Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ssturday Ramblings

I wrote a post on Betrayal, tried to publish it but then Blogger kind of went nuts. I kept trying on and off for most of yesterday but eventually gave up.  I then read my horoscope on Facebook and it told me: 

Watch your words today. You can say things that cut through to the bone. You don't realize just how harsh you can sound. You may be absolutely right, but there are more gentle ways to tell a loved one they are not being realistic than "Are you off your rocker completely?"

So maybe it's just as well that it didn't get posted huh? lol although I wasn't saying anything like that. I took that to mean that Friday was not the day to let the world read it.

Jack is in respite for 4 nights. I was supposed to be taking Holly to Dublin this weekend but it was bad timing on my part because it turned out to be slap bang in the middle of the exams!


Last night we went to the cinema to see Beastly. It was quite good but a bit cheesy. They guy playing the lead was really quite hot but is it wrong that I thought he was hotter once he's been changed into this scarred, ugly, tattooed guy! This, from the person that thought the guy in Avatar was hotter once he'd been transformed into a blue alien!  In my defence, Holly agreed with me re both movies! What can I say? It's genetic!

 So today I am taking the opportunity to chill and do stuff around the house.

I have bought a new bed. A leather one, so really I should be getting my finger out and putting it together instead of being on the net but I can't quite seem to get myself motivated! The new mattress arrived yesterday too so I really don't have any excuse!

it looks like this (source)

My ex and I bought the bed I have at the moment, about 3 months after we moved into this house. I liked it but I didn't love it. When we split up, 3 months later, he didn't want anything from the house and I couldn't justify spending money on a new one but 9 years later, I think it's time for a change.

I love getting new things for the house, it's one of life's little pleasures!

Tomorrow I am heading through to Aberdeen to see Kathy and to visit an old lady, Phyllis, who we used to work with. I love Phyllis to bits but she does put a lot of pressure on me to visit regularly which is made more difficult by the fact that she now uses a wheelchair. It's not like I just pop in for a coffee either because she likes me to take her out and about when I visit. This means I can only really visit her when I don't have Jack. I have tried it whilst I had him and Holly with me once and I was so exhausted that I thought "never again!".

These days when Jack is in respite, I am just too tired to go anywhere and the last thing I feel like doing is a 130mile round trip to visit someone especially when it feels like a busman's holiday! 

Kathy though, has volunteered to help! So it wont be near as tiring with the two of us doing it so I'm looking forward to the banter with Phyllis cos for a lady who has had quite a few mini strokes, her mind is as sharp as a tack and her humour is as wicked as mine!

Then Monday, Holly and I are going through to Inverness for a spot of girlie shopping. I think we might take the train because it saves me having to drive.

So that's my weekend all sorted. Hope you have a good one my little gigglers.


  1. ooooh, I am in LOVE with your bed. That is gorgeous.

    I am glad you have Kathy along to visit your friend, but I wish that you could just stay home and relax. I know how rare it is for you to just be able to sit and not do. Anything.

    You are such a special person to take time out of your few days to visit a friend that so obviously needs a friend.

    Love and hugs Lyndy! :) Drive safe.

  2. Lyndylou...I hear you on the bed. Nine years was long enough. It's beautiful. If you love your new bed as much as I am in love with mine you'll enjoy going to bed every night. You are a real trooper for going to visit your friend. Get some lazy time in for yourself!

  3. That bed is Sexy!! Ooo la-la!!

  4. It really does look so comfortable and I hope you get some "me" time before having to pick Jack up. Take care of Lynne. Say hi to Holly & Jack for me.

  5. My hubby and I bought our bed when we moved in here 22 years ago and replaced the mattress 2 years ago with a second hand mattress it was 4 years old when we got it but had only been used for a few months the person who had it didn't like it and had it in storage....but now it is making my back ache of a morning but hubby doesn't want to get another one so I will just have to suffer.

  6. That bed looks quite comfy! Hope you had fun visiting your friend Phyllis :D

  7. I like the bed a lot! I wish I was in Dublin today, or everyday. I have a thing for Irish and Scottish men. Have fun on your visit with your friend! : )

  8. We need a new bed. I've never loved the one we have now but Hubs and I can't agree on mattresses. What I really want is a Sleigh bed--I love those things.

    I like the one you bought! It looks comfy!

    Y'all are so busy all the time! There is no way I could keep up!

  9. I love that bed! I want/need a new one too.

    How nice that Kathy can come along to help you out. Have a nice visit.

    Hope you are able to rest up a bit as well :)

  10. The bed looks amazing. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It means a lot to know people are listening (reading). I absolutely think where you live is beautiful. I wish I could visit some day!

  11. Off the bed for a sec, sorry you didn't make Dublin - I had the kettle boiling too - but hope you had a great weekend xx

  12. that bed is not real, sure...

  13. SkippyMom - I know, I love it too and it's so comfy!
    Bouncin' Barb - I hope I love my new bed as much as you do, just have to put it together lol
    The Minute Man's Wife - it sure is ;)
    Odie - I did manage to get some me time :)
    Jo-Anne - oh that's not good if your back hurts. You could always buy a mattress topper as a compromise.
    Somnia - I had a great day
    Elle - re the irish/scots men, me too!
    EmptyNester - I like the sound of a Sleigh Bed, just gorgeous
    Kellie - I got it from the ever trusty Ebay lol
    Seth's Mum - me too and I have made sure everyone has admired it! lol
    Emily - I am sure you will visit one day :)
    Aja - it is just the best bed ever LOL


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