Friday, 22 April 2011

Birthday Girl

Today my lovely girl is 17!!!!

I am gutted because this is the first birthday ever that I don't get to see her because she is away camping for the weekend, raising funds for an outdoor centre. I consoled myself with the fact that at least we would have the morning together as she wasn't away til 1pm but now she has to go into school and practise all morning for her drama exam. Grrrrrrrr!

Every year, since she was little, she would start planning her birthday party the day after New Year and one year she started talking about it in December! Before we'd even had Christmas. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

16th Birthday

Every birthday I tell her that this is the last party.  I think I have been saying that since she was 10. The reason I don't mean what I say is because it is so much fun planning her parties.

One year we had a murder mystery party. I downloaded a party plan from the internet for just a few pounds. It was a vampire murder mystery and even the dog had a part.  He was Count de Bodies side kick,  Count de Bones. The invites described your character and what they should wear. I was Taffy the welsh vampire slayer.  I looked like a reject from a Blue's Brothers movie and you should have seen the look on one mother's face when I answered the door in costume, complete with stubble, waving my holy water and garlic about!  I think she was frightened for her son.  The kids thought it was great and were particularly impressed with my "crime scene" which consisted of a chalk outline of a body (Holly's) and crime scene tape all around.

Holly and I made party bags and certificates which we were mega proud of until the dog got a hold of them and managed to eat his way through one before we caught him! By the look on his face he obviously didn't see why he couldn't get one!

Holly's 16h birthday, balloons courtesy of Emma
in the Limo with the girlies
Kathy and I in the Limo
We have been tubing, had a horse riding party, spent time in wigwams and for her 16th we hired a Limo then had a wee party and sleepover in the house. I even had to leave in the middle of one of her parties as my mum was in Intensive Care and the family were called to her bedside. Thank god for the mums (you know who you are) who stayed behind and kept the party going especially since it was a sleepover!

The best party of all was the food fight. OMG the preparation took hours. My friend Kathy and I had so much fun organising that. We had all sorts of gooey food and we used food dye to make it that wee bit more interesting. Then we prepared the garden. It took us from 9am -4pm to get ready and it was all over within 20 minutes! It was boys against the girls, was such a scream and we were all totally filthy and stinking. Kathy slipped on some food and took a nasty tumble and had to spend part of the evening sitting in a borrowed wheelchair!

Kathy in the Limo, last year

I had to let them all have a shower after, as they were staying over for pizza and a movie night.  That's when I learned the hard way that teenagers take sooooooooooo long in the shower, especially the boys! By the time they were done, the food I was covered in, had dried and hardened on my skin and hair and I'd to practically chip it off!  Kathy was last to have her shower so it must have been much worse for her.  Suffice to say that all of our clothes had to be thrown out!

the food fight preparation begins

here we go!

it's getting really slippy now

oh what fun

One of the boys, Lewie, didn't even wait for the shower to get out of his yucky clothes and stripped to his socks and boxers much to the amusement of us all. He then paraded around, once he was clean, in his boxer shorts which had red lips on them and rainbow socks, thinking he was the coolest of cool! Eh, no!!!

Once the kids had had their pizza they hung about in the garden, chatting and bouncing on the trampoline.  Kathy and I, in the meantime, melted some L.P's to make bowls for their nibbles which took ages but looked very cool.

All these parties have been brilliant but I could never have managed it without Kathy who has always been my partner in crime and thinks nothing of throwing herself into my madcap ideas and just going with it.

This year though, there is to be no party. Instead she wants me to take her to Dublin, Ireland for the weekend.  Hopefully that will be in May, depending on her exams and we can't wait.

I am a sucker for an Irish accent.

Happy Birthday Holly Dolz XXX


  1. Those parties sound so amazing and memorable... just think if you'd stopped the parties you would have ended up with one or two friends sat at the cinema every year like my friends got... sounds boring and like any other day to me.

    As for Ireland, it sounds like a good plan :). Someone at work goes to Ireland for the weekend for £5, I keep meaning to ask her what website her daughters looking on as thats so cheap.

  2. Wishing Holly a very happy 17th birthday, but shame that you won't be seeing her! :( Still, at least you have Dublin to look forward to. That will be great. Wow! You sure know how to throw a party in your house, don't you. The one you got off the internet sounds great fun. Hope the sun shines for you this weekend up in Scotland.

  3. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Holly, happy birthday to you.
    Give her a big hug & tell her it's from Odie across the pond. 8:17 AM her in NC and about mid afternoon in your neck of the woods. Have a wonderful rest of the day and a super weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

    Sounds like you get a year off! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter! You are an amazing Mom to do all these types of parties for her. I'm sure that girl knows how very lucky and loved she is. Such a nice post. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. How absolutely wonderful!!!! Oh, the memories she will have for her whole life!!!!!!!!!

    So, what's in Dublin? Other than sexy Irish accents of course?

    Happy Birthday to Holly Hope you have a great one!

  7. Happy Birthday Holly! I wish I could've come to one of her parties. They sound like so much fun. My parties disappeared after 2nd grade :( She is one lucky girl to have a mom like you :D

  8. Lynne, you wrote, "The reason I don't mean what I say is because it is so much fun planning her parties." When I first read that I thought it said, "The reason I don't mean what I say is because it is so much fun planning her PANTIES"

    I know, my eyes are old and tired, but not too old to appreciate the pics of your almost as lovely as you Holly. I hope she enjoyed the anniversary of the date of her birth, and will enjoy many other such days in her future.

    AT LEAST, you're not planning her panties, so all is well with her world.

  9. have had some awesome b-days, for Holly...

    loved the food fight!

    and limo rides are the bombdiggity!

  10. You are an incredibly cool Mom! I love that you and your daughter have such a great relationship where you can plan fun stuff like this. Even though it's not a birthday party, a trip to Dublin still sounds like fun.
    The last party I involved my Mom in was my 16th and we had a limo too, but it wasn't nearly as wild as your party! After that, for my 17th, 18th etc, I guess I (mistakenly) thought I was too old for parent-assisted parties. My older teen parties were just me and my friends hanging out at someone's house ordering pizza and watching movies. Yawn. - G

  11. Bubbles - yeah I know what you mean! How on earth does she manage to go to Ireland for £5??? Lucky girl
    Thisisme - I know, Dublin will be great, we had a lovely sunny weekend here
    Odie - thank you, have passed on your birthday wishes :)
    SkippyMom - oh I sure do, yippeeeeeeee!
    Bouncin' Barb - awww thank you
    Kellie - she had to learn an Irish accent for her drama exam next month and that prompted the idea of Dublin. Plus an actor she really likes comes from there, I think she is going to have me stalking him!!
    Jax - aye well parties are so much fun
    Don - ha ha ha what are you like?? I stay well away from her panties these days!
    Bruce - yeah lots of fantastic memories. Food fight was ace and the limo is just the ultimate in spoiling
    Georgina - I am so chuffed that she still wants me involved! I know it is not the norm and we have already started organising the 18th.....eeek!

  12. You asked, "what are you like?"

    I guess I'm just an old geezer with poor eyesight, his mind in the gutter, and a sense of humor.

  13. Y'all would fit right in with our family! What a fun bunch y'all are! Let me know what you find with an Irish accent--I like them too! LOL

  14. Dublin, Wow! You'll have to drop in for a cup of tea :)

  15. Don - yes gave me a laugh anyway :)
    EmptyNester - Ooh I will, yummy!
    Looking for Blue Sky - Lol oh that would be nice :)

  16. I wanna go to a Holly party now! Sounds like some extreme fun!


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