Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A beating

Holly was walking the dogs on Saturday night around 6pm when she met in with her friend Daniel. He had just dropped off his girlfriend at the bus station and was walking home.  Two youths passed them, acting a bit strange but Holly and Daniel ignored them.

About 5 minutes later they came back with another youth and they started beating up Daniel, demanding that he hand over his hat. Three against one!

Holly was so scared that she didn't know what to do. She knew that she couldn't break it up without getting hurt herself and she wasn't willing to leave him, so she stayed, rooted to the spot while these guys punched the hell out of Daniel's face, head and back. She was so frightened that she couldn't even take out her phone and call someone for fear that they would start on her!


Daniel, by sheer will, managed to stay upright. If they'd gotten him on the ground, I think he would have been on the receiving end of a lot more. For Daniel and Holly the beating must have seemed to last a lifetime but it was over in minutes. The yobs took off with his hat which was nothing special, not designer, just a hat. Daniel was covered in blood and his nose was obviously broken so Holly called me to tell me what had happened and that she was taking Daniel home.

He lives about 5 minutes walk from where it happened. By the time she got home, an hour and a half later, she was in shock and very distraught.

As is the way with situations like this, she was upset that she had felt so helpless and couldn't do anything. I assured her that if she had, she would have been hurt badly too, as would the dogs, who were cowering in fright. Yobs like that who randomly beat up innocent bystanders are not gonna care about hitting a girl and her dogs.


The next day Daniel appeared in the afternoon to see how Holly was and to let her know that he was OK. The police are involved but no one has come to interview Holly yet, which is no surprise.  Daniel had bruises and fist marks on his back, his nose is in a bad way and it has to be reset once the swelling is down and he was in quite a lot of pain.

It is totally shocking! I can just hear those yobs boasting about their antics to their mates, thinking they are just so damn hard and untouchable. The sad fact is that very few of these little shits are brought to justice.

Time will tell.


  1. Holy Wow Lyndy. I am so glad they didn't hurt him worse, but sick that they hurt him at all. Over a hat.

    Poor Holly to have witnessed it and Daniel...oh, my.

    Sending good thoughts to them and praying that the hoodlums get their due.

    I am so, so sorry.

  2. Oh my god, that's disgusting and utterly cowardly. I wish these kids would put as much effort into their education or finding work as they do in being bloody minded yobs. Poor Holly and Daniel :-(

  3. Don't hold your breath for the polis to come - similar happened to Paul's pal and he ws there - took the police many weeks to come and ask Paul what happened and they arrive at 10.30 pm!! I was in bed, so ws Paul and we had to get him up. I was really annoyed at them disturding the house as we were settling down for the night - no word pof apology.
    Hope Holly and Daniel are ok

  4. That is so terrible. I really hope the thugs get caught and properly sorted. Bullies and cowards.
    Big hugs to your very brave daughter for sticking with her friend.

  5. Hey Lindy,
    I am glad everyone is ok! It is so sad that we have to deal with folks like that. It is the same here in Durham NC USA. In Dec I was out walking my dog and came across a foiled home invasion. Lucky for the home owner he had a gun and shot several of them. By the time I arrived there was a guy shot on the street and I then realized I had seen another guy who had been shot get into a get away car. The justice system is the same here too, these guys are probably right back on the streets. Very sad.
    Be careful out there & take care!

  6. I am thrilled that Holly was not physically hurt even though I know it will bother her for a long time. The thought comes to mind of one of my favorite movies. Charles Bronson and his "Death Wish" series. He would have taken care of them once and for all. Right now I'm angry thinking about what could have happened to Holly. Like Kathiey said, please be careful & maybe carry pepper spray or something like that. I want you safe.

  7. this particularly pisses me off...there is a special place in hell for goons and thugs.

    glad that Holly and the pups are OK... and Daniel..he is very lucky indeed...

    my father was beat up by thugs the year before he died. he was old a feeble, and a group of dumb kids beat him up.

    of course the cops never found them...

    and neither did i...

    lucky for them, as i have anger it was prolly lucky for me as well...

    or i may be writing this from a jail cell.

  8. Wow. What in the hell is wrong with people?? Even kids! Some people can be so cruel, it's sad. I hope Daniel is ok and tell Holly I think she did the best thing she could do in the situation. Getting herself hurt wouldn't have helped Daniel.

  9. Please give Holly my love. It must have been such a traumatic experience for her, and for poor Daniel as well of course. As Skippy said, all over a hat! It really is unbelievable that these yobs can just roam around and cause such hurt like that. No doubt they thought they were vey big men. Tell Holly that she did just the right thing, for if she had started to retaliate, she could have had a broken nose as well, or something much worse. I am so sorry that two such nice, decent youngsters had to experience a thing like that.

  10. Thats awful... I would be the same in not knowing what to do and its always weird how people seem to disappear around you at times like this. I hope that in this case things turn out for the best.

  11. Bruce's youngest daughter took a self defense class after he bugged her. For this very reason. You can be minding your business one second and the next being attacked. Sorry her friend is suffering but thankfully his is walking and talking. Holly must be a wreck. All I can think of is Pepper Spray on a key chain. They sell those around here. Might not be a bad idea for her to carry something like that.

  12. D:< I wanna slap those boys and turn them into the authorities! How dare they!

  13. OMG you have GOT to be kidding me! That's horrible! Holly did the right thing- they really would have beaten her up but they might not have stopped could have been even worse for her.

    Surely, at the very least, Karma will take a huge bite out of their butts.

  14. Holy Shit that is terrible!!! What a tramatic event for both of them - over a damn hat!!!

    Do you think they'll find the turds that did it?

    Hope Holly and Daniel are able to get over this and soon. man..

  15. SkippyMom - I know, completely shocking!
    Kinks - well said my friend
    Julie - believe me I am not holding my breath! That is totally shocking coming to see you at that time of the night. Why do they do that, different if it had been late at night on the day it had happened
    Mynx - I know, totally cowardly 3 against 1. I hope they get their come uppance
    Kathiey - your telling me but my god that must have been a shock coming across a guy shot in the street! I don't think the punishment these days, fits the crime
    Odie - it is just a reminder that these things happen wherever you are, not nice but a reality. If I could have found them, I would have kicked their arse myself for doing that.
    Bruce - so very true but I can't get over thugs beating up your poor dad!! OMG the little b***ards!
    Jumble Mash - I know some people are just brought up wrong! Daniel is fine, just needs his nose reset which is gonna be painful
    Thisisme - I am glad everyone is agreeing with me that she did the right thing because she feels bad that she didn't do anything. They are both ok now though
    Bubble - I know, you can't tell how you will react until you are in that position...not nice though
    Bouncin' Barb - I have started looking into it cos she was so helpless!
    Adorkable Ditz - me too!
    Empty Nester - Karma is the best and I hope they get some!
    Kellie - I know, but I think the hat was just an excuse to beat him up really. The police already know who it is but it's whether they get enough evidence is the problem. They still haven't been to see Holly for her evidence yet and it's been 5 days. Shocking really!

  16. Hi LyndyLou - I popped into your blog, thinking that I would be reading about betrayal. But this old post popped up! Blogger seems to have really gone to pot today. Perhaps I'll be able to get into your new post another time, but I am off for the weekend now, so catch up next week. Take care.

  17. Ok my comment isn't here did blogger eat it.....oh well here I go again. Reading this brought back memories for me, a few years ago my youngest daughter was walking back to her sisters place with a couple of male freinds when a gang of thugs appeared and Jono could tell there was going to be trouble so he told Jessica to run and she did and the other mate with him took off as well leaving Jono to get bashed.....Jessica stopped running after a few minutes and hid and waited till she saw Jono he was coved in blood but and upset as they stole her phone which he had in his pocket....she didn't give a rats ass about the phone and was only concerned for him......

    I feel for both Holly and Daniel and hope they are both ok now.

  18. SkippyMom - I know it is totally shocking!
    Kinks - I totally agree, it is truly disgusting
    Julie - no am not holding my breath at all! I am quite shocked at the police arriving at your house at that time of night so long after the incident!
    Mynx - I hope so too but highly unlikely
    Kathiey - oh god, that must have been quite scary for you coming across that!
    Odie - yep he would have definitely sorted them out :)
    Bruce - I am stunned that your dad was attacked this way. Some people just have no morals! I reckon they are glad you never found them
    Jumble Mash - I will pass it on to her and I totally agree
    Thisisme - It is a sad fact of life. Bullies are everywhere and they don't really need an excuse either.
    Thisisme - I know it was a real pain!
    Jo-Anne - it is so scary! That is just another terrible incident carried out by mindless yobs/thugs. At least everyone was alright. As for blogger, it deleted a lot of my comments and my replies Grrrrrrrrrrr!


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