Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Man flu

When we were in Kinross at Rachel House, we went for a run to the local supermarket to get some cough medicine for Holly.  I was standing there, looking at the array of different medicines when I suddenly spotted this.

I couldn't stop laughing and was getting some funny looks as I was holding it up and taking a variety of photos of it on my crappy mobile. They didn't come out that well so off I went in search of Holly, dragged her back to it and made her take photos on her iphone for my blog. You see the things I do for you guys?? I even had to put up with Holly muttering under her breath cos she had been dragged away from the dvd section don't you know.

So here it is, official proof that you can buy medicine for Man Flu. You heard it here first! It had to have been invented by a woman since it is a total piss take or a man with a very good sense of humour.  Whoever it was, thanks for the laugh.  Click here to read all about it.

About 2 weeks ago, I was given an award by Mynx @ Dribble but with all the excitement and packing for Rachel House, I forgot....gasp, shock, horror!

ooh err!

She reckons I have a nice rack.  Now her award was accompanied by a picture of said rack and well, how is one to compete?  I could show you pics of this rack..............

yum yum slurp slurp

Quite impressive if I may say so myself, if only I could get the time to drink the damn stuff! It is a sad fact that sometimes I am just too tired to be bothered to open the bottle!  People who know me will think I have lost the plot but it's true.

Or how about this rack.....

laundry anyone?

not quite as impressive but you should see my pile of ironing, now that is very impressive especially when it hasn't all been ironed yet! Eeek.

How about this rack?

Yeah, I know, I am such a tease! Hey it had to be done! OMG! I can't believe I have just posted my boobs on here but hopefully they will get lost in cyberspace.

Now I don't know if there are rules to this cos I can't retain the information right now and as for passing it on, hell no!  It's mine and I am gonna keep it.

Last but by no means least, I am doing a guest post today @ Jumble Mash to help Tress out as she has been so busy, she hasn't been able to do posts for her blog.  Pop over and take a look, her site is very cute.

Have a nice day my little gigglers.


  1. booze, dirty washing and boobs - is there no end to your talents!!!

  2. 2 out of 3 aint bad at all Lynne since I do love wine & boobs. Thank you very much for showing two very nice racks. You and Mynx do have a lot in common. Hi to Holly & Jack.

  3. I must say - impressive. And from someone who is, shall we say, not the least bit endowed, sort of depressing. giggle

    Thank goodness my hubs is a leg man. Well, at least that is what he tells me. :)

    And the Man Flu thing is just hysterical. The label makes no sense. I suspect that it may have been translated from Chinese into English - and yeah. That. heehee

  4. Never thought of my wine rack, although I did my coling rack with a pile of bikkies
    Your rack is awesome too.

    I once saw a hilarious clip about man flu, if I ever find it again I will post it myself

  5. very impressive racks one and all :)
    funny post lol

  6. Manflu---if that stuff works, I'm buying a truck load.

    Nice racks, BTW. LOL

  7. Well, I have to say that I was impressed with ALL your racks,and you are obviously a very worthy winner of this Award! Really funny about the bottle of man flu medicine. Someone obviously has a sense of humour. Hope you, Holly & Jack are keeping well.

  8. Julie - lol no there's not!
    Odie - Why thank you kind sir ;)
    Skippymom - oh now you have me jealous cos my legs are just short!
    Mynx - lol thanks and look forward to reading your 'manflu' post
    IWBY - lol I thought it was quite funny too
    Empty Nester - that's what I was thinking when I saw it!
    Thisisme - I am hoping it takes off cos it's quite funny

  9. Love the manflu! Wonder where I can get some over here?! I think I need a case! Love your Racks too ;)

  10. I must say, those are nice racks!
    Man Flu! Ha! Too funny!

  11. I love those racks and the man flu hysterical :D

  12. how did i miss this post?

    nice racks...

    i love booze and of course...


  13. I'm so impressed by the last pic that I can't recall a word that you wrote.

  14. Kellie - I know, hilarious eh. Thanks re the racks ;)
    Laynee - my favourite has to be the wine rack! Slurp slurp
    Jax - I know who'd have thought, hilarious
    Bruce - lol glad you liked
    Don - lol oops sorry bout that ;)

  15. Betwixt and between.

  16. Those are all nice racks ;)


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