Sunday, 31 July 2011

Busy busy busy!

It's been another very busy week.

On Wednesday, the kids and I went through to Aberdeen, picked up Kathy then we headed into town to pick up my friend Phyllis, who is in her seventies.

The journey had taken two hours and I didn't feel like driving much further but Phyllis didn't want to go to the lovely garden centre just up the road from hers so I ended up driving out of town again to the Holiday Inn in a place called Westhills.  Phyllis struggled to climb up into the car this time, which was a bit worrying and I'd to squeeze her wheelchair in behind Jack's.

Once at the Holiday Inn, the Italian restaurant that Phyllis had set her heart on was closed and they were only serving bar meals which she turned her nose up at as "she wanted a proper meal" don't you know! I explained that it was proper meals and not just sandwiches and she relented.  After our lunch, which was lovely by the way, she wanted us to take her to the supermarket, which we did but she refused to use her wheelchair and wanted to use a trolley instead.

By this point Holly and I had taken her wheelchair out and in the car about 4 times and I was beginning to wish we hadn't brought it but sods law, if we hadn't she would have needed it! I hadn't slept very well the night before so I was feeling pretty tired and all this activity was wearing me out.  Eventually Phyllis had filled her trolley with what she needed and had to take a seat as she was looking very tired and pale so Kathy and I put her shopping through the self serve tills for her. When we got back to where she was sitting, she decided that we should have a cake with our coffee when we got back to hers. We explained for about the 10th time that day, that we couldn't get Jack into her house because there were 3 steps up to her door and we wouldn't be able to lift him! Eventually she got her way by saying we could sit in the garden and I agreed to that, anything for peace. Kathy and I offered to go and get the said cake but Phyllis insisted on going herself as she wanted to choose it.

Back at her house, she was all for leaving Jack in the car while we sat outside where he could see us but I squashed that idea, as it was so hot and stuffy in the car, the poor boy would have melted without the air conditioning on. So I struggled up her uneven path and onto the grass with him in his chair. He really wasn't having a good day so I was keeping a watchful eye on him. He was very listless and lethargic, had been sick a couple of times and was just generally not himself.

After a quick coffee and cake I got Jack back into the car for the 8th time that day and we headed off. By this time, exhaustion was setting in and I didn't even have the energy to stop for a cuppa when I dropped Kathy back at her house.

Back home, my dad arrived to help me take the furniture out of the room next to the bathroom. It was big heavy stuff so it took us a while. In the meantime, Holly was watching Jack and putting away the delivery of food that had just arrived. She really is such a star!

I finally fell into bed around midnight, having finally finished emptying the bathroom and the other room.

I was up early the next morning expecting plumbers around 8am but they didn't arrive til after 9am. Within an hour my bathroom was just a shell of it's former glory. But they have been very busy as I now have pipes and a shower tray and now we just have to wait for the flooring and wall panels to go in next week and then everything fitted on top.  These guys have been great. They've made very little mess and have gone out of their way to be helpful.

Can't wait til it's finished as poor Jack is unable to get a shower til then! I did attempt to wash his hair this morning, with Holly's help by having his head hanging out over the bed. It was hard work but we managed and I could tell by the look on his face that he was feeling better for it.

this is the room next door which is being turned into the laundry room

pipe for the washing machine....yipee!

I also got a demonstration of Jack's new bed on Thursday afternoon. It is more clinical than I am used to but I am sure I will get used to it. I did insist that the padding was changed from cream to a more child friendly blue as it truly looked horrible.

So things are a changing my friends, all for the good at the moment. Jack's seizures are still quite stable so I am hoping for a easy, chilled week next week.


  1. You're an amazing and inspiring woman Lyndy!! Seriously, you just don't quit until you're done. I don't think I've ever had that kind of energy even as a kid. However, if I were in your situation I'd probably find an energy I didn't know I had because that's the way us women are!!! Here's to a good week and some good rest for you!!!! Hugs!

  2. You were very kind and patient with your elderly friend. My mom is 84 and has to have things a certain way also. She is picky about where we eat etc. I think all that is just aging and I've told my girls if I get like that to put me in a home!

  3. Lynne my friend, you and Holly are simply amazing. You have so many struggles that come your way but you handle them like it a normal day. I really felt for you,Holly & Jack when you were dealing with the older lady that had you loading and unloading the car way too many times. I do hope you all are rested by now and have a wonderful week to come.

  4. Hi Lyndy. I agree with Odie, Phyllis was being a little bit naughty on this particular outing, having you running around like that! You really are a good person, and you already know that I admire you tremendously, but, as BouncinBarb says, it what women do. We just have to get on with it. I certainly hope you have a restful week my friend. Hugs.

  5. All that lifting must have been exhausting, and I hope Jack was okay after it all! Great news that the bathroom is finally getting put in, you won't know yourself once you're using it - and I have a medical bed too - it goes up and down and stuff like that and is really very handy and now I have it piled high with teddies for Smiley it doesn't look so bad at all xx

  6. I am astounded at how much you accomplish- my hat's off to you, my friend. Your remodeling will all be worth, it too. Get some rest!

  7. You are one awesome woman caring for Jack and taking Phyllis out, I remember when me and mum would go and take my great aunt out shopping it was at times very frustrating for us as she couldn't walk far or fast and had to have breaks but she had to go it wasn't till she was in her 80's that she decided she would rather stay home and just let me and mum go and do the shopping for her......

  8. I got tired just reading that Lyndy - wow! You are amazing. I don't know where you find the strength for days like this but I admire you so much. The bathroom is coming along nicely. I bet you are very excited. I know how much it will help you, Jack and Holly.

    Hope you have a great week and get to relax a bit.


  9. Ohh, it's so exciting to have new things going on in the house. It helps to have a nice and clean crew too. If you can manage to work around the mess the payoff will be sooooo great!

    I hope you got some sleep.

  10. You're a machine! How do you do it?

    I totally thought your blog was called ‘the jiggle fest’. Would have been so much better.

  11. Bouncin' Barb - yes you do find the energy somehow from somewhere until you can't find it any more and that's when you have to rest.
    Belle - I thought it had to be an age thing but it was a bit hard going at times.
    Odie - I think Holly was getting a bit upset on my behalf cos she could see how tired I was that day but I just told her to keep smiling as it was just for the afternoon. Plus my poor friend Kathy was having to be the walking support for Phyllis too and she has the finger marks to prove it!
    Thisisme - Yes I think she truly doesn't realise how much work goes into my day on a normal basis! And Kathy was also running around after her too.
    Looking for Blue Sky - It was exhausting. I can't wait for the bathroom to be finished and yes I plan to cover the bed with cuddly toys :)
    Shelly - Thank you. Yes I hope it will be worth it.
    Jo-Anne Rambling - I know what you mean by frustrating! Kathy, Holly and I were shattered and we'd only been with her an afternoon
    SkippyMom - lol I know, I do like to pack it in sometimes
    Lizbeth - it's only a week out of my life so not too bad eh
    Drake Sigar - What, who me??? LOL

  12. Eeek, what a week!

    I have a fabby wash-your-hair-in-bed thingummy, it is one of these, the EZ Shampoo - it's the only one I've ever tried that actually worked and honestly, it's great. If you can find ~£25-30 for it I reckon it'd be a good buy.

    It's a shame you're not nearer or I could offer the use of my shower stretcher and hoist...


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