Sunday, 11 July 2010

1st Wives Club

The ex and his parents flew off to Azerbijan and this time they made it without an ash cloud in sight! So you would think that as of Friday the 25th June I would finally be a fully paid up member of the First Wives Club.

For a whole weekend I thought I was until Holly got a lift to school with Granny on the Monday morning. She had no sooner gone out the door it seemed when she called me on her boyfriend's mobile to say that NO her dad did not get married after all. The reason you ask? Well it would seem that the bride to be's granny dropped down dead on the day of the wedding and as they are Muslim, she had to be buried before sunset!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!! Laugh??? I nearly fell off my chair, I laughed so much! Not because of the old lady dying but because this was two acts of god preventing him from getting married! Anyone with half a brain would be questioning whether getting married was a good idea or not! I mean, HELLO???? As I began to spread the news among my friends I really thought some of them were gonna stop breathing they laughed so hard, so to be fair it wasn't just me with the very warped sense of humour!!!

When Holly got home at night she was still laughing about it and apparently it had caused great hilarity among her pals.

My lovely daughter has her mother's warped and very wicked sense of humour. May it always be with her! Tee hee hee

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