Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Quiz

Holly and her pals had a free period during the school day.  There were four of them and they decided to do a quiz about each other. So Holly and Liz wrote a list of questions about themselves and then they passed it around the group and they each had to write their answers. The other two in the group were Stevie and Connor.

Holly's eyes were dancing when she told me that one of the questions was:

My mum  -      Twat  or Legend

and they'd to tick the box they agreed with.  I am chuffed to find out that all three of her friends ticked that they thought I was a Legend.  High praise indeed from teenagers let me tell you and I was totally decked but what tickled me more was the next part of the question.

My dad  -       Twat  or Legend

and I laughed out loud when they actually made another box with "Square" above it and all 3 had ticked that.  I couldn't stop laughing cos to them it was more insulting for them to say he was square than an actual twat!

I am totally with them there cos personally I think I'd rather be a bit of a twat than a total square! I don't ever want to be a party pooper, life is way too short to not have fun.

Holly and I had such a giggle over this but then she told me that "mum, it gets better, read question 7"  So I did.

The question was the Top 5 favourite things about Holly.

Stevie wrote:     funny, awesome, babe, legend and YOUR MUM IS A BABE!
Connor wrote:   funny, random, awesome, good mate and WHAT STEVIE SAID ABOUT YOUR MUM!

They just made my DAY!  Woo hoo, little pleases little minds eh.

Thank you guys, you just made this mum feel on top of the world and hey, you're not so bad yourselves!


  1. From your picture, I'd have to say that Stevie and Connor are correct ;-)


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