Sunday, 20 June 2010

Party on down.

Went to a party last night at the Riding School that Holly goes to. It was a cold night so was really glad they had the fire pit going and was able to get a wee heat at the fire.

A lot of people were camping so there were tents and caravans everywhere. The riding school is based on a working farm so they have quite a bit of land and lots sheds etc. It was in one of these sheds that the musicians had set up so there was some great entertainment. Holly got up to sing some of her songs from when she was Nancy in Oliver and she dragged me up to sing along with her. She sang without music and I was a very proud mum I can tell you. She has such a powerful voice, it's amazing.

The atmosphere was magic and everyone was having an absolute ball. We were dancing and singing along with the band and by the end of the night my voice was hoarse from singing! I was even chatted up by a guy who was a teacher at Holly's school, much to her disgust!

By 12.30am, Holly and I were flagging so we tracked down friends we were supposed to be sharing a taxi with and they had managed to find someone to give us a lift home, which we were very grateful for. All in all it was a brilliant night and we had a great time.

Back home, my dad and I had a chat before he headed off on his bike. At 74, he is one fit guy and cycles everywhere. Then I hooked up Jack's feed and headed to bed where I just couldn't seem to get warm so had to put on more layers to get heated up. I finally fell asleep about 3am, tired but happy,

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