Sunday, 1 August 2010

Girly Day

Holly and I played "hookie" today and took off to Inverness. Granny McKenzie was babysitting Jack so we were free for the day.

We were going to go and see Toy Story 3 but before that, I dragged Holz around a couple of garden centres, looking for patio furniture. After weeks of surfing the net and trawling the shops I still can't decide what to buy! I find something I love and lo and behold it's way outta my price range or it's in my price range but it's too small. Who would have thought that it could be so damn hard to get something just right? The problem is that it needs to be low maintenance as having a disabled child doesn't give you time to maintain anything but the basics. It also needs to last a long time cos they bloody cost enough!

Anyway, after coming away empty handed, we switched to girly shopping which turned out to be so much easier. Holly got lots of nice little bits and then we stopped at the new Costa's cafe and had a berry crush drink and sat outside, people watching. Being July, I was dressed for a sunny day but the sky was telling me otherwise and drinking a cold drink wasn't helping to keep me warm at all! That was nothing compared to the "brain freeze" I was experiencing due to drinking the damn ice cold drink too fast. I was already shivering and my teeth chattering when it started to rain and we tried desperately to huddle under the umbrella above us but it just wasn't happening so I suffered major brain freeze and downed my drink and we took off into a shop for warmth!

That was a bad move as it turned out to be Pets at Home so I had to then endure constant nagging for a fish, rabbit, guinea pig, rat etc etc etc, the list goes on. Need I remind you that the child in question is not a toddler or a small child but a 16yr old!! And boy can she nag. We were in there for 45 minutes and she subjected me to a constant yabbering in my ear, even when I met my friend Heather it didn't stop. But I managed to get my animal loving child out of there empty handed with the threat of missing the movie if we didn't hurry up, so that shut her up!

Toy Story 3 was just hilarious. Buzz Lightyear in Spanish mode was a total blast and the highlight of the movie. Only thing that spoiled it was some one insisting that we were in the right seats but wrong row and made us move, when in fact it turned out that they were in the wrong row but I was too annoyed to argue as the movie had already started and Holly was getting stressed. So much for VIP seats.

Despite that little blip, I had a great day with my lovely girl and we returned home, tired but happy.

Jack seemed to be having an ok day too but then at around 7.20pm he had a big seizure, lasting 5 minutes and had stopped breathing for at least a minute of that! He gave me such a fright and I thought, here we go, it's gonna be a 999 job I think, but then, with a lot of chest rubbing from me and Holly he stared to cough and splutter. Since then I have had a headache and no amount of pills is putting it away! Jack on the other hand is sound asleep and has no ill affects apart from the fact he is exhausted.

It's just another day in the life of me, no two are ever the same!

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