Monday, 19 July 2010

Night Out

Had a great night out on Saturday. Karen, Donna, Lynn and I went to Scribbles for a meal. Some of us shared the Peking Duck pizza, which is my idea of Heaven (well not quite, it smeared all over a hot guy would be better!) and copious amounts of the red nectar. Red wine for those not in the know.

From there we headed to a couple of pubs, ending up in one where we could get a boogie. This pub is unique cos it has it's very own dance pole! We had a great laugh but I couldn't persuade my mates to try out the pole, cowards! So yours truly decided that it had to be done and when I thought no one was looking I did a raunchy dance round the damn thing, sliding up and down it like I was one of the pussy cat dolls!!! NOT!! MY friends nearly pissed themselves laughing and I had to repeat the performance when one of them came back from the bar and wouldn't believe I had really done it. Believe me it wasn't any better second time round and to add insult to injury, this young guy......yes you heard me right, it was a guy.........proceeded to put me to shame while he twisted and turned and even bloody hung upside down on the bleeding thing! SHOW OFF!

The thing that made me laugh more is that the music was pretty dismal and Karen persuaded me to ask the DJ for Savage Garden, her favourite! O M G!!! Embarrassed much??? He looked about 12 and was expecting him to laugh but when he just stared at me, I thought, oh hell he doesn't even know who they are!!! After checking that he did, I slunk away with the promise that he would try.

Suffice to say, there was no Savage Garden but the music did improve and as we were strutting our stuff, this guy started dancing up close to me. I thought at first that he had bumped into me but when it happened a few times, I realised that he'd done it on purpose and that I was now supposed to dance with him. God how times have changed. Nowadays there's no asking to dance, you are just nudged and rubbed up against! It must this new age of shorthand, you know with text, email etc.

Anyway, I did dance with him, much to the hilarity of my friends but honestly I couldn't look at him after he started saying "oh go for it baby, give it to me". I truly thought I was going to burst out laughing but I managed to hold it in!!!! We left after that and sat on a bench outside the pub and people watched, one of my favourite pastimes.

What a fab night.

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