Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's show time!

This time last year, Holly was in the final rehearsals for Oliver the musical.  This was the 4th show she had been involved in but this time she had quite a big part as she was playing Nancy.

She had mastered the cockney accent, had been rehearsing her songs at every opportunity and was using me to help her remember her lines. On top of that she was studying like crazy for her exams.  It was a totally mental time and stress levels were running high.

I hadn't really seen much of her acting of the part as we just talked through the lines so I really didn't know what to expect.  She was sharing the part with another girl, Jasmine.  Holly played Nancy on the Wed (opening night) and the Fri and Jasmine did the other nights.

I was so nervous for her on opening night but by the time I nipped through to the dressing rooms to wish her luck, she was so so calm.

It was close to the end of the first act when she finally came on and she totally blew me away.  She commanded the stage and she totally was Nancy.  I was mesmerised.  The moment she came on and Jack heard her voice, he sat up straighter and started waving his arms in the air as if trying to attract his sister's attention.

He didn't have any seizures throughout the performance and he thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nancy and Dodger

Holly and her mate Amanda

Oooh Errr!

The whole cast of 10-18 yr olds were outstanding.  The songs were  beautifully sung.  Fagan was brilliant and Bill Sykes I would definitely not have messed with! When Bill Sykes killed Nancy I was crying. I'd to resist the urge to clamber up onto the stage and batter him myself!

At the end, my hands were sore with clapping and when Nancy walked centre stage to take her bow I was on my feet whooping and hollering like the embarrassing but very proud mum I am. She was sensational.

I could hardly believe that it was the same girl who 4 years ago, I had to take kicking and screaming to this theatre group, encouraging and persuading all the way there.  Every week there was an excuse: she was tired, didn't have any friends, didn't like it, blah blah blah but I persisted cos I knew she wanted to do this.She was just shy and nervous.

Holly and Kristy as soldier in Jesus Christ Superstar

Holly and Adam in costume for JC Superstar

dressed as a man for Anything Goes
My mum had died just a few months before she started going to the theatre group, of Motor Neurone Disease and it seemed that everywhere we turned we were faced with disability.  I wanted her to have something that was totally out with disability, that was just for her and I knew this was it. Finally she started getting excited about going, was singing all the songs from the show, Les Mis√©rables and I got a blow by blow account of it, so much so, that I knew the story like the back of my hand, by the time I watched it!

Since then she has starred in numerous others, with small parts but she wouldn't sing at the auditions so they didn't know she could sing. When they were auditioning for Oliver, I told her that the only way she would get a bigger part, is to let them hear her sing. She wasn't keen so I told her that she couldn't complain about not getting a bigger part if she didn't try!  She took me at my word.

As a Bohemian in We Will Rock You

the artist at work

Holz and her pals

Holly's hair courtesy of Moi!

Tomorrow, it is opening night for Fiddler on the Roof.  Holly plays the ghost of Grandma Tzeitel.  The show runs for 4 nights.  I am expecting it to be, once again, superb.  There are about 120 kids in total and the standard and quality of the performances they put on could give the West End in London a run for their money.

Roll on tomorrow.


  1. Be sure and tell her that Odie is soooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of how well she is doing and wish I had a video of her great performances. Have a wonderful day and say "Hey" to Jack for me.

  2. How exciting that she's coming into her own for theatre! That's fantastic. :)

  3. Just FABULOUS. I love the pics - but even better is the enthusiasm and pride I can hear in your "voice".

    Times to cherish, for sure. Wish I could be there to watch and applaud/hoot & holler right a long with you.

  4. That's fantastic! So glad she's thriving on the acting and theatre. Like Skippy, I can hear your pride through your writing. And how cool that her brother heard her voice and raised his arms. Awesome. When she hits Broadway, we'll have to make sure we go see her!!

  5. Many congratulations to Holly. Please wish her well for me for her performances in Fiddler on the Roof. How wonderful that she is so into this drama scene now, and I so agree with you that it was important for Holly to have something for HER, and away from disabilities. Your pride shines from the page LyndyLou, and quite rightly so. Wasn't it wonderful that Jack recognized Holly's voice - I'm proud right up there with you!!!

  6. Odie - I sure will and Jack smiled when I told him :)
    A Redhead Named Sam - yes totally
    SkippyMom - I wish you could too, we'd make a right racket!
    Bouncin' Barb - it would be brilliant if she made it to Broadway!
    Thisisme - I will. Jack loves to hear people sing and of course he could hear her in surround sound!

  7. OMG That looks like soooo much fun! Go Holly!

  8. How exciting! I wish I had gotten into theater growing up. I bet she has a blast, and I love going to those types of shows. We don't have that much around here though. Rock on, Holly! :)

  9. that is so awesome!

    so cool that you have get the opportunity to see her perform...

    oh and i gave you an award..

  10. Sometimes us mothers do know what is best,and if we get it wrong we denie it as we are right all the time.......lol

    You do sound like a very proud mother...........

  11. You got me excited about the performance! What a beautiful, talented daughter you have! And excellent reason for being proud!

  12. Jumble Mash - it is, they have such a blast!
    Krissy - me too I think it helps with kids confidence, big time
    Bruce - oh thanks my friend for the award
    Jo-Anne - oh totally! lol I am a very proud mum. She is totally awesome

  13. How absolutely fun/exciting!

    Don't you just love it that the kids are interested in the theatre!!! I know I was and am still blown away (lets not forget all teary) every time I see my son up on stage singing, dancing, acting!! I love it that they can have an outlet to express themselves!

    Can't wait to hear how this new production goes!

  14. Those are amazing pictures! You are a terrific mom for telling her to stick it with it :D

  15. This is excellent! I'm so proud of your daughter for doing this. I was involved in theater as well and loved it. It made high school tolerable. Good for her for finding her niche and good for you for helping her realize it! : )


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  17. Wow, great pictures,you sound so proud :) Its great that she took to it and loves it...and she's talented!
    I loved theatre at school, its amazing how it is all put together for the night and the kids become the charachters.
    just the other day i was in an old theatre hall, poking about the old props and makeup, it was fun lol
    I'm so happy Jack recognised her voice, it must have been awe for him in surround sound lol

  18. Howdy this issue is hugely interesting. Keep it going guy !

  19. Kellie - yeah it's great to watch them but like you say, emotional too :)
    Jax - I am so glad she did
    Elle - I totally agree, Holly hates school and this has helped immensely
    IWBY - lucky you getting to root around in an old theatre! Yeah he recognised her again this time too :)

  20. Absolutely fantastic, you must be so proud of her, and it's great to find that I'm not the only Mum to think that it's so important for the NT child to have a special interest - my dd started gymnastics at 5, soon after Smiley was born..I had to bribe her to take part in her first competition and it took a lot of persuasion for her to keep going when her friends gave it up, but I could tell she really liked it. At 18, she is getting better and better :)

  21. Looking for Blue Sky - I totally agree with you, they need something just for them. I am really glad your daughter has kept it up, I loved gymnastics as a child, it's really good for you too :)

    Bribery is all part of our job eh!

  22. Good for Holly that she enjoys it!



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