Monday, 19 September 2011

He saved him and I will never forget

He was only 3 but anybody with half a brain could see that he was in so much pain.

He used to clutch at his head, drop to the floor and scream. This had been going on for two years and I was at breaking point.  I had been arguing with doctors at Aberdeen Sick Kids for 2 years about this cyst they had found in his brain. I was convinced that it was causing his balance problems, hearing issues and this horrendous pain. Finally I was able to get a second opinion.

After various tests and scans in Edinburgh Sick Kids, Father of the Year and I talked to the Neurologist who said that he didn't think that this type of cyst (arachnoid) could cause the type of symptoms I was describing. I said that "I was sorry for arguing but I begged to differ". He looked surprised and said " oh but we're not arguing, we're discussing" and I laughed, cos this was new to me!

Later that afternoon, he asked us through to his office. During the walk there, carrying Jack, I felt physically sick in case they were right and I was wrong, cos I truly felt that I couldn't go on listening to my baby scream a second more.

The neurologist was so laid back and therefore I assumed that he was going to tell me that it wasn't the cyst as he didn't look worried or in the least bit perturbed.  So I nearly fell of my seat when he told us that "the cyst had pushed his brain stem right over, had eroded the bone, had stretched 3 cranial nerves so tight, one looked about to snap and that yes they would be willing to operate.

How I didn't collapse after holding it together for two years, I will never know.

Dr Eunson saved Jack's life and I will be forever grateful.

I have been asked to write this post by Looking for Blue Sky in support of Save the Children's Campaign to increase the number of Health Workers in poorer parts of the world, especially East Africa. Children die needlessly every day from simple preventable illnesses.

Save the Children have enlisted the help of the Mummy Blogger Community to get as many people as possible to sign this petition by close of Tuesday when it is due to be presented at the UN General Assembly.

So I am asking these mummy bloggers to help too and anyone else who wants to. Details are to be found here

Bouncin Barb 


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  2. You know, you just never cease to amaze me! You're terrific!

  3. Hey Lyndy - I don't know that I can write this post, being American. I am not too sure David Cameron would care about me living over here in Virginia. And I don't want to fudge up such a wonderful cause being an American in a British cause. Perhaps our government should be looking into this too.

    I knew I previously said I would, as I would love to help, but I thought it was going to the UN, not the PM.

    I am so glad you met the Doctor who saved Jack's life. Very fortuitous. Thank goodness.

  4. What a moving, powerful story. A worthy charity, indeed.

  5. It is a wonderful cause and I'll go look at the site and see what to do. :) Your story of your son's suffering and your search for help was very moving.

  6. I am so glad you shared the story about Jack and I went and signed the petition even though I am Austrailan

  7. Thanks Lynne for helping with this...and actually I think that the more signatures the better - hopefully international pressure helps too (I'm in Ireland) xx

  8. What SkippyMom said about not being a constituent of David Cameron applies to this non-blogger in Alabama as well, but I signed the petition anyway hoping that it may help.

    Lynne, there are angels among us, and you're one of them.

  9. I will throw my hat in the ring. Going now to sign the petition and I will blog it too. We are all part of the same world. Lines on the map shouldnt affect our choice to pass the word on this worthy cause.
    Hugs and thankyou for choosing me

  10. I gladly signed the petition. What if my granddaughter who had cancer couldn't get the help she needed because of boundaries and people who don't think about babies suffering in other parts of the world. NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO SUFFER! I'll be happy to post about it. Hugs.

  11. I can't imagine what you must have been going through, hearing your precious little boy screaming with pain like that. I will go and sign the Petition my friend. It needs all the signatures that it can get. Hugs.


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