Monday, 12 September 2011

I don't like this growing up lark!

This last week has seen Holly and I get into a bit of a tiz trying to find drama courses at University.

Believe me, they are few and far between!

She came home very depressed today after going to Gordonstoun School for a University Information Day. So this afternoon was spent knee deep in prospectus, trying to find just the right kind of course. We did find one but we need about 4 more for a back up as there will be lots of people vying for places on that course.

A couple of hours later, she was smiling again and things were looking up.  Now we just need to start filling in the UCAS form and get moving on her Personal Statement and just hope for the best.

All this worry about Universities is very stressful. Neither myself or Father of the Year went to University but we did go to college so this is uncharted territory for me. Now we just have to arrange to go and attend some open days to get a feel for some of the places.

Both of us had a hug in the kitchen tonight. Neither one of us wants to even think about this next step but as much as I will miss her so so much, I know that she has to test her wings and fly the nest.  I will resist the urge to hang onto her leg, begging her to take me with her, just like she used to do to me when she was little. Now I know how she feels!

Ah well, it's a wee while away yet, gotta live in the moment.

Jack hasn't started his new medicine yet. The prescription has been faxed, just waiting for it to come now. He had to have rescue meds twice last week. During one episode he was very sick and I think he must of aspirated some of it as his breathing was horrendous that night.  I spent the evening trying to get him to cough, using his pep mask, physio on his back and an extra long shower. Both he and I were exhausted by the end of the night.

By the next morning he was coughing up lots of dirty gunk and I had to call out the doctor who gave him antibiotics. It was mostly on his right side, which I already knew as I have a stethoscope and had listened in to his chest earlier.  I bought it after the physiotherapist showed me how to listen to his chest with her stethoscope and showed me how useful it was for checking how far down any mucus was in his chest.

I caught it early and by Sunday he was much brighter and went back to school today.

Diana, our lodger, stared college today. She has a cold and was feeling pretty miserable over the weekend but is a lot better today. Soon she will be knee deep in homework and time will fly for her.

I am gonna leave you with a video that Holly has just told me, reminds her of me.

I don't know what she means! LOL


  1. Hope it all works out for her! She has so much potential! It's so hard when they go off to school! I've never gotten used to it!

  2. I empathise so much, lynne...I feel sick at the thought of Yasmin maybe going away next Sept :-(

  3. It was so hard when my oldest left for her university, but it did get better. I hope it does for you, also. Hope Jack gets to feeling better soon, too!

  4. It is hard to let them go Lyndy, I know. Especially as close as you and Holly are. She will be fine tho' and will do a BANG UP job! I have no doubt.

    Very excited for her.

    I hope Jack gets to feeling better soon and the antibiotics help. Give him a hug for me, please.

  5. I would love to know how to use a stethoscope we have one here that was left here by a midwife years ago but I do not know really how to use it have no idea what I am listening

    Going to uni is a big step and it will be difficult for both of you in the first few days but take it one step at a time.....

  6. Hi Lynne, just seen your post on my blog
    Bit of a newby to all this technical stuff so only just figured out how to get email alerts when someone comments!
    Your blog looks great. My youngest child has just finished 3 years at uni & has left again to train as a teacher. I get empty nest syndrome each she leaves after the summer hols so know how you feel. So happy for her though because she's doing what she passionately wants to do.
    Hope Holly enjoys her time at uni & Jack's gets better soon.

  7. We have been doing the Uni open days too. Luckily my son will most likely attend one in the city so will not be leaving home for quite a while yet.

    Hope everybody in your house is feeling brighter soon
    sending hugs xxx

  8. I loved the video. So cute. Holly will be fine. She's your daughter. There's no doubt about it. Sorry to hear about Jack's episodes. That must be so scary when it happens. Glad he's doing better and let's get those new meds!!! Waiting stinks. Hugs my friend!

  9. oh my god, that video is just how I feel sometimes!!! ha ha

    Back in the day when I was looking at college courses and moving away my mum actually believed I'd be coming home every weekend. Oh she was sadly mistaken!!! (actually I never went to college and in fact never left Northampton - how very sad!!!)

  10. Hi LyndyLou - loved the video! It can be a really stressful time, trying to fight for a university place. Keeping everything crossed for Holly that she gets the course she wants. Please keep us posted. So sorry to hear that Jack has been pretty poorly again. Let's hope the new meds will get it under control. Hugs.

  11. Ooh the best of luck to Holly, I'd say she'll really enjoy it. My Angel starts University next week, though I'm so lucky that she can live at home at the same time. I hope you can get some extra support for yourself and Jack for when Holly is away xx

  12. Ok. What is the difference between University and college? I really have no clue - having never went to either :)

    Glad you were able to catch Jack's pneumonia early. Those stethoscope's are handy to have aren't they.

  13. I loved that video. So do you look calm on the outside? You are a busy woman I know. It is hard when our children leave home. My nest was soooo empty! I did get over it though and went to college for a few years and enjoyed it very much.

  14. Linda - That's exactly how I am feeling!
    Shelly - I think I am kinda prepared so it hopefully wont be too big a shock :(
    SkippyMom - I know, I think she is quite excited.
    Jo-Anne Rambling - it's actually quite easy and straight forward. I know, but it's a while away yet so trying not to dwell on it too much :)
    Jane Gregpry - I remember what a technaphobe I was for a while! Thankfully she isn't away til next year so have a wee bit of time to go yet.
    Mynx - open days are on our to do list and I am glad you are getting to keep your son at home for a little bit longer :)
    Bouncin' Barb - The video is exactly like me...calm on the outside, chaos on the inside!
    Seth's Mum - LOL I am glad I am not the only one!
    Thisisme - I will let you know as soon as I get the word. New meds on order just waiting for them to arrive :)
    Looking for Blue Sky - Thankfully this is for next year so I have a little bit of time with her yet. Good luck to Angel X
    Kellie - College her does Higher National Certificates and Diplomas and Universities do Undergraduate/post graduate courses.
    Belle - Yep, that is definitely me. Like a duck on water, calm and tranquil above and paddling like hell below!!!


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