Thursday, 29 September 2011

The lurgy still lurks

I am still under the influence of this dreadful lurgy. It has been 3 weeks now and really, it should bugger off now cos I am getting fed up of it lurking around. I have been reminded of parts of my body that I had kinda forgotten about really, like my eye sockets. Who knew they could hurt so much? And why I haven't coughed up a lung yet, will forever remain a mystery!

Holly has been home all week, doing her dying duck routine and it's kinda hard to be sympathetic when getting up to get her a drink feels like climbing a mountain! Both of us are hardly eating cos we feel so queasy but then we feel better when we get something into our stomachs but nothing looks or tastes edible!

I am soldiering on though. I have finished my work with the panel, deciding the tenders for children's services. It was a lot of work but it was good to see it from another perspective.

I had Jack's annual review at the respite centre this week and things have been updated and a lot of sensitive issues discussed. Seems that since the referral to Rachel House Children's Hospice, staff there are a little more apprehensive looking after Jack. I pointed out that yes, the referral changes my support network but that Jack's condition, actually has stayed them same. He will always be more vulnerable than you or I and that hasn't changed.

I also met with the school inspector who wanted to discuss the Adult Learning aspect in the community so there were quite a few of us unpaid carers around the table telling him about the courses we had been on and the impact it had made on our caring role. All positive stuff by the sounds of it.

We are on week two of the new medicine. Jack is very agitated. The poor boy just can't sit still and he has managed to deck me a few times with his arms and kick me with his legs but I am getting better at dodging! This makes dressing him and changing his pad a major challenge but I am up for it. Who needs to go to the gym when I have Jack keeping me on my toes.

Hope none of you have gotten the dreaded lurgy. If you have, then you need to chase it away with lots of hot toddys! The adult recipe is further down the page of the link. It will either kill you or cure you. LOL



  1. You poor soul. It just can't be easy feeling so cruddy while having to go about your daily schedule. Darn near impossible I would think.

    I really, truly hope it passes for both of you soon. In the meantime, enjoy your toddies. I want to go read the recipe. Sounds like a yummy idea.

  2. poor you - maybe Lou and i should get up to minister to you.
    How big a box of Kimble's chocs do you want!!!

  3. Hello, Dera lyndylou.
    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that both feeling poorly!!!
    To tell the truth, I didn't have the foggiest idea from your title "
    The lurgy still lurks". Well, must be hard to deal with what you have to do☆☆☆
    I really hope the Hot Toddy of yours work as quickly as possible!!!
    Hugs to you three, Orchid*

  4. Hi LyndyLou. What a bummer that you and Holly are still feeling so rough. As you say, it has gone on for quite long enough now. Presume that antibiotics wouldn't shift it?? Sorry, also, to hear that your gorgeous boy is so agitated. Bless him. I hope that by the next time you post, things will have improved for all of you.

  5. A flu or cold should not last three weeks. Bronchitis could though. But I wonder if there is something leaking in your house. Do you feel better when you are outside? Just a thought. Hope you are both well soon.

  6. I think you need to put more whisky in the hot toddys xx

  7. Oh I have the lurgy and if you feel like I do, you have nothing but sympathy from me.
    Might have to bookmark that toddy recipe if scotch alone doesnt kill the germs...

  8. SkippyMom - the last time I felt this bad was when I had Bronchitis a few years ago. Hot Toddies are not the most tasty things but they do work :)
    Jule - I have never had Kimble's chocs....mmmm....yum yum
    Orchid - LOL I know, I love that word, Lurgy, always is a perfect description when you feel yuckky.
    Thisisme - I have been told it's a virus so no antibiotics. Grrr! Jack is so agitated, he is sweating buckets from moving so much!
    Looking for Blue Sky - you know, I think you're right :)
    Mynx - it's awful isn't it. Uggg. Try the hot toddy as it is ace, helps you sleep too :)

  9. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope that changes very soon. I have never had a hot toddy but sure sounds good:-)

  10. Sending healing thoughts your way. Truly, I don't know where you find the energy to do all you do and with love and laughter too. Get better soon.

  11. i'm so sorry that you're feeling quite under the weather. it is tough enough to be a caregiver when you feel good. harder than heck when you feel crappy.

    thanks for your positive and uplifting comments on my blog. some days are just ... you know what i mean.

  12. Hi Lynne...

    I've not been able to visit or blog much lately, still working on getting my honey 100%, but I wanted to tell you hello...and hope you and Holly are feeling better! How awful to have the 'grunge' as we call it here in my corner of the world...and for it to linger so long. Ugh!

    Get better soon...

    Hugs from a stolen moment in my life, lol!

  13. I haven't gotten it and I don't want it! But I am truly sorry that you have come down with it and are finding it difficult to beat. Have you tried some homemade chicken soup? Works wonders around here! With all you have to do, I honestly have no idea how you're still coping on top of being sick. You are truly remarkable! The epitome of a strong woman.

  14. You poor thing. That dreaded lurgy is hanging around for a while, isn't it? Maybe it's time for a doctor's visit? Or revisit if you've already been! Keep up the hot toddies thing. I nearly want the dreaded lurgy just so i can have one! maybe not...

    xx Jazzy

  15. I've been missing you and sad to hear you're still sick. That really does suck. You need all the strength you can muster. I do hope it goes away soon. Doctor time I think! But I'm sure you're like me. I'm the last one to take care of myself. Hugs and germs be gone.

  16. Kathiey - they are just what the doctor ordered
    Nari - thank you
    Teresa - thanks and I know exactly what you mean
    Sush - hope he gets better soon and I shake the lurgy asap :)
    EmptyNester - no I haven't but I think it might be on my list of things to try
    Jazzygal - I definitely need to go to the doctor me thinks
    Bouncin' Barb - yes I am always the last to get taken care of cos I am just too busy. I think my immune system needs a pick me up!


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