Saturday, 21 May 2011

Last Sunday

Had a great day on Sunday. Arrived in Aberdeen just after noon. Kathy had lunch ready and waiting as she'd told Phyllis that she wouldn't see us until about 2pm. This meant that I could relax a while after my drive before heading out again. Kathy also hadn't told Phyllis that I was coming, mostly because often I have to cancel at the last minute and also because she wanted it to be a surprise.

We dropped Kathy's kids, James and Erin, off with Kathy's mum and dad and off we set.

Kathy knocked on the door, while I hid under her kitchen window. Once Phyllis and Kathy greeted each other, I stepped out from my hiding place and peeped round at her, grinning.  She burst out laughing and gave us both a hug. She was totally delighted to see us especially when we told her that if she wanted to go somewhere then we would gladly take her. No sooner were the words out of our mouths than she had me fetching her wheelchair and we were off.

She wanted to go to this new shopping centre called Union Square. We weren't sure about the parking but we managed to find it after a fashion. It wasn't until she was getting into the wheelchair that she noticed she still had her slippers on!  So excited was she at the prospect of an afternoon out that she'd completely forgotten to change them.  Kathy and I had a good laugh at her expense and Kathy said "it's ok, we'll just tell people that you've got a touch of dementia!" to which I replied "nah nah, we'll just point at Kathy, say she's your carer and she dressed you".  Tee hee hee.

I was so busy laughing that I didn't notice at first that I was getting electric shocks off the wheelchair. Ouch!  It got so bad that you could hear it sparking so Kathy took over. My hand was, as us Scots say, derlin! We had a quick look around before we stopped for coffee, cake and a spot of people watching.

Union Square (source)

Phyllis was most impressed with Union Square, especially this little jewellers that we came across. I was drawn to all the beautiful rings with gorgeous topaz gems. Like a magpie I make a bee line for all things sparkly, I just can't help it. The three of us spent about 20 minutes perusing this little shop with Phyllis eventually buying a very sparkly cubic zirconia dress ring.

it looked a bit like this (source)

She bought it to replace the engagement ring that she lost.  It looked lovely on her hand and it got me to thinking that, I hope I still hanker after beautiful sparkly things when I am her age  (late 70's) because clearly the ring was giving her so much pleasure. She was most impressed with the very cute bag that it came with even though the ring went straight onto her finger. I meant to take a picture for my blog but I forgot. Grrrr!

From there we swung by the supermarket where more giggling commenced when she picked up a pack of 16 toilet rolls to put in her trolley.  Then she realised her mistake when Kathy and I fell about laughing saying " at least you wont need to buy any more til Christmas!". When she started looking at the ready meals I suggested that she put a couple of curries in her trolley along with the toilet roll to give the checkout girls a good laugh!

Who knew you could have so much fun food shopping?

Back at Phyllis's house, she introduced us to one of her neighbours. In the meantime, Kathy's son, James was texting me asking when we were coming to pick him up.  I couldn't believe that it was nearly 6pm already! I text back to say we would just be 5 minutes and I started making moves to leave. After ten minutes and a further two texts from James we were on our way. Turned out he had been promised a Chinese take away and the poor boy was hungry. Poor neglected child, NOT.


I laughed when Kathy queried why he had contacted me and not her. Well that was easy cos Kathy is so laid back, she's practically horizontal and hurrying is just not in her vocabulary so he could have been waiting all night! Sorry Kathy but it's so true.

After our Chinese, I headed home about 8pm and picked up Holly en route from the Boyfriend's house. At the door they smooched and said their "love you's" and as Holly got in the car, I shouted "love you too" to him through the open door as I drove off. He shouted that he loved me back as I tee hee hee'd all the way home.


Got home and there was a text from him saying "don't know if you heard me, but love you too! lol".

It's really good when you can have a bit of banter with your daughter's boyfriend.


  1. it is good to get along with boyfriend/girlfriend. I even got a mothers day text from MJ's GF this year. Made me smile.

  2. You and Kathy are so very sweet [and funny :D] Sounds like a wonderful day for everyone.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. What an awesome day out. I must say, forgetting to put your shoes on is a really good excuse to buy new shoes. Maybe I'll forget my handbag, or my watch or..?..the next time Funny Man and I go out!
    I loved the joke about the tp and the curry. Funny Man always jokes about putting a roll of tp in the freezer when we have really spicy food, just in case. TMI? Sorry! Have a great weekend! - G
    PS - You are never too old for bling! I don't plan on kicking my gem fetish anytime soon. LOL!

  4. sounds like a good afternoon and you've fair chered up a dreary wet afternoon here for me!!!

  5. You certainly had a fun day out and a good laugh as well! I agree, I hope I can be like Phyllis when I'm in my late 70's. I think that's wonderful! So the Holly romance is still going strong - Bless! It's really nice when you get on with your children's boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives! Enjoy the rest of your weekend up there. Pretty dismal down this end of the country.

  6. So glad you were able to get away and have such a good time. Hope everyone is well and doing great.

  7. That sounds like a lovely day! Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. How fun this sounded to me. So glad you enjoyed your day. I bet your friend was doubly surprised when you stepped out from hiding.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day out I bet Phyllis had a great day out but what it this with wanting to be like Phyllis when you are her age you make it sound like being in your late 70's is old or something and yeah I know I am only 48 but I do feel that now days we age better they we did a hundred years ago and being in your 70's doesn't stop you likeing life and pretty things.

  10. Mynx - aww how cool. She sounds nice.
    SkippyMom - It was a really good day and yeah we are really funny when we get together.
    Georgina D - I think that is such a bloody good idea! Ha ha your Funny Man sounds a blast. As for Bling - me neither!
    Julie - aww that's cool
    Thisisme - yeah I hope so too. Yes the romance is totally blossoming! Eeek!
    Odie - yeah we are ok now
    AD - it was ace!
    Bouncin' Barb - Phyllis had a look of total shock on her face to begin with!
    Jo-Anne Rambling - what I meant by the sparkly things in your 70's was mostly that I am only 44 but already the bright world I used to live in has lost it's colour. When my mum died I lost my love of shopping and it has never truly come back which is a shame as it caused me such a lot of pleasure! And with Jack's constant fight just to 'be', sparkly things just don't seem important any more. I know, I am getting jaded but I try not to be :)

  11. I totally enjoyed this post- I felt as though I was there with y'all and smiled all the way through it.

    I have relationships like that with our daughters' boyfriends. There have only been two through the years that we didn't care for but they were thrown back before they became an issue. It's nice to have boys around sometimes with all these girls! LOL

  12. EmptyNester - It was a really good day and I smiled through it too.
    I definitely think that having a good relationship with Holly's boyfriend is a major plus. He's a really nice guy.


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