Sunday, 11 July 2010

Prom v Prize Giving

I had a dilemma the last week of school. Jack's Prom and Holly's Prize Giving were on the same night. Not a problem if your child wasn't disabled but a huge problem if he/she is! So what to do??? Holly said she didn't mind me not coming as Jack would only have one Primary 7 Prom. What a star she is but you see I did mind!

I had been at every Prize Giving she has been at in the last 4 years and as this was her best year yet I really didn't want to miss it. This is when being a single parent really really sucks!

So I set about getting a friend primed to text me when the 2nd year students had finished getting their prizes and that would give me time to leg it up to her school which was 5 mins walk from Jack's school.

The day dawned. My friend Kathy was coming through from Aberdeen to see Jack at his prom and Holly getting her prize so she helped me get Jack ready.

We showered him and got him into his kilt, with a little help from his granny who had arrived. Meanwhile I was texting my friend to double check she still had remembered to text me and rummaging in my handbag for the tickets for said prize giving!

After we arrived at Jack's school, photos were taken and then we proceeded into the school for the prom. My other friend, Emma also joined us as she was going to look after Jack while we went off to see Holly. Talk about a military operation!

We danced and danced with Jack in his wheelchair, each of us taking turns. We were joined by two auxiliaries and one of his special needs teachers. Just as well there was so many of us cos it was hard work and we pretty soon got tired.

Jack and Kathy led the Conga a couple of times around the school and just after that I got a text from my friend saying that it was time to head up to see Holly.

Kathy and I just had time to go to the loo and then we headed off up to Holly's school thinking that we had heaps of time only to walk in and find that she was already standing up waiting to go and get her prize! Her cousin was just in front of her and she was just being called. Bloody hell we made it by the skin of our teeth!

Holly saw us and gave us a nod and seconds later when her name was called, Kathy and I whooped, clapped and hollered like crazy things for my very clever girl! We continued to give all her friends this treatment much to Holly's delight! She thinks it is very cool!

Then once prize giving was over, we set off with Holly and two of her pals who gate crashed the Prom. They got away with it as it was their old school and their old teachers were chuffed to see them.

We partied til 10pm and Jack made it through the whole night without a single seizure but then had one lasting 5 mins as we were getting him into the car. Despite this he didn't sleep after as you would expect. What a boy, he is such a fighter.

After Kathy and I put Jack to bed, I couldn't help feeling very proud of my lovely children. And you know I felt kinda proud of myself's not easy being a single parent, nor is it my choice but I think I have done good with my kids.

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