Saturday, 24 September 2011

Laughter is the best medicine

I am still immersed in the dreaded lurgy.

I dutifully coughed and spluttered, with my hand over my mouth, but fingers splayed. in the waiting room at court yesterday so I just know that there will be quite a few people waking up today feeling like they are dying!! Well maybe that's just the men!

I finally was able to give my testimony as a witness. I was surprised by just how much I remembered considering it was nearly 2 years ago. It was a strange experience, one I am not in a hurry to repeat I have to say. The case was only part heard because the victim wants nothing to do with the case as she is still with the defendant and doesn't want to give evidence. Luckily her evidence is not needed.

So hopefully my bit is done now and I can move on as the whole thing was truly sucking my will to live!

Holly came home from school yesterday covered in little green stamps, all over her face.  She had been on the school sponsored walk and they get a stamp each time they reach a certain place in the route. Holly decided that she would get her face stamped this time, only she didn't think it through cos when she tried to take it off, it wouldn't budge.

Not good when we later had to nip out to the shops. I couldn't stop laughing and she was not impressed when she realised that it could be permanent! (This was me winding her up, tapping into her paranoia telling her that she would look like a goblin for quite a while!).

Tee hee hee, I am so bad but really, I can't help it, she is just so easy to tease.

After our purchases, she dragged me to Thorntons for an ice cream and we sat outside enjoying it. After a while she commented that "we must be nuts, sitting outside in the cold eating ice cream" and I laughed and said "it's not cold, it's roasting hot".  She gave me such a look and then said "well, duh, are you having a flush or is it one of your temperature spikes, cos you are still unwell ya know". I was most indignant at the "hot flush" reference and she fell about laughing as I then went into a coughing fit.

Within an hour of being out we had to head back cos I was feeling a bit dizzy. I hate feeling unwell, I hate that feeling of having no control over this body. I am sure it is a side effect from when I had chemo even though that was years ago.

Holly's boyfriend David was staying over last night. Usually he sleeps in the spare room when he comes to stay but now that room is where Diana sleeps. So last night he slept in Holly's bed and Holly kipped with me.

She was really starting to feel lousy by this time and tearful with it so I rubbed some vapour rub on her back and neck. Once I'd finished she just rolled over with her back to me.  "Eh, what about me" I spluttered and she turned her head and looked at me as if I had grown an extra head! "I thought that you were able to do it yourself" she laughed. "Yeah" I said "if I was a contortionist I could do my own back but I'm bloody not, so get on with it".

More giggling and then finally sleep. Not for long though as I woke to a hand slapping me on the side of the face. Then it's fingers ran around my face like a spider, finally stopping at my ears and one finger was unceremoniously shoved into my ear, waggled about until I yelled. At this point the hand, belonging to Holly withdrew and lay still.

This is why I hate it when she kips with me cos I usually end up being woken with a slap, an elbow to the face, being crushed as she ends up lying practically on top of me or she steals the duvet. The waggling of my ear is a new one which made us fall into heaps of giggles this morning when I told her all about it as she never remembers a thing.

Laughter is the best medicine don't you think?


  1. Glad court is done with.
    Sorry you all still are so sick. Yuck.
    Happy you got ice cream tho'.
    And what Holly does is the reason I don't sleep with Wallene. I wake up with her feet ON my face. Somehow her Dad lucks out and gets her head. heehee [it's been years, but never again.]
    I hope you can kick that lurgy [great word btw -it describes the nasty perfectly] soon.
    Hugs. From the next room. I don't wanna get sick.

  2. Being sick is just yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I hope you guys are getting better soon!

    I love my kids but not when they climb into bed with me. It's like a pro wrestling tournament with me getting knee'd, kicked, slapped and what ever else they can do in their sleep. They wake up all refreshed and I'm a zombie!

  3. Can you even imagine a world without laughter? That's what hell must be like.

    Your sense of humor, with all you deal with and being sick on top of it just gives me reason to smile. Your daughter obviously inherited your humor as well. Awesome. Hugs and feel better soon please.

  4. And my ex-husband complained that I snored! Not such a big deal compared to a hand wandering your face. I'm your newest follower. I saw your comment at Cinderita's about my guest post. I'd love it if you follow me too.


  5. I absolutely love your relationship with Holly. So much like the one I have with all the lovelies. I think daughters are wonderful!

  6. The stamps on Holly's face is a hilarious story. I can imagine she was upset! I can see why it is hard to sleep with her.

  7. Hi there LyndyLou! Do hope you';re feeling much better this morning. That Holly keeps you on your toes, doesn't she?! I just love the way you both have so much fun together, and, you're right, if we can't laugh, we might all just as well curl up our toes and shuffle this mortal coil! (Or something like that! Hee Hee!).

  8. A good laugh is always the best medicine!

    I get smacked around while sleeping with the kiddies too. I like how you say kips :)

    Glad your court is over. That must be a relief.

    Hope everyone at your house gets well soon.

  9. Laughter is definitely the best medicine. Hope you both recover quickly although it sounds like you find a way to have fun either way.

  10. SkippyMom - Hee hee hee are you sure you don't want any of my lovely lurgy germs?
    Lizbeth - yeah it truly sucks.
    Yeah and then they wonder why you're grumpy!
    Bouncin' Barb - A world with no laughter would put me into the mental hospital! LOL Yes she sure has, it's a bit twisted like mine too.
    Emptynester - yes I just love my girlie
    Belle - she looked so so funny
    Thisisme - she certainly does, she is some character
    Kellie - kips is such a cool word lol kids, you gotta love them :)
    Nari - It sure is and I am so fed up of feeling yuck.


Laughter is the best medicine and it's free. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

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