Friday, 16 July 2010

Holly's comment!

Holly's dad phoned from Angola this week. His usual once a month phone call. It was tea time and we were having our dinner and watching tv. After she finished her call, I asked what was up cos she seemed really mad. She said that her dad had asked what was the next show she would be doing and would she go for a part. Obviously Holly said yes, she would try but it would depend on the show. Then he said that this time....major faux pas coming up!!!.........maybe she would get the lead part as she so deserved to get it this time!!!

Holly had steam coming out of her ears cos she had played the part of Nancy in Oliver and it WAS the LEAD female part! She was like OMG did he go to the same show as everyone else or what??? I couldn't help but laugh cos her dad really doesn't listen, or take much in unless it directly involves him. When I was married to him, I had to relay information to him on a permanent stream, repeating myself til I was about nuts myself! EG. If Jack had an appointment at the hospital, he would constantly enquire "what time is the appointment?". After telling him for maybe the 15th time I would get mad and we would fall out. Basically it was like living with a kid and poor Holly is now having to put up with his unwillingness to listen properly!

Later on she came out with a cracking comment. She said "mum, why didn't you just have sex with a random guy to make me and then that way I wouldn't have the dad I have got and I would have a different one! I was in the process of taking a sip of tea and nearly spat it everywhere when she came out with that gem! My answer? I told her that I was sorry but when I was with her dad I well n truly had the LOVE GOGGLES so therefore couldn't see how things were gonna turn out! But....I reassured her that the goggles were well n truly off and EEEKKK! What was I thinking!

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