Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Stressed, what, who me?

Greetings from Rachel House.

I had an eventful time getting here. I drove the hour and a half to Aberdeen to pop in to see my friend Kathy who was providing us with lunch and also to give Holly a chance to see the dogs since she hadn't seen them all week.

Jack had quite a few seizures that morning so I was a bit stressed when I arrived at Kathy's. I was busy telling her that I'd forgotten Jack's bibs and feeling bad as his secretions are really bad at the moment when she said "the important thing is that you remembered Jack and you remembered his medication". That's when I looked at her in complete horror as I realised that I hadn't put them in the car!!! She thought I was joking at first but then when I was still looking horrified, the penny dropped that this was a complete disaster!


Not one to hang around, I grabbed her house phone, phoned my Dad, explained the situation and asked him to go to my house, pick up the meds and the bibs and meet me in Huntly which is kinda half way between Aberdeen and Elgin.

Luckily for me he was in and wasn't away gadding out and about or I would have had a 3 hour round trip as opposed to an hour. So off I went, met him, checked the meds were all there, thanked him profusely and headed off again. Thank god for my Dad.

I had enough time to grab a cup of tea and a sandwich from Kathy before continuing on our journey.

We got to Rachel House around 4.15 and we quickly got Jack settled in. He had more seizures and was feeling pretty lousy. The rest of the evening was spent answering questions again because the last time we were in, none of my answers were recorded in the care plan and they didn't have any of Jack's routine written in.  They weren't sure if it had gotten lost or just not filled in by the the people looking after him the last time and Jack's name plate that we spent hours making him has gone missing too, so we are a bit gutted by that as we'd spent so much time on it! They couldn't apologise enough!

I was still answering questions most of Tuesday and I had called the epilepsy nurse at Edinburgh Sick Kids as previously arranged re Jack's seizures so she came out for a visit. Straight away she upped both meds this time, reviewed his epilepsy protocol which still wasn't right and we discussed other drugs and other forms of rescue meds which I truly truly hope we don't have to use as it has to be given rectally and it is very very undignified, distressing and basically just awful. Fingers crossed people that the meds start to work to get us over this bad patch.


By 7pm I felt like escaping so I grabbed Holly and suggested we go to the cinema. She didn't need to be asked twice so we let them know where we were going and bolted out the door!

We went to see Bridesmaids and OMG it is so so funny and rude and I laughed til I cried. The best kind of therapy.  While we were there, we booked tickets for the showing of the new Harry Potter film Deathly Hallows Part 2 at a minute past midnight on the 15th July which meant we got free tickets for the showing of part 1 which was on just before hand. Woo hoo bargain or what. I am so excited. This is my birthday treat to myself as I will be 45 tomorrow (Thursday).

In my head I am still 21 and often I act even younger than that according to Holly so I am definitely not mature yet. Being grown up is soooooooo over-rated!


  1. Glad you had a great time at the movies. I hope this place has now recorded all Jack's information. That really sucked and took away from your time for you and Holly. Depending on others is such a strain isn't it? Hugs to you my special friend!!

  2. I think they should have done that here if you pre booked your tickets then you should have been able to go and see part 1 for free but NO don't be silly they didn't even show part 1 first which I thought was stupid.....
    ok I did not go and see the movie but my youngest daughter Jessica did and she loved it........

    Hope they can get Jack's meds sorted out for you.......

  3. Sorry to hear that Jack has had such a rough time of it lately. Hopefully the increased meds will do the trick.

    I only forgot my daughters meds ONCE and that was enough - never again did/have I forgotten them. Was pure hell!

    Glad you and Holly were able to get out and relax a bit. I saw the previews for Bridesmaids and thought it looked like a good one.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have just the best day my friend :)

  4. Thank goodness for Dad! You deserve all the breaks you can get sweet Momma! I too hope Jack's meds do the trick and everyone gets a good relaxing treat for your birthday retreat.

    Age is a number, I say this in all honesty after just turning 60. My kids say I'm not a day over 30 so I'll run with it!

    Hugs and Birthday Love~

  5. It is surely good that you went to a funny movie after such a stressful day. My daughter saw that movie and thought it was hilarious. I hope Jack will feel better with the new meds. Enjoy Harry Potter!

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  7. As I read this it is around 4:00am (Thursday) USA Central time zone here in Alabama, so I can wish you the very happiest of birthdays with many more to follow, YOUNG lady. :-)

  8. As you say, thank goodness for your dear dad!! I bet you just couldn't believe that you had left them behind!!! I hope they can get the medication organized for gorgeous Jack so that, hopefully, he will settle down a bit again. ThaT wasn't very good, losing that name plaque like that. I know they've got so much deal with , but things like this (and the medical notes) are really SO very important for the patient and their parent(s). Hopefully this was just a little blip. My daughter went to see Bridesmaids with some girlfriends last week, and she said it was hilarious, and, yes, quite rude! Her 13 year old daughter (my granddaughter) was a bit upset that she couldn't see it!). I will be going to see Harry Potter with her though, so that's good. Take care my friend. Hugs. Oh! Wishing you a very happy birthday for tomorrow.

  9. Just realized that it's today now, so your birthday is here! Hope you have a lovely day x

  10. I'm so glad your dad was there!! And too that they are getting the meds straightened out. Thats such a delicate balance to get right.

    Happy Birthday!! Sometimes laughing till you cry is the best therapy--ever!!!

  11. My wife Linda would totally agree with you about growing up as she has not made that move yet. She can be so funny sometimes. Glad you and Holly had that time of refreshing at the movie after the awful start to your journey. Take care of yourself, OK?

  12. I wish that they could settle Jack's meds so that the seizures were less frequent or better NON existent. I truly can't imagine Lyndy - but you are to be commended for handling so well. Very admirable. I truly don't know if I could do what you do.

    I am glad you got a bit of fun at the movies. I understand Bridesmaids is super funny, so nice to know the reviews here are true. Might have to pop around and see it next week.

    Have a lovely weekend. See ya' soon dear lady.

  13. Sorry I'm getting to read this so late and a very Happy Birthday for yesterday. I cried laughing at Bridesmaids as well and am just back from Harry Potter which was amazing. Hope you had a great week and that Jack is improving xx

  14. Glad you had a good birthday. Hope the meds get sorted out SOON. Lou took one of her kids (the ones she looks after!!) to see Bridesmaids - she nsaid it was brill!!

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  17. Bouncin' Barb - it was a strain especially when I struggle to depend on people as it is!
    Jo-Anne - it was such a cool idea, glad your daughter liked part 2 though.
    Kellie - I know what you mean, I had such a total sinking feeling in my stomach, I felt sick! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)
    Sush - thanks for the birthday wishes and you are so right about age just being a number!
    Belle - Harry Potter was ace!
    Anon - your welcome
    Don -Thank you, I had a lovely day
    Thisisme - I know, was gutted that we'd to go through it all again. Enjoy Harry Potter too and I had a lovely birthday thanks.
    Lizbeth - I definitely believe laughter is the best therapy!
    Odie - aaah Odie, Linda is a girl after my own heart :)
    Skippymom - Non existent would be my idea of heaven....a life without seizures....what a party!
    Looking for Blue Sky - nothing beats a good laugh but I have to admit, I did cry at Harry Potter!
    Julie - you need to see that film, it's hysterical!
    Anonymous - thanks
    Anonymous - thanks

  18. This is my first time visiting your blog. What a time you had, but at least things got worked out. Bridesmaids was so funny- we laughed and laughed. And you are right- laughter is the best medicine!

  19. Hi there....just came across your blog via Blue Sky! My, sounds like you've a lot on your plate... sure no wonder you forgot something. I hear that Bridesmaids is hilarious and I hope to go see it soon!

    xx Jazzy

  20. Glad you got to plan an awesome night for your birthday! You deserve it!

  21. Are you okay my friend? We were gone for a week and I came by your blog to see you haven't posted since before we left - so I hope you, Jack and Holly are all well and you just decided to take a little break.

    Love ya girlie. See you soon.

  22. Shelly - welcome to my little part of the world :)
    Jazzygal - you will love Bridesmaids! A total scream.
    Jessica G - thanks
    SkippyMom - yes, I'm fine. I have just been a bit exhausted, long days, lots to do, will be back to normal in the next day or two. I have been lurking and commenting on people's blogs though lol :)


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