You might think it strange that I don't inform Allan myself but after we split up for good, he told me that he no longer wanted to hear about Jack from me as he would get all the info he needs from his mum. I don't know about you but there is NO WAY I would want second hand information about my child from anyone, mum or not!

Next day, I dropped Holly off at school and spent the day with Jack. He was sleepy and listless and not much interested in anything. He had a chest x ray and then spent the next hour coughing up a lung! I was pretty shattered when Granny Mac came to take over at 3.15 and still no sign of Father of the Year! I then raced to pick Holly up from school, nipped to Asda and made tea.

My mate Emma then phoned to say that she had been up to the hospital and Allan was there, complete with new wife and was spouting forth a lot of rubbish, saying that I haven't allowed anyone to stay overnight with Jack in hospital for at least 2 years now. What a laugh that is, since Jack was last in hospital in March this year and my dad was staying overnight with him and my brother Stephen was even lined up to help until we were transferred to Aberdeen.

No one has stayed over night with him this time as, I can't be expected to be there all day, doing everything I normally do AND then do the night shift as well. He is in hospital so therefore is their responsibility surely? I hasten to add that if Allan was that bloody concerned then he should be bloody offering to stay with his son! You won't be surprised to find that the offer hasn't been forth coming.

Ooooh that man makes my blood boil. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing me thinks!

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