Monday, 4 July 2011

A birthday bash in the garden

It's been a crazy three days!

Friday was spent cleaning my house in case it rained and everyone would have to be inside. I then took Holly and her friend Diz out for tea, while the carer was in looking after Jack.

After I dropped them off at Diz's house, said my goodbyes to Holly as she is off with them for a week, I rushed home and finished the last of my tidying. I had barely finished when my friend Kathy arrived with James and Erin, then hard on the heels of them, Jacqui and Angela.

That's when I collapsed in the swirly chair and enjoyed the cup of tea that Kathy made for me. Then we had a few glasses of wine before going to bed.

We were up bright and early the next morning. I didn't have to worry about Jack cos Granny Mac was looking after him. We nipped out to get a few things, leaving Kathy in charge. We had only been away bout 5 mins when she called. The bouncy castle had arrived 2 hours early and didn't fit! Luckily they had a slightly smaller one so they put that one up instead. They couldn't get a hold of Liam who had ordered it and as they wanted the money up front, so we had to go back with the money. Then back out to get a gas bottle for the new barbie we had bought, some food and drink, then home again. We spent the rest of the morning, putting out chairs, putting up banners and balloons and getting organised.

Jacqui helping with the banners

Kathy getting ready to decorate

We had to get my nieces fiancĂ© over to help put the new barbie together cos there was a lot of screws and bits!

ooh err...a diet coke moment for sure!
James helping

Then Liam arrived with all the food etc and he also pitched in to build the barbie that took over an hour to put together.

I finally sat down after running about like a mad thing when I suddenly realised we'd not gotten her a cake so off Jacqui and I went to get one. No sooner had we arrived back than it was discovered we'd the wrong kind of gas bottle for the barbie so Jacqui and Liam rushed off to change it! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Then around 2.30pm, they went to fetch the birthday girl who was shaking like a leaf, all worried that no one would turn up and that they wouldn't enjoy themselves! I hugged her and pushed a glass of wine into her hand and sent her off to sit down.

After a few sips of the wine, she relaxed. People started appearing after that, bringing gifts, chatting to each other, enjoying the beautiful scorching day and partaking of a bounce on the bouncy castle. My friend Suzi brought her face paints and stencils so nearly everyone got a tattoo. It was so much fun and the bouncy castle was a total riot!

Kay wouldn't wear the huge birthday badge her kids bought for her so, when she wasn't looking, I just held the badge out in front of me and took a pic of her at the same time! Aye, there are ways and means of getting your own way!!!

tee hee you think the badge is big enough???
my wee sis

my eldest sis Julia and her daughter Rosie
the birthday girl having a bounce
Jack chilled out

the biggest child of dad!

he finally coaxed Angela on
showing off my temporary tattoos

even Jack didn't escape
The party was a huge success and the sun shone on us the whole day. We danced, we sang, we drank, we bounced, we laughed, we hugged and there were a few tears too, thinking of those who are no longer with us. To add to that, every one of us had an assortment of bruises and aches and pains from bumping into each other on the bouncy castle.  I actually had Chris (the hunky, bare chested one in the photo) land on my back and I thought I was gonna die! I did say to him after that if we hadn't landed back to back and the other way instead, I might not have complained so much!!! Tee hee hee.

Around about 11.45pm the party was winding down and people were starting to leave. After sending my dad on his way at 12.45pm, I locked up, put the dogs to bed, got into my pj's and came back downstairs and ordered everyone to bed! And they went!

Next morning I was up at 7.30am as Jack had a seizure. I couldn't get back to sleep so I just sat with a cuppa enjoying the peace and quiet.

It was still gorgeous outside so I sat on the patio, drinking in the sun, exhausted but happy. What a bloody week!


  1. Every single post you write amazes me at how giving and thoughtful you are of everyone else. I'm jealous of your friend (just kidding) I turned 50 and we didn't have a dime to our name and no one here to share it. She is a lucky lady and so are you to be surrounded by so many wonderful and fun friends. Love the tattoos sexy lady!!! Love the top you are wearing too!

  2. Looks like a great party and am lovin' your dad :D

  3. Wish I knew someone who could do fake tattoos yours look great. Sounds like a full and wonderful day always seems to be a lot of running around before a party and in my case a bit of worry that people will not turn up which I get from my dad he is like that.......

    I think bouncy castles are a great lot of fun and I know I love them but here generally adults are not allowed on them........:(

  4. What a fantastic day! Loved the photos and you look so pretty with all your tattoos.

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all. Now rest you deserve it.

    Pamela Jo

  6. What a fantastic partay you throw! Making sure everyone is having a grand you do spread sunshine in everyone's life!

    I agree, please get some well deserved rest!


  7. Bouncin' Barb - the tattoos were great fun and the top was very summery. I think you will have to have another birthday celebration another time :)
    Looking for Blue Sky - I know, not bad for a 75 year old!
    Jo-Anne Rambling - that was just like my sister, no confidence that anyone would show up and that they wouldn't enjoy themselves. The bouncy castle was a private hire so they had no control over who was on it :)
    Belle - it was so much fun and the tattoos were an added extra :)
    There's just life - I will, I promise :)
    Sush - yes I will as exhaustion has set in now!

  8. Your temporary tattoos....what tattoos? Is that them above your two tatts? :-)

  9. I spied a very nice six pack in amongst those photos! Ahem!! Gosh, you must have been tired, but what a super time was had by all, and how wonderful that the sun shone with blue skies. A very special party for the 50th birthday girl!! You look very gorgeous with your tattoos!

  10. What a fantastic party! I never would have thought to just get a bouncy house for the fun of it! But it sure is a grand idea! Love your tats too :) You look incredibly happy!

    Another good idea for future use is to have a freestyle face painter/tattoo person to do everyone up. Some friends did that and it sure was fun.


  11. I agree with Thisisme that you were looking awesome with the tattoos and even had Jack sporting his. I got tired trying to keep up with the pace you were keeping during all this action. I simply don't know where you get all your energy from girl. Take care of yourself and say hi to Holly & Jack for me.

  12. I was wondering what kind of Barbie they sell in the UK, since I've never seen a doll that requires gas...oh... THAT kind of barbie! :)

    Looks like a great time!

  13. What a wonderous day! It looks like such a great time and brings great smiles over here for us.

    Thank you for sharing Lyndy.

    [Love your shirt! WANT!]

  14. Don - LOL aww you're so naughty!
    Thisisme - oh yes, a very very nice six pack!
    Kellie - the bouncy castle was so much fun
    Odie - Jack was very patient while we put on his tattoos :)
    Jessica G - lol it was a very good barbie too
    SkippyMom - we had such a ball and the shirt I've had for years :)


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