Sunday, 14 November 2010

Gilmore Girls

I have just finished watching the last episode of the Gilmore Girls for about the 5th time and I have already started recording the series again.

Omg I bloody love that programme and so does Holly.  She reckons that I am Lorelai  and she is Rory and my friend Kathy is Sookie.  Even Emily Gilmore sometimes scarily reminds me of my own mum, although she was a much warmer and loving character than Emily, the resemblance is uncanny when Emily is raising her eyebrows and expressing her disapproval!  (Sorry mum, but it's the truth!  No doubt I've earned another clip round the ear when we meet again in the afterlife.  Notice I don't say Heaven cos then you would all start laughing hysterically!!!)

Anyway, by being like Lorelai, I mean in character rather than looks cos I would never presume to be as gorgeous as her but I do possess some of her witty banter, one liners, randomness and of course her ability to constantly be in touch with her inner child.  So much so that my lovely daughter often has to question "who is the adult here?" when we are in hysterics cos I have been behaving like such a child and of course my answer is always "YOU! ".

And like Lorelai, I have not been very lucky in love, though I have had my share of dates, good, bad and indifferent but still have yet to meet my Luke.  Swoon!  That guy is so freaking gorgeous and yet they never seem to get it together instead she lets that eejit, Rory's dad, constantly mess with her head and they even get married!

Well you just know that marrying my ex is not a event that I am inviting! Once was enough, thank you very much but he did used to mess with my head a bit but now the LOVE GOGGLES are well and truly off so no worries there my friends.  I can hear the collective sigh of relief already!!

Unlike Lorelai, I had a very close relationship with my mum.  She was a very forceful character and on the rare times you didn't agree with her or didn't take her advise, then oh boy you had to have a damn good reason!  She used to say that she would walk away from a conversation with me, after giving me sound advice and thinking that I would follow it, only to find I would do the complete opposite!!! She was always like "what the f**k????"

My daughter is very much like me in that way.  No matter what advice I give, I know that she will make her own mistakes and decisions along the way, safe in the knowledge that I will be there no matter what.  I can't of course guarantee that I won't be laughing hysterically or raising my eyebrows in disapproval or that we will agree on everything cos you just know already that we most definitely WON'T!

Holly, like Rory, is someone who is sensitive, thoughtful and funny and she is quite clever, though not as clever as Rory yet but who knows.  She always champions the underdog, stands up for what she believes in and is very creative.  But most of all she is very very funny and she totally gets me.  There are few people who can have me hanging onto them, legs crossed for fear of piddling myself, crying with laughter.............and she is one of them!  and it's usually at my expense I hasten to add!!!

The Sookie character in my life, is my mate Kathy who incidentally is a chef,and like Lorelai and Sookie, we met when she came to work in the hotel that I worked in as a receptionist.  I was just 18 and she was 7 months younger. Like Sookie, she had an innocence about her that was refreshing and then she met me, this crazy wild party animal and life as she knew it has never been the same!

Sookie is an unstinting friend to Lorelai and that's what Kathy is to me.  She held my hand through losing a baby, went green when she saw the needles during chemo, made me laugh when I could barely lift my head, jumped up and down like a mad thing when I got the all clear, cried when she held Holly for the first time, and again with Jack, cried with me when Jack was diagnosed as disabled, at the death of my nephew, at the breakdown of my marriage and the death of my mum.

We have so much fun together. She has frequent moments of paranoia and I am the one who laughs and puts it into perspective for her, I appreciate her very "warped and twisted" sense of humour cos it's so like my own and her rare thoughts of pure evil make me laugh so hard cos it is in total contrast to the kind, loving, sensitive person she is. I held both her children on the days they were born and was so proud of her, my friend who managed this amazing feat when she faints at the sight of plaster coming off a cut or a needle and most definitely doesn't DO PAIN!!!

Her children are like my adopted children.  Her son James is 2 months older than Jack and I love how his mind works and how funny he is.  Instead of feeling jealous of her for having a healthy son, I live Jack's "what could have been" life through him and I think they would have been great friends and partners in crime.  Instead James can often be found, holding Jack's hand while they are watching TV or stroking his head if he has had a seizure.  He likes to make sure he is comfortable and constantly asks if his head needs to be propped up again and then he just does it.  He is going to be a great man in the future.

Her daughter Erin, is quite the little diva but in a good way.  She loves to perform, has some great one liners and can have me in hysterics 2 seconds after coming into my house!  She is 10 but already in teenage mode, god help Kathy but a lovely girl who is also very loving and caring towards Jack.

They both get on great with Holly although they have their moments! She treats them like siblings so therefore there are the usual falling outs much to Kathy and I's amusement but thankfully nothing major.

Not forgetting Rory's friend Lane.  Holly has quite a few of these characters in her life, and like Lorelai, I find myself becoming like their second mum.  Some of them even call me that and I am mega chuffed that they feel this way.  I think it's because they recognise the teenager in me!

So that's it, it's finally true, my life is a soap opera!!! But I bet if you think about it, yours is too.

So come on, tell me my friends, which Gilmore characters have you got in your life or are you like Lorelai yourself?

Feel free to comment below..........I await your words of wisdom..........don't be shy now :-)

P.S.  I also have a lot of other wonderful women in my life, you all know who you are and without these brilliant sisters/friends I wouldn't still be smiling today.


  1. Lynne - i know nothing, nada zilch zippo zero about the Gimore, Girls.

    BUT - Louise says i am SOOOO like Lynnette from desperate housewifes!!!

  2. lol ,that's funny Julie, don't you just love kids! x

  3. I have some wonderful wisdom..

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