Monday, 11 July 2011

On the road again

Yesterday, Sunday, the house was very quiet.

Jack was still sleeping most of the morning and I had no dogs. I took them through to Aberdeen on Saturday to stay with my friend Kathy for their holidays as we are off back to Rachel House today. This time for a week. The dogs have settled in well and didn't so much as give me a backward glance when I left. Traitors! So they aren't missing me one bit as they are getting a major amount of spoiling there.

Holly got back at tea time after being away for a week. Her boyfriend, David, surprised her by hiding in the kitchen when she came into the house. She wasn't expecting to see him so when she caught sight of him, she threw herself into his arms! Aaah young love.

I am really looking forward to going to Rachel House and I am planning a few days out too with Holz while they look after Jack. It's my birthday this week too so I am excited about being pampered for a change. It will be a huge improvement on last year when I was too exhausted to care that I was a year older but I did manage a rare night out a few days after. A girl has to get her kicks somehow!


While I am away, I am extending my Blogaversary Giveaway, so if you haven't already put your name down to be drawn out of the hat, then go here.

I am taking my computer with me so that I can keep you posted on all my escapades while away.

Have fun my little gigglers.


  1. Have a wondeful, wonderful week and Happy Birthday :) Really glad you're getting to go back to the wonderful-sounding Rachel House and hopefully you'll get a chance to celebrate properly this year xx

  2. Have a great time Lynne - enjoy the rest and know that the staff will not only spoil Jack but you and Holly as well.

  3. Well hurray for you! Have a WONDERFUL and truly deserved holiday and Happiest of Birthdays! I hope you get plenty of rest and relaxation!

  4. Have a brilliant break nd an awesome birthday. Make sure you really do pamper yourself.

  5. Have fun! Be safe! Go crazy!!! : ) Take care and I have family Scotland stuff to tell you when you get back! : )

  6. Have a fantastic, restful holiday!

  7. Have a great time away. You deserve it more than anyone I know. My wish is that your birthday is as special as you are and that you enjoy every second of it. Great post. Glad your girl is back too. I bet you missed her.

  8. Hi LyndyLou! I agree with all the others - have a super break and hope you have a great birthday. Take care.

  9. Yes, you have a wonderful week and Happy Birthday early. IF I was there I would make sure you got something real nice. Take care and say hi to your kiddos for me.

  10. oooo sounds like fun! Have a great holiday :)

  11. Have a wonderful holiday and birthday xx

  12. Have a great time and happy birthday!!!!

  13. Looking for Blue Sky - I will I am sure and I will definitely be celebrating this time.
    Julie - looking forward to it
    Sush - thank you
    Mynx - I will definitely try :)
    Elle - oh cool, look forward to that
    Belle - thanks
    Bouncin' Barb - I really did miss her, not sure she missed me as much though lol
    Thisisme - thanks
    Odie - thanks, hi to you and Linda too :)
    Myjoyproject - thanks
    Janie - I will
    Lizbeth - thank you


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