Thursday, 25 November 2010

Harry Potter Rules!

I know everyone is Twilight mad these days and why not, after all, the books are brilliant and the movies are superb, not to mention there are some pretty hot vampires in them.  Nor am I forgetting the very buff Wolf pack...........mmmmmmmmmmm..............yum yum!

BUT for me, the Harry Potter books and movies win hands down.  Yeah he definitely is more geeky than hot, in fact his side kick Ron is more buff than him but it doesn't change the fact that I totally love him! And Hermione rocks, she's THE girl!
I was pretty much a fan of the Harry Potter books very early on and even tried reading them to Holly.  She was 8 when I first tried to read them to her. When telling her a story, I would get right into the characters and give him/her a funny voice. We were doing really well with the the first book until Hagrid went to fetch Harry from the island his uncle had taken him to. I read as far as him breaking down the door and then Holly became hysterical!  I obviously made him more scary than he was meant to be and she pulled the duvet over her head and refused to come out!

How could she not want to read the books???? My girl was mad on books but I can assure you that she has never read a Harry Potter book since I put her off and I can not persuade her in any shape or form even now 8 years later.

YET, she has watched the movies and absolutely loves them so it doesn't make sense to me.  Although the movies are full of detail the books are ten times more detailed so she has missed so much and they are so so funny.

So now that she has seen the second last movie, she is nipping my head to find out what happens and you should see her reaction when I tell her that it's been so long since I read it, that I can't remember!  This is a totally alien concept to Holly who has a photographic memory and remembers the tiniest detail in books and movies, much to my disgust!

So what can I say about the new movie?  I loved it cos it stays true to the book and it was all coming back to me as I was watching.  Voldermort is still as slimy and creepy as ever and there are still some laughs.  The biggest change was in Ron who has blossomed from a boy to a pretty hot guy in a geeky kind of way.  Holly was literally drooling and I have heard nothing else since!  All the old favourites are there, obviously not Dumbledore but everyone else and it had just the right amount of suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat.

So if you haven't seen it yet, then get your butt to the cinema pronto!

And lastly, who is your favourite character???  Mine is Dobby,  He is so cute, brave and kicks ass when he has to, what more can you ask of a friend? and my second favourite character is Hermione, she gets Harry as a best friend and Ron as her other half.........woo hoo, what more can a girl ask for?!


  1. I like is hott :-)

  2. Most definitely! I keep telling that to my daughter but apparently in High School smart = geek!


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