Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Double Figures!

Once again, I am mega excited (doesn't take much, I know!).

This time it's cos I now have 10 FOLLOWERS!  Double figures, who would have thought.

Thank you, thank you, thank you people for listening to my inane drivel.  I feel the need to mark this occasion somehow and since my last post was about the Gilmore Girls, I was thinking maybe a copy of Season 1 DVD would be a great place to start!

So if you would like to be the lucky winner of this great prize (snigger snigger, I know but hey it's the best I could do in these poor times!) then please post a comment below my post about the Gilmore Girls telling me what Gilmore characters you have in your life and I will pick one out at random.  Even if you don't know anything about them, put a comment and you will still be in with a chance,

And if you are in the UK, who knows a bottle of wine may be added to heighten your enjoyment of said prize.

I look forward to hearing from you :-)


  1. Erm......well I don't watch the Gilmore girls(too much time spent watching the soaps!) so sorry but cant comment, boohoo, love u loads anyway and does this give me a chance at the DVD? heehee xx

  2. And by the way, I'm still waiting for the original offer of seeing u dance like a mad thing or whatever it was, u promised as soon as some of us signed up to your blog!!!!!

  3. lol yeah Emma it does give you a chance and I already did the mad dance around the room........sorry you missed it! Tee hee hee

  4. Well obviously I am the very attractive and supersickengly thin Mom...My Mum was nothing like the Gilmore Gran but I have no shortage of wise and sage friends with an ascerbic wit who could fill the role nay problemo....for some reason, Julie springs to mind here!
    Unlike Ms. Gilmore....I have not one but 3 daughters..and I am fortunate to say we get on on the whole brilliantly...they are not my best friends or me theirs but what we have is better still!

  5. Who are they?... What are they?... who am I?.. What am I doing here?..Why am I naked in the supermarket? ;-)

  6. Don't watch GG, but Louise says i'm actually Lynnette from Desperate Housewifes!!!


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