Sunday, 10 April 2011

An eco village, ice cream and a damn good book.

Jack is in respite this weekend.  I dropped him off Friday afternoon, came home, made tea then headed out to Findhorn for Holly's guitar lessons.

The guitar lesson was for an hour and a half so I had a while to twiddle my thumbs.  Since it was early enough, I decided to go to the Findhorn Foundation and browse around the shop. The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community consisting of an education centre and an eco village.  This place is set on the outskirts of the tiny little village of Findhorn which is a beautiful place in the summer but a bit bleaker in the winter.

some of the houses in the eco village (source)

The tiny village of Findhorn (source)
I love just wandering around the shop.  They sell a lot of pottery which is made at the foundation and lots of hand crafted items as well. The have a lot of really pretty greetings cards, to suit all tastes, many crystals, tarot/angel cards, pretty glass mobiles, jewellery, hand made clothes, books that you could sit and read all day, not all about religion and spirituality.  On the other half of the store is a supermarket which sells everything from home baked bread to eco friendly skin care products.  It is quite pricey but well worth a browse. Holly and I visit this place a lot and we can spend quite a few hours browsing the store although we haven't done it in a while.

Last time we were there, Holly showed me this tiny faery hut there that is made out of trees, set in a hedge.  It is so cute and quite magical especially to me who just loves faeries. I have tried to find a pic for you on the web but sadly, there isn't one. It is small but big enough for me and Holz to climb inside and I was transported back to my childhood, to the days when I climbed trees, hid in the bushes and swam in the river.  Those were the days.

After I browsed the shop, bought myself a little carton of ice cream and drove myself back into the village, I settled down in the car with my book.

well worth reading

It's called Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen.  I have been following this author for a while on facebook and I also subscribe to her newsletter.  I have been privy to her excitement and nerves when her 1st book The Opposite of Me was published and her reaction to the reviews, book signings and many adventures she has been on since.  I loved her 1st book but I didn't love the late nights cos I couldn't put the damn thing down! LOL Now I am half way through the 2nd one and I have been gripped from the very first page.  She commented on facebook this week that she has just finished her 3rd book so I definitely will be buying it when it comes out.

Throughout all of this, she still takes the time to reply to the many comments on her Facebook page from fans of her books.  I can honestly say that this lady remains unchanged by all her new found fame.  I highly recommend her books.  Let me know what you think.

A good book and a tub of chocolate ice cream, my day was complete. God I'm easy pleased


  1. sounds like a relaxing day...I love icecream,always nicest in nice surrounds too. I'll have to look out for the book .

  2. Sounds like as close to perfect as one can get to me! I'll have to check out Sarah Pekkanen. I need a new book to read.

    I am including the award in my post today---hopefully I'll have it ready soon! Thank you again for thinking of me!

  3. Glad you had an opportunity to just enjoy browsing and catching up on reading. Hope the rest of the weekend went as well and also hope Jack had a positive experience at the respite

  4. sounds pretty god of you ask me. \mind you - it woul be mango icecream or some such for me - much as i love chocolate, it does not always love me in return!!!

  5. Ooh sounds like you had quite a wonderful day! I will definitely be checking out her books this summer :D

  6. IWBY - oh yeah, yum it was pretty good
    Empty Nester - it was just right. Your welcome
    Odie - hope you had a good weekend too
    Julie - my all time favourite is rum and raisin ice cream........yummmmy
    Jax - they are a really good read.

  7. Recently I read on some blog, or bogs, about how words have different meanings in various places. When I saw the word "faery" here I wasn't sure what it meant, so I Googled it and found, as I had suspected I might, that it's another form of the word "fairy" here in the USA.

    When I was growing up many years ago almost all homosexuals were "in the closet". They were frequently called "fairies" by straight people who didn't call them uglier names.

    I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day, Lynne.

  8. I am exactly that easy to please myself. Chocolate ice cream and a good book.

  9. Good! A new author to try out! oThe foundation sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  10. Don - I know I love words with different spellings
    BB - oh a girl after my own heart
    Kellie - you will like her books for sure. The Findhorn Foundation is definitely a must see


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