Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The pressure is on

Holly has her practical Drama exam today. She is so nervous this morning.  I have never seen her like this before.

The pressure is really on today because her marks are based on the opinion of one person. If that person doesn't like the way she acts, they will mark her down. If they don't think her character is believable she will lose more marks. Also she is very dependant on the other actors in the play. If they forget their lines or just ad lib then there is more pressure on her to steer her part of the play back to where it should be. So as a class, they have a tough day ahead, trying to remember lines and not let each other down. I hope it goes well. I have my fingers and toes crossed!

Last week Bruce and Tucker @Jadip gave me an award.  If you haven't visited Bruce, then please do cos he makes me laugh on a regular basis and it's the only blog I know of where the family pet gets to have his say on Tucker2days. Big licks and belly rubs to you Tucker.

Thanks Bruce and Tucker.  I have gotten this one before so if you want to hear my answers, click here.

I pass this award onto a group of ladies I have been following for a while.  They are a group of 30 something women who share a blog and they are having quite a hard time at the moment.  So check out LYLAS and Co and say hi.

Now I am off to walk the dogs on this beautiful sunny day here in Scotland, then out to lunch with my friend Moira,.  Have a lovely day my little gigglers.


  1. good luck to Holly. I hope she blitzes it.
    Have a lovely lunch too. Nice to hear you have sunshine

  2. I have no doubt Miss Holly will do a bang up job! Will send great thoughts her way and keep my fingers crossed as well. Please let us know soon :)

    :pins & needles:

    Have a wonderful lunch!

  3. good luck to Holly and hope she leaves her nerves at the door.
    congrats on your awar,trophy cabinet must be getting cluttered :)

  4. Got my fingers crossed for Holly girl and just know that she will do awesome. Congratulation on the award. You award me with great stuff every time I see one of your blogs and I really mean that. Have a great day in the sunshine, we have rain this morning.

  5. it is tough to be a youngster and perform, but she will nail it! i am sure!(i have a good feeling on this, that it why i say that)

    to quote Patrick from Spongebob, which we do all the time in this house...

    "i love being purple!"

    and i so would love to see the stilletto car driving around!

  6. I'm sure she will do just fine based on what you've told us about her talent. If it's up to one person and they don't give her a good grade, I'm coming over there to kick some butt! Congrats on the awards. Bruce is my bloggy little brother and Tucker is my bloggy nephew! Can't wait to hear the results.

  7. Mynx - I hope so too. Lunch was lovely :)
    SkippyMom - wont know til August!
    IWBY - she did manage to leave her nerves behind...phew!
    Odie - awww thank you, you really do say the loveliest things :)
    Bruce - lol stiletto car is so so cool! Yes I have a good feeling too, hope we are right
    Bouncin' Barb - woo hoo, I'd gladly get you over here to kick some butt!

  8. As you say, there's quite a lot of pressure on Holly there. I do pray that all went well for her and that she passes. Congratulations on your Award and glad that the sun is still shining on you up in Scotland!

  9. Congrats on the award and I hope all goes well for Holly with her drama test. I hope you let us all know how she does.

  10. Thisisme - thank you :)
    Jo-Anne - I sure will


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