Friday, 30 July 2010

No Patio = Mud!

Today, I realise how sad I am! The builders came today to rip up my old patio and prepare the ground for a new, all singing, all dancing lock block one. And I am so EXCITED!!!

Definitely sad, I hear you say. But you see, since my divorce, all the things I have had done to the house have been things that really needed to be done urgently, like replacing old dangerous radiators, pipes and wires that mice had previously chewed through and getting the walls of the house pointed and extending a box room by a couple of feet to make it into a single bedroom.

These I have scrimped and saved to do and until now I haven't even looked at the garden. Last summer though, Jack was able to move around less and less and getting him onto the grass was becoming more of a problem, so what to do?

Well, that's when I started looking at the patio which, I have to admit I took very little notice of before because for about 5 years a big trampoline has been plonked on top of it. So I got rid of the trampoline in time for this summer only to find that I couldn't just wheel Jack's wheelchair onto it as I could only access it from the grass rather than the path and once on it, the slabs were so uneven that the wheels of the wheelchair were getting stuck. There was also a rather unusual tree stump, sticking up through a slab which looked totally ridiculous and something I would find hilarious if it wasn't on my patio!

I have a big garden, so poor Jack not being able to go further than just outside the back door seemed so unfair so I got to thinking that this patio was such a waste of a space and I couldn't use it when I was with Jack, which meant it was useless!

I had been saving for something else so decided to ditch that idea and settle for a new patio instead.

So gleeful am I about this new patio that I have been trawling the net buying colourful pots, pretty hanging lanterns, candles and I have even invested in some solar fairy lights. Got to give Jack something eye catching to look at you know! lol That's my excuse and I am sticking to it. :-)

I now have quite a little stash of goodies and I am getting impatient to see them in their full glory, so I have to content myself with surfing the net for the patio's centre piece, which will be a very cool patio set, if only I could choose from all the lovely ones on offer!!

It's hard to picture a patio now that it has rained most of the evening. I am left with a huge mud pit which my two dogs have just had a mad race through before coming in to the living room and lying down on one of my white cushions which had fallen off the sofa. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Not so gleeful now. :-(

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