Friday, 23 July 2010

Deaf Girl

Last night Holly lost the hearing in one ear and it was amusing trying to have a conversation with her. She kept saying I was mumbling and she was following me around trying to hear what I was saying. She had me in stiches at times.

This morning, it wasn't so funny when I was standing at the bottom of the stairs, yelling myself hoarse to get her outta bed! So after shouting for 5 minutes and getting no response I stomped up the stairs ready to lose the plot but when I opened the door and shouted again, this little head popped up and finally said "I can't hear out of the other ear now either!"

Most people would have called NHS 24 or rushed her to Accident and Emergency but there really was no need as we are unfortunately no strangers to this ailment. Last year it happened so many times she ended up having to get her ears syringed and since then we have had very little problems but I think that it is starting again.

Down the stairs she stomped. looking utterly miserable and after she doctored herself with all relevant medicine she came and sat down on the sofa. I happened to glance over at her and burst out laughing as she had two huge pieces of toilet paper sticking out both ears. This is obviously to keep the oil in her ears which she had heated to try and soften the build up of wax!

Every time I spoke to her, I had to frantically wave to try and attract her attention and then she would speak really loudly at me as if it were me who had the problem!!!
Eventually she went out into the garden to poop scoop and asked me to warn her if I was coming out too so she didn't get a fright! I laughing said "are you nuts, there is no way I would scare you when you had a shovel of poop in your hand, I'd end up wearing it!"

She was only out a minute or two when I decided to hang out the washing so I had to jump up and down, making lots of noise so she would see me. When she finally saw me, you should have seen the look she gave me, as if I was a total loony! This coming from the girl with the toilet paper sticking out both ears!!!

Back in the house, I had to endure the TV on very very loud and she even had the subtitles on! Having a conversation was a nightmare so I thought I would have a little fun with her. I asked her something and she didn't understand so when I repeated it, I just whispered it instead and she had to get up and come right up to me and yell in my ear! Tee hee hee This went on for quite a while before she caught on at which point I was in hysterics! Admit it, you would have done the same in my shoes. Kids are SO entertaining!

Later, she was sitting on the sofa and we saw someone walk past the window, obviously going round the back and then the dogs started barking in the garden. I said "go and see who that is will ya" and she was like "oh great, just send the deaf girl who can't hear anyone jump out on her out to see who the dogs are barking at!" More hilarity followed but it turned out to be a parcel delivery and not an axe murderer, as paranoid Holly would have you believe.

My friend Suzi arrived and she found Holly highly entertaining too and when I asked Holly to make us a hot drink, we had to do it in sign language cos she just couldn't hear us. As hilarious I it all was, I was feeling pretty sorry for her cos she really was quite miserable and she even had to cancel her guitar lesson cos she wouldn't have heard the notes!!! That was the only plus of the day!

Now she is upstairs tidying her bedroom and moving things around. She is hanging up pictures, mobiles and posters etc but you would think that she is trying to knock through to next door with all the racket she is making. She is hammering and banging away as if she was deaf! Oops but of course, for the moment she is!

This is obviously my karma for having great fun at her expense! I'll live :-)

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