Thursday, 22 September 2011

Five minutes of fame and other stuff

It's been another hectic week.

I finally got Jack's new meds yesterday and yesterday morning he had his first dose. The tablet had to be dissolved in water as it had to go through his Peg. Not a problem I thought, since I do that with a few of his meds anyway but oh boy, the fun I had this morning trying to get the fecking thing to dissolve!  It took over half an hour!

I have to double the quantity next week and then treble it the week after so that is gonna be sooooo much fun for me....NOT! Why is nothing ever simple?

Holly and I headed down to Glasgow on Friday. We were booked into our hotel by 3pm. We were hungry as we'd missed lunch so we looked at the room service menu and both of us fancied a steak in peppercorn sauce. We decided to check out the restaurant first before we made up our minds and after seeing the menu, Holly marched me back upstairs to order room service! She is so bossy sometimes. LOL.

I have to admit, it was a wise choice as it was absolutely yummy. Then I had 40 winks before getting ready to go to the STV studios.

We arrived on time and we were some of the first there but quickly the place filled up. I got speaking to quite a few of the families who had told there stories on film and it was lovely to meet them. When we went 'live' Holly and I were standing right behind the presenter Michelle McManus. We were told to smile into the camera, so there we were, grinning like cheshire cats.

We only managed to stay in that spot for about 10 mins cos then the researcher kept bringing in all the fund raisers and putting them in front of us, until we were pushed right to the back! Then not content with that, they then tried to cram more people in and we were then pushed to the side.

If I'd known that this was our only chance to be right at the front, I would have taken that opportunity to jump up and down, waving like a demented person! Or should I say, like normal for me, tee hee hee.

Monday I spent the day working for the local council, looking at tenders for children's services. It was nerve racking at first but then I soon got into it. It was the most I'd used my brain in a while and I had a headache by the end of the day. Despite this, it was very interesting and I am looking forward to Monday for the next part.

Jack was only half an hour in school yesterday and I got a call saying he had a temperature and was coughing up gunk. Oh joy!

He had been coughing a little bit the night before and in the morning but Jack coughs a lot in general so unless he coughs up something yellow or green I don't worry too much.

Before I left to pick him up, I called the local hospital, where I have open access to the children's ward and told them that I was on my way.  I was there within 15 mins but then when I was getting Jack's wheelchair out of the car, one of the back tyres came off the wheel and I couldn't get it back on. In desperation I pushed the chair only using the remaining 3 wheels and threw myself on the mercy of a maintenance guy who was changing the bulbs on the outside lights at the main door.

It took 5 mins, lots of tugging and grunting, the use of a screwdriver and the help from two other people before they got the tyre on. I couldn't thank them enough.

I spent three hours at the ward waiting to see a doctor and getting antibiotics.  I was glad to get home though as the heat in the hospital totally wipes you out!

Jack spent the whole afternoon coughing and sneezing, mostly over me, so you just know what's gonna happen next eh?

I have court again on Friday. Hopefully this will be third time lucky because this case is truly sucking my will to live. I have had to enlist the help of my dad for looking after Jack that day so I think I might use my situation as leverage to get our case seen earlier. Who knows, it might just work!

Holly and I played back the recording of us at the STV Appeal and we were actually on the TV quite a bit. Well me anyway and she couldn't stop laughing at me popping up wherever and whenever I could, grinning from ear to ear. My lovely daughter said that it was like an episode of Where's Wally?!!

We were both rolling about laughing each time my head popped up grinning. Hee hee hee. What can I say? If this was your TV moment, wouldn't you do the same?


  1. I did see you - when it was the break in Corrie!! Didn't see you thru the actual show - was too busy moaning to Louise that every shot had either Lorraine (for sure for sure) Kelly or Michelle (ah cannae sing but that's never stopped me before) McManus in it!!!
    Hope Jack gets better soon and no need for an overnight in hospital. And tell him not to even dare thinking of going You Know Where - Louise is legal and employed there now!!!

  2. Oh my dear girl I would have loved to see the two of you in your moment in the spotlight!
    Hope Jack is feeling better and you stay well!

    Lots of hugs and love~

  3. First off, I hope Jack feels better soon. You just keep amazing me with all you do. But then again as I have always said "we do what we have to do". Made me laugh about your TV debut!!! Too funny.

    I did my post yesterday for you and got a lot of positive comments so hope it helps.

    Hugs for you sweet lady!

  4. Hope Jack gets to feeling better soon!

    I can just picture you popping up everytime the camera passes your way!

  5. I wish I could have seen the two of you on camera! Exciting! And yes, I would have been doing the same thing!

  6. Thanks for the smile :). Reading your blog always helps me to stop feeling sorry for myself xx


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