Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How do you pronounce that?

My daughter is so funny. Yesterday morning she was fetching and carrying for me while I was getting Jack dried after his shower.

I asked her to get me his deodorant and she brought me 3 different sprays. I kept a deodorant and a body spray and she put the other one back.

As I am drying Jack under his arms, I shouted on Holly to get the deodorant and spray it under his arms. "Which one is it?" she asked me and I pointed to the right one. After a blast under his arm, she waited patiently while I fought to get under his other arm and she blasted that one too.

Then I dried his back and asked her to spray it with body spray while I held him in position. She picked up the deodorant again and I said "no not that one" and she looked at me confused saying "what does a body spray look like?".  I then nodded my head in the general direction of the spray cos my hands were holding Jack in position, saying "that one there".  She looked around the bed, trying to locate the spray when suddenly she spots it and picks it up saying "ahh would it be the faa cuk?". 

My face was a picture and I'm like "eh?" as she held up the body spray.  I took one look at it and collapsed in hysterics on top of poor Jack who didn't have a scooby what was happening.

this is the body spray  (source)
I am laughing so hard, that I am crying and unable to see for the tears and I can't get breath. Both my children are looking at me in total bemusement. Holly is repeating "what? Tell me why you are laughing" and I look down at Jack who is raising his eyebrows as if to say "what's wrong with her now???".


Finally I manage to regain control and I explain through my tears that the brand is actually called F. C. U. K standing for French Connection UK and not pronounced faa cuk like she thought.  "Oh, so it's not faa cuk then? I thought it was some smarty pants who had decided to make it hip by putting the word f**k on the market but by changing one of the letters in order to make it pc. Either that or they were dyslexic". 

I burst into fresh laughter at the fact that she has obviously thought about this, a LOT!

This from the girl who is always taking the mickey out of my enquiring mind?  Now we know where she gets it from.



    Can you hear the giggles across the pond?

  2. Yes, giggles from down here in Devon as well. That was so funny! It is so wonderful that you have so much laughter in that house, and that really is priceless! Goodness knows what goes through gorgeous Jack's mind when all this is going on!!!!

  3. LOL!!! How absolutely hysterical! Nothing like a good laugh to get my day starting off on the right foot!

  4. That is hysterical. I bet that laugh felt really good too. Except maybe for the stomach and facial muscles. Every so often I need a good laugh like that. Remember "apples don't fall far from the tree".

  5. That was so funny and you should be able to hear the giggle from across the pond. You three sure know how to make my day.

  6. SkippyMom - I sure can!
    Thisisme - I know, poor Jack, I think he must think we've lost the plot.
    Kellie - laughter is the best medicine
    Bouncin' Barb - it was a right belly laugh, the kind where you just cant breathe lol
    Odie - it made my day too :)

  7. Damn that was the best laugh I have had all day thank you for that.......
    she isn't the only girl to have those thoughts my youngest thought the same thing............

  8. You're right, she must have thought about that for a long time!

  9. Jo-Anne Rambling - kids are just hilarious!
    Kristy - lol I know, what is she like!

  10. LOL that would be a weird name for a deoderant/body spray.


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