Sunday, 2 October 2011

It just became too much

Jack is in hospital....again.

His agitation grew so bad that he was unable to sit still and was sweating buckets, so much so that I was changing his clothes 3 times in a short space of time.

Yesterday, I called the consultant in Edinburgh to ask for advice. Three hours later, the advice was: "take him straight to hospital, it shouldn't be that bad, the sweating is a worry. Once they have assessed him, they can call us back for advice".

I will fill you in on the rest later.


  1. Lynne - i hope this gets sorted soon

  2. Truly you and yours and Jack are in my Prayers

  3. Oh, Dear lyndylou,
    What a situation!!!
    As others said, I'll pray for all of you that things will be able to get better☆☆☆
    You are in my thought my friend,

  4. I hope everything is ok. Please let us know as soon as you have time. Thinking of y'all!

  5. Could this be from the increase in meds that he's had recently?

    Hope the docs figure out what is going on and he gets well soon!

    Take care!

  6. Your precious family is always in my prayers.

  7. OMG Lynne, what a scary Sunday :(. But I am glad that you are able to speak to his consultant at times like this. Hope the hospital stay will not be too traumatic for any of you xx

  8. Oh Lyndy - I hope it is something obvious and they can get Jack feeling better quickly.

    We'll be here sweetheart, praying good thoughts for you, Jack and Holly.

  9. Lyndy I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope it's not too serious and they treat it immediately. My thoughts for all your good health are being sent your way. Hugs my friend. Barb

  10. This must be such heartache for you. I'm so sorry. I am praying for you.

  11. Prayers and hugs traveling to you and yours!


  12. Your poor boy. At least he is in the right place now. It must have been terrible for him and you. Let's hope that they can get him sorted out as quickly as possible. Praying for you and Jack, and wishing you all well, because I know you have been feeling so poorly as well my friend. Hugs.

  13. Love and hugs coming your way. I hope everything is OK.

  14. praying for him to have a swift recovery and they find out what is causing this round of problems.

  15. Julie - I hope so too
    DanWins - thank you
    Orchid - thank you and I am thinking about you too at this time
    EmptyNester - I will
    Kellie - yes I think so. It's too much of a coincidence for it not to be
    Odie - thanks, hugs to you too
    Looking for Blue Sky - it was scary stuff
    SkippyMom - me too, thanks hun x
    Bouncin' Barb - I hope so too, hugs to you too
    Belle - thank you, much appreciated
    Sush - thank you, much appreciated
    Thisisme - yes, he definitely is, I couldn't have coped with it myself
    Lizbeth - thanks, much appreciated
    Teresa - thank you for your prayers :)


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